Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture

Powder coated aluminum furniture offers the ideal blend of beauty and durability when it comes to outdoor furniture, withstanding corrosion, rusting and fading over time. Commercial-grade aluminum furniture provides added protection.

This robust protective coating not only shields it against moisture or environmental chemicals, but it is also highly sustainable compared to other coated metals like wrought iron.


Aluminium is an adaptable and reliable material suitable for multiple uses, from patio furniture to window frames and doorknobs and handles. Aluminum’s lightness, resistance and longevity make it an excellent choice when selecting metal patio furniture and industrial and commercial applications like window frames, doorknobs and handles. Powder coating adds another layer of strength and corrosion protection – further expanding its useability and resistance.

Powder coating protects aluminum by shielding it from elements that could cause it to rust, making it an ideal option for outdoor use, even in areas with extreme rainfall or humidity. Furthermore, its UV ray resistance guarantees that aluminum won’t fade prematurely over time.

Powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture comes in an assortment of styles and colors to fit into any environment, with customized pieces available that match specific themes or designs, making them the ideal addition for any outdoor space. Swings and gliders with powder coated aluminum frames offer soothing rocking motion to provide a relaxing experience while protecting frames against corrosion and other weather elements.

Aluminum patio dining sets with comfortable chairs and tables are also popular choices, offering outdoor dining and entertaining possibilities while being easy to clean. Manufacturers even provide specific cleaning products designed to remove stubborn stains and keep furniture looking new for longer.

When buying new outdoor furniture, shoppers should carefully consider several aspects in order to make an investment that won’t leave them with buyer’s remorse. Durability and style should top their priority list along with comfort requirements and maintenance needs.

When purchasing outdoor furniture, make sure to choose a reliable brand with a warranty for peace of mind. Neighbor offers a limited lifetime warranty on their outdoor aluminum furniture to give you confidence that your investment is protected.


Powder coating offers an effective finish for outdoor furniture manufacturers that is more resilient against corrosion, fading and wear and tear than traditional paint finishes. As such, these powder coated products may last longer without needing frequent replacements, helping reduce waste while supporting environmental conservation efforts.

Durability is of the utmost importance when selecting patio furniture or industrial equipment, whether for patio use or industrial production. Powder coated aluminum offers a more thorough protective shield than many alternatives against reactions with environmental chemicals, water and UV rays – ideal for both domestic and industrial settings.

Powder coating’s multifaceted benefits for aluminum outdoor furniture go well beyond simply resisting rust and fading; it also protects it from chipping and scratching – meaning your powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture will stay looking brand new for a much longer period. Furthermore, its easy maintenance makes upkeep much simpler – simply wipe down with mild liquid soap to clean off dirt before rinsing off with water after each time use; applying car wax periodically can add shine while repelling dust particles from entering.

Another factor contributing to powder coated aluminum furniture’s resilience and long life span is its construction process. Aluminum extrusion is used in its creation before being bent and welded together into an indestructible frame with exceptional tensile strength.

Powder coating is much tougher than paint, allowing for customized looks with endless color and finish options to match the decor in your space. No matter whether it’s modern and contemporary aesthetics or rustic woodsy traditional decor you desire – powder coating offers endless customization possibilities!

While other metals like steel and wrought iron offer similar benefits to aluminum furniture, none can rival its longevity. Wrought iron can be formed into graceful curves for added aesthetic value but requires more extensive cleaning procedures; regular scrubbing with mild liquid soap must also be carried out to protect it from stains and corrosion.


Powder coated aluminum patio furniture requires minimal upkeep compared to many other forms of furniture, and its beauty will last longer due to protection from UV rays and its durable finish. You can easily wipe down spills or stains using a cloth or sponge; spills will remain within their beautiful finish for many years! Additionally, its powder coating helps extend its lifespan and keep its color vividly vibrant.

Additionally, aluminum furniture is light enough for you to move it around your yard with ease, giving you greater versatility in creating comfortable seating arrangements while simultaneously creating a stylish outdoor living area.

Powder coating creates a more uniform product appearance than paint does, providing equal amounts of protection and care to every surface. In addition, its finish resists scratches and chips – important considerations for shoppers looking to keep their outdoor furniture looking new for longer.

Durability and strength are paramount when purchasing outdoor furniture, particularly luxury patio sets. Investing in sturdy pieces will save money in repairs or replacement costs later, while assuring guests remain safe and comfortable. When searching for powder coated aluminum patio furniture, look for pieces crafted with strong materials with MIG welding joints which offer waterproof connections and higher strength – giving you confidence that your new purchase will stand the test of time!

Before purchasing an aluminum furniture set for your backyard, be sure to consider its size and how much seating is required. Next, find something that matches both your personal tastes and the theme of your yard – choosing furniture with style will add both character and sophistication to your space. Choosing furniture from aluminum makes an investment into both its value and your backyard!

No matter your style – from modern and contemporary to rustic woodsy traditional – powder coated aluminum patio furniture sets are available to meet every need and fit into your unique outdoor space seamlessly. To make an informed decision, it’s wise to review any potential purchases’ warranties terms as well as read customer reviews from previous buyers; this will give an accurate idea of their durability and worth as investments.


Powder coating gives patio furniture makers an array of color and finish options for consumers to create an aesthetic unique to them in their luxury backyard oasis. In addition, its durable finish protects against chipping and UV rays; which is especially advantageous in high traffic areas where these factors will become important considerations.

Aluminum’s durability is further increased by its non-rusting properties, something Jensen Outdoor uses commercial-grade aluminum for. Their special coating protects it against moisture and chemical reactions found in outdoor environments and environments prone to corrosion; further ensuring long term preservation as a perfect material for outdoor furniture.

Powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture stands out for its resilient finish, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in different climates and an avid favorite among outdoor furniture enthusiasts.

Powder coated aluminum is an incredibly flexible material that can be formed into nearly any style or need of luxury outdoor furniture, from contemporary dining sets to swivel rockers. When selecting new pieces made from powder coated aluminum, be mindful of space limitations as well as other existing furnishings you wish to include into the design; pay special attention to your desired aesthetic: some colors and designs lend themselves to modern settings while others lend themselves better for classic or transitional themes.

As well as choosing stylish and long-lasting aluminum furniture designs, make sure it comes equipped with weather-proof fabrics for optimal protection from moisture exposure and sun fading. This will ensure cushion covers don’t succumb to moisture buildup and fade during their time outdoors.

Powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture offers durability, style and low maintenance needs to make an excellent addition to any luxury backyard oasis. To learn more about its features and finishes available please visit our website or stay tuned for part II of this buyer’s guide to aluminum patio furniture.