Prevent Damage to Your Patio Furniture From Dogs and Squirrels

Have you discovered beautiful patio furniture but are worried it will get damaged by your dogs or squirrels? To reduce any possible damages, select pet-friendly pieces or install barriers to keep animals away.

Choose furniture made of sturdy materials like aluminum or wrought iron that won’t tempt pets to chew, like aluminum and wrought iron, and can withstand much scratching.


Owning a pet can be rewarding; however, their furry bodies are notorious for damaging furniture. From leaving dirty paw prints to sharp claws on outdoor chairs and tables, pets have plenty of ways to damage outdoor furnishings. To minimize damage from their furry claws you should choose durable furniture materials as well as using covers or barriers on certain pieces in order to limit access by your furry friend.

If you love the look of metal patio furniture but worry about it being damaged by your pets, choose powder-coated metal that provides UV stability and corrosion protection. Composite is another durable choice that looks like wood but can withstand anything your pups can dish out! Providing plenty of high quality chew toys are present.

Synthetic fabrics like nylon are ideal for pet-friendly furniture because they can withstand frequent wear and tear while remaining comfortable and stylish. Nylon is also water-resistant, resisting mildew growth. Other excellent synthetic options such as microfiber and polyester offer similar durability while being easy to keep clean.

Denim is another durable material suitable for pet-friendly patio furniture, featuring youthful casual style with rustic undertones. If your pup sheds often, denim will help hide pet hair!

Furniture made of recycled plastics can also be eco-friendly and extremely sturdy; only an aggressive chewer would cause any significant damage. Wood furniture may withstand most dogs’ chewing habits as long as it has been sealed properly to reduce water and mildew damage.

Iron patio furniture is one of the sturdiest choices you can make when it comes to pet-friendly patio furnishings, and often adds traditional charm. But it is important to keep in mind that left unprotected, iron can rust when exposed to rainwater or moisture on surfaces such as windows and patio doors; in order to protect it from this fate, use a rustproof spray paint or coating.


As important as choosing furniture colors that complement your pet’s coloring is selecting pieces that go with their coloring as well. If yours has lighter fur, consider soft gray or white furniture while darker pets might appreciate bolder tones such as charcoal or brown hues; darker tones also help better conceal dirt, fur and stains!

Add a pet-friendly element to your patio by including a dog or cat condo – perfect for giving pets somewhere cozy to relax while keeping them off furniture and other potential hazards.

Campania International provides an adorable selection of Dog Statues perfect for protecting porches or resting quietly in gardens. Available with customizable color choices to fit into any backyard design scheme.


Pets can cause considerable damage to furniture with their dirty paws and sharp claws. To protect the patio furniture of a pet-friendly patio from damage, select durable fabrics that can withstand scratching while choosing dark-colored or patterned upholstery that can conceal pet hair, spills and stains from pets.

Outdoor performance fabrics like Sunbrella are an excellent option for pet owners as they can withstand frequent heavy use while resisting mold, mildew, and fading due to exposure to the elements. Sunbrella fabrics come in an assortment of colors so that you can find one that complements your home. Furthermore, it may be worthwhile investing in slipcovers for sofas and chairs in order to protect the fabric when not in use.

Cotton furniture can easily rip and absorb water spots, staining couches or chairs and requiring regular vacuuming to stay pristine. Other fabrics to avoid for pet-friendly furniture are velvet, suede and corduroy as these require intensive care when cleaning; an excellent alternative would be microfiber which resembles suede yet requires much simpler upkeep with multiple colors available to match any decor style.

If you don’t want to purchase all new furniture, try purchasing protective spray for existing cushions that coats them against pet urine stains and other substances. Fabric protectors may also be found online or at local home improvement stores that will protect against pet stains and odors that might affect them.

Training your pets to stay off of patio furniture can help prevent them from damaging it or chewing on it, thus prolonging its life and saving money on repairs. Patience and treats may be required; but in the long run this investment will pay dividends! Additionally, multiple pets should also be taught not to fight over territory and cause further damage on each others’ furniture.


Possessing outdoor space offers many benefits to homeowners, including space to entertain guests, grow vegetables and provide spaces for pets to roam freely. By prioritizing pet-friendly materials and features when designing their backyard retreat, homeowners can create an elegant oasis that accommodates furry family members without compromising style or functionality.

No matter the type of furniture you choose, selecting pieces with rounded edges will reduce the chance of pet claws or sharp feet damaging outdoor fabrics and surfaces. Furthermore, dark-colored furniture helps camouflage dirt, stains, and pet hair more easily while helping keep upholstery looking clean for longer.

Pet-friendly furniture styles range from three-piece chat groups to ten-piece dining sets, featuring durable wooden pieces such as teak or hickory that offer sleek aesthetics while remaining pet-friendly. Synthetic wicker furniture is another smart option, mimicking the appearance of natural wicker while offering greater scratch resistance. Metal patio furniture may also prove more suitable for pet-owners due to its superior durability compared to plastic or wooden furnishings. Pet owners with larger or heavier dogs should seek furniture with sturdy frames capable of supporting their weight to minimize damage from destructive behavior by their pets. Modular options can provide convenient ways to rearrange outdoor seating arrangements to minimize these damages further.

Pet-friendly furniture is an ideal way to make outdoor spaces comfortable and functional for families, but training pets not to sit or play on patio furniture is key in order to protect it from damage by dogs or cats. Rewarding them when they sit elsewhere with treats may make this task easier, helping extend its lifespan while protecting it against pet damage. In addition to using training techniques, installing barriers or fences around furniture will further protect it against accidental chewing or scratching from animals.