Powder Coating Luxury Patio Furniture

Powder coating is the go-to treatment method for luxury outdoor furniture that stands the test of time, protecting metal against corrosion and wear while looking stunningly stylish. In this guide we discuss its many advantages.

Powder coatings are also great for the environment; unlike paint that often flakes off and introduces harmful toxins into ecosystems, commercial-grade powder coating is waste-free and eco-friendly.


Outdoor furniture is an investment for many people, so they need it to last. Powder coating provides an affordable yet long-term solution. Not only is it cost effective compared to traditional paints but its drying time is reduced significantly too! TIGER Drylac Super Durable products are the ideal solution for protecting patio furniture against harsh weather conditions such as rain, dust, pollen, sand and salt as well as sun and heat exposure – not to mention rain itself! Over time metal patio furniture may deteriorate with chips in its finish and even rusting. Powder coating offers an attractive yet long-lasting solution compared with paint alone!

Powder coated patio furniture‘s durability can be greatly increased through following some simple maintenance steps. First, the furniture must be thoroughly cleaned using mild soap and water solution with soft brush or sponge and mild detergent – avoid harsh cleaners that may damage its powder coat finish! Next, rinse using garden hose before waxing to protect its finish if possible.

Selecting the ideal metal when purchasing powder coated patio furniture is also key. Aluminum is an ideal material as it’s malleable enough to conform to any space. Powder coating also protects aluminum against corrosion and rusting, so if purchasing aluminum patio sets with powder coated finishes make sure the manufacturer uses high-grade powder coatings.

Powder coated steel is another popular material choice because of its strength and durability, easy welding capabilities, corrosion-resistance properties, and more resistance than untreated aluminum to rusting and corrosion. Galvanized steel can further increase this material’s resilience against environmental elements.

Powder coating offers many advantages over other finishes, including vibrant color that stays bright for an extended period and environmental friendliness; unlike flaky paint which pollutes the environment when flaking off. Furthermore, using powder coat reduces air pollution.

Weather Resistant

Powder coating offers superior resistance against weather elements when selecting outdoor furniture, making it the ideal material to choose. As an excellent corrosion-protection measure, powder coating offers strong barriers against environmental chemicals while offering UV resistance that preserves color and finish of furniture pieces.

Powder coated patio furniture is typically easier to keep clean than its metal counterpart, requiring less upkeep and maintenance. The smooth, glossy surface of powder coating makes wiping it down with damp cloth simple – ideal for furniture with rough or textured finishes. Powder coat finishes also resist chipping, fading and wear more effectively than paint, making it the superior choice for outdoor furniture use.

Powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture stands out as an exemplary choice due to its remarkable durability. Able to resist damage and wear-and-tear, your furniture can last many years without needing replacement – saving wasteful resources while supporting environmental conservation initiatives.

Powder coated aluminum furniture is both highly durable and lighter weight than its iron counterpart, allowing for easier movement and rearrangement should your backyard layout change unexpectedly. This can be especially advantageous to anyone who plans on regularly using their outdoor space and wants the ability to change things up as necessary.

Powder coating furniture can be an excellent way to change up the aesthetic of a yard and home, providing an affordable way to modernize existing pieces while complementing new elements in it. A hammock stand with a powder coated aluminum base can easily coordinate with outdoor cushions and sling fabric for a relaxing lounging space in the sun. With so many colors and textures to choose from, powder coating blends easily with all landscaping styles and themes seamlessly – when purchasing this type of furniture be sure to ask about their coating process and if their finishes are UV protected or chip resistant before buying!

Low Maintenance

Powder coating can be applied to various materials, including metals like aluminum. When applied to outdoor furniture, powder coating offers an effective barrier that shields it from corrosion, humidity and rain conditions as well as UV rays that cause it to fade over time – meaning aluminum furniture requires little upkeep or maintenance for looking fresh and beautiful for many years!

Powder coated aluminum furniture is light weight, making it easier for moving and rearrangement in outdoor spaces, providing flexibility and versatility when designing your luxury backyard oasis. Furthermore, aluminum furniture can be cleaned using mild liquid soap and water and powder coating comes in an assortment of colors and styles so you can design an aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates your luxury backyard oasis theme.

Powder coating not only offers a range of colors and finishes, but it also ensures more uniform product appearance when compared with paint or other coating solutions. This ensures all areas of furniture receive equal amounts of protection – helping businesses avoid any costly damage or scratches caused by other treatments.

Powder coating can be an economical choice for businesses trying to stretch their budget further. Powder coating protects metals up to 20 years longer, which makes this an especially cost-effective solution for restaurants operating with razor thin margins that don’t leave room in their budget for replacing patio furniture regularly. Furthermore, this treatment option has no VOC emissions and has reduced carbon emissions when compared with alternative treatment methods.


Powder coating metal furniture can create an eye-catching finish. It provides a hardwearing, nonscratch surface resistant to chips, scratches and peeling while being vibrant enough to retain color for longer than traditional paint applications – one reason many homeowners and designers opt for powder coated patio furniture in their homes.

Outdoor dining has never been more popular as diners seek to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine at their favorite local restaurant. As outdoor restaurants become more and more popular, it is imperative that they have weatherproof furniture such as powder coating as it ensures longevity for both exterior patio furniture and interior patio seating solutions. Powder coating provides the ideal solution to this dilemma for longevity purposes.

Powder coating offers more than durability – it’s also eco-friendly. Free from solvents, VOC’s, toxic heavy metals or halogens – powder coating provides an eco-friendly alternative to other finishes which use chemicals. With its beautiful yet long-term solution powder coating can save your business both time and money over the course of its existence by eliminating frequent repairs or replacement of furniture.

Steel and wrought iron patio furniture may be popular choices, but powder coated aluminum offers far greater durability and aesthetic options to match any outdoor space. Choose from an endless array of colors and textures with powder coated aluminum for the perfect aesthetic for your patio space!

No matter your aesthetic preference – from cool aluminum hues to pitted aged bronze hues – there’s sure to be an option that fits. And with finishes three times thicker than paint, you can be assured your furniture will withstand time and weather alike.

Powder coated furniture will outlive its painted or untreated counterpart, saving money over time while giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space. Sundial Powder Coating’s expertly crafted pieces will bring new levels of excellence to any patio setting.