Porch and Patio Furniture

porch and patio furniture

Porch and patio furniture is essential to the functionality of your home, so it is wise to carefully evaluate all available options before making a selection.

Consider your usage patterns and time spent in the space when selecting materials for seating and accent pieces. We will explain all their pros and cons to help make an informed decision.


Teak wood furniture is one of the toughest and highest performing options for outdoor spaces. Due to its natural properties, teak stands up well against rot, warping and cracking as well as insects – plus water resistance to ensure optimal climate conditions are met by this heirloom-quality heirloom-quality material. Though more costly than other forms of wood furniture options, teak will stand the test of time!

Teak furniture can be left natural, painted, stained or waxed to suit individual preferences and personal aesthetics. Its tight wood grain and warm honey tones appeal to many people; its natural fade to a silvery gray over time can be reduced with periodic sealing; whether in its original state or weathered gray state, teak makes an elegant addition to any deck or patio space – not least due to not rusting when coming into contact with metal fittings unlike some other wood species.

Not all teak furniture is created equally; its quality depends on where and how it was harvested and treated. To find furniture with consistent, high-grade wood that will withstand wear-and-tear, look for Grade A, B or C teak furniture; such wood will have less knotting and smoother finishes while cheaper grades tend to feature larger knots for an uneven look.

Instead of decaying under exposure to moisture, teak remains intact with regular cleaning using mild soap and water (or specialized teak cleaner). Doing this will ensure your furniture will continue looking like new for many years.

Teak oil provides added protection from wear and tear over time, which was initially utilized by native peoples when building homes, then later by ship builders looking for strong yet waterproof material for sailing ships. Today we use teak for everything from outdoor dining tables and pool decking to landscaping projects; at Pottery Barn you’ll find stylish pieces designed to add dimension and class to your outdoor space.


Porches and patios provide outdoor areas where people can gather to relax outdoors, typically under an overhang. Patio furniture should be constructed from weather-resistant materials like teak wood, concrete or metal that will withstand all sorts of climate extremes – like teak.

Modern concrete outdoor furniture is stylish, durable and sculptural; making it the perfect way to reflect a contemporary or edgy aesthetic in your backyard. Concrete can be formed into custom shapes to complement the landscaping in which it will sit – from benches and tables to custom benches and coffee tables.

Concrete furniture is well-known for its strength and resilience, making it an excellent choice for tables and chairs that will withstand adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. Furthermore, concrete pieces can also be dyed to match your patio design – for instance a table can even be stamped to look like slate or brick!

Concrete may be strong and sturdy, but if left unsealed it can crack and break easily. With proper sealing techniques you can extend the life of your furniture while making cleaning simpler and faster. Covering it for the winter to protect from freezing temperatures is also recommended to protect its finish from water damage.

If you own a piece of concrete furniture, such as a table, it should be regularly cleaned to prevent algae and plant life from growing in its cracks. A mild soap and water solution is suitable for this task; abrasive cleaners could damage either its surface or sealant and should be avoided altogether. Cover your furniture when not in use to protect it from storms, pollen and dirt while covering can also help preserve its finish from spilled food or drinks and protect its finish from being stained permanently. Additionally, always place it securely onto a firm foundation which won’t move when sitting down or standing up to avoid damaging its flooring of deck or patio flooring from being permanently damaged.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic porch and patio furniture is an eco-friendly choice that gives the look of natural wood without all of its maintenance headaches, plus it often costs less than most other forms of patio furniture.

Manufacturers of recycled plastic outdoor furniture transform post-consumer plastics into high-density polyethylene (HDPE), then form this recycled plastic into furniture pieces using molds. Their raw materials come from various consumer goods like detergent bottles and milk jugs; once cleaned carefully they’re melted down then poured into molds allowing manufacturers to produce pieces identical to authentic versions.

Some brands of recycled plastic patio furniture go beyond simply recycling materials to reduce their environmental footprint. Loll Designs takes inspiration from used sports equipment like skis, snowboards and skateboards and transforms these pieces into SkiChairs sustainable patio chairs – providing even greater environmental savings!

Recycled plastic patio furniture stands up well against Mother Nature. This durable material resists UV rays, rain and snow while being corrosion resistant – perfect if your area often experiences salt spray from the ocean!

Recycled plastic patio furniture is exceptionally easy to care for. Simply use a cloth or hose to wipe it down to remove dirt and debris, plus it won’t rot or require sanding or painting! Additionally, recycled plastic chairs are less likely to scratch or dent than their wooden counterparts making this choice perfect for families with young children who may be rough on furniture.

Although recycled plastic furniture might not offer as good an investment as its iron counterparts, it still makes an ideal budget pick. Furthermore, its weight makes it much simpler to transport.

Breezesta outdoor furniture is not only made in America but is crafted using recycled materials as well. Their Adirondack chairs use HDPE poly lumber made from milk jug plastic waste; its color selection spans from berry red through black with an extended lifetime warranty.


Homeowners looking to furnish their outdoor space often turn to aluminum patio furniture sets when choosing furnishings for it. These sets typically consist of chairs and a table that provide comfortable outdoor dining, and come in an assortment of styles to match any decor theme or preference.

Aluminum outdoor furniture pieces offer a range of designs and colors and finishes to complement any aesthetic, such as being brushed to look like wood or sporting stylish distressed looks. No matter the design choice, all aluminum outdoor pieces are extremely durable and can withstand all sorts of environmental challenges.

Outdoor furniture that’s both lightweight and cost-effective can reduce strain that comes from moving heavier pieces around your patio or sunroom.

There are two basic types of aluminum patio furniture: extruded and cast. Extruded aluminum is created using tubular frame pieces joined together using welding while cast aluminum uses molds filled with molten metal to form. Both forms of furniture are strong and durable, though cast aluminum typically weighs more. Extruded aluminum may also have elegant or classical designs which cannot be replicated easily with extruded aluminum furniture.

Both styles of aluminum patio furniture come in an assortment of sizes to meet any seating arrangement in any outdoor space. Selecting furniture that complements both your space and seating needs is crucial in creating an inviting backyard retreat; large aluminum sofas or loungers create cozy conversation areas, while smaller models are great for forming reading nooks.

Extruded or cast aluminum outdoor furniture is designed for easy maintenance, requiring little more than an occasional rinse under a garden hose and occasional applications of paint or sealant – an invaluable advantage for busy homeowners who would rather spend their free time relaxing rather than scrubbing and sanding their furnishings.

Aluminum patio furniture is an excellent way for people looking to go green in their backyards. Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials on Earth, and can be recycled multiple times into new pieces of furniture; in fact, 75% of all aluminum ever manufactured is still being used today!