Poly Patio Furniture – A Cost-Effective Alternative to Real Wood

poly patio furniture

Poly outdoor furniture offers an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to real wood. It resists mildew and mold growth, won’t rot or splinter and requires minimal upkeep; plus its fade resistance will ensure its color lasts years into the future.

Poly patio furniture is an excellent option for families, individuals and those who frequently entertain. It stands up well to weather and sun exposure compared to other forms of furniture.


Poly outdoor furniture is an excellent solution for homeowners who value low maintenance costs, unlike wood furniture which often requires periodic sanding or sealing and is susceptible to rotting or splitting over time. Furthermore, its heavy use resistance means it will withstand weather extremes without cracking under pressure – perfect for heavy duty outdoor activities!

Recycled plastic furniture is also easy to keep clean, making it a practical choice for families with young children. Simply wipe down with damp cloth or sponge. Additionally, many pieces can be folded up for storage purposes or folded out entirely for easier transport; furthermore they come in various designs that resemble natural wood grain patterns.

Recycled plastic furniture is produced using waste materials like milk jugs and plastic containers that would otherwise end up in landfills, such as milk jugs. Once these waste materials have been transformed into sturdy wood-like pieces using injection molding technology, this process is environmentally friendly since no trees need be harvested to make recycled furniture pieces.

Recycled plastic furniture offers multiple benefits for outdoor spaces. It is highly durable and weather-resistant, meaning it will outlive furniture made of other materials; furthermore it is less susceptible to rot, mold and mildew and doesn’t attract wood-damaging pests like termites or carpenter bees that damage wood structures.

Although poly patio furniture is highly durable, it must still be cared for regularly to prevent dirt accumulation that may threaten its color and appearance. To do this, first remove cushions or pillows from the furniture; mix a solution of mild dish soap and water; dip a rag into this solution and then scrub any grooves where dirt may gather before rinsing it all off with water from a garden hose before leaving to dry completely before reuse.

Keep your poly furniture away from direct sunlight and from hot items such as candles and tiki torches to protect it from UV rays, which can over time cause lasting damage.


Poly patio furniture is made to withstand the elements and everyday use, unlike its wooden counterpart which may crack, chip, or fade from moisture or sunlight exposure. Poly is highly resistant to such problems; depending on which brand you purchase it from often comes with an extended warranty guaranteeing its durability and quality.

Poly furniture stands up well against moisture, fading and insects; in addition to being stain-resistant. If any stains occur they should usually be easily removable using a solution of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water. To further help avoid staining you could cover it when not in use with something such as an awning or patio canopy – or cover your furniture completely when not being used!

Poly is made from recycled plastics that have been transformed into sturdy outdoor furniture pieces. Polywood began selling recycled milk jugs and containers at recycling depots to an industrial plant where they were processed into HDPE lumber boards that could then be made into outdoor pieces using this same process – something many premium poly furniture brands still utilize today.

Poly furniture is environmentally-friendly due to being composed of recycled materials and has a lower carbon footprint than traditional wood furniture, making it a top choice among environmentally conscious homeowners. Furthermore, its durability allows it to last years upon years.

Poly furniture’s durability makes it a wise choice for your outdoor space, especially if children or pets frequent your backyard space, or you plan on using your furniture at BBQs or family get-togethers.

Even though poly furniture is durable, it can still be damaged if handled incorrectly. Avoid dropping or knocking it over accidentally, and store away in winter if living in an unpredictable area with unpredictable weather patterns. Furthermore, be sure to clean regularly to prevent accumulation of dirt or debris which may eventually fade the color or cause it to look worn-out over time.


If you love spending time outdoors and making memories that will endure for decades to come, having furniture that can withstand the elements is paramount. Traditional wood patio furniture may rot, rust or fade quickly when exposed to rain or sun; in comparison Phat Tommy’s outdoor poly furniture made of thick recycled poly material is more resistant against UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

Phat Tommy’s high-quality poly outdoor furniture is an ideal addition to any patio pool area, front porch or back deck. Crafted of solid poly lumber manufactured from recycled milk and detergent bottles, our furniture has the look of wood without its potential splinters or warping issues often seen with wooden furniture.

Poly’s primary advantage lies in its weatherproof properties; no additional resealing or painting are needed to preserve its color and texture, plus it resists salt sprays, chlorine solutions or petroleum products that stain surfaces, along with any drastic temperature swings–ranging from scorching hot days to bitterly cold nights!

UV-stabilizing pigments used in poly furniture production prevent it from fading under prolonged sun exposure, though you should still regularly clean and wipe down your furniture to remove dirt or debris that could potentially cause temporary changes in color.

Due to its durability, Phat Tommy poly furniture can remain outdoors year-round without worry. However, during severe storms involving strong winds or large amounts of snow/ice accumulation it would be wise to store or cover your furniture either within a shed/garage for optimal performance.

As you enjoy your Phat Tommy outdoor furniture, it is wise to avoid insect repellents and other outdoor toxins that contain insecticides that could harm the finish or fabric of cushions, leading to staining and possibly ruining their finish or fabric. If staining does occur on poly furniture, try cleaning it using warm soapy water with soft bristle brush if you can; alternatively try mixing together 1/3 bleach + 2/3 water until the stains have lifted completely.

Mold and mildew resistant

Mold and mildew can become an issue in areas with heavy rainfall or high humidity. Luckily, poly furniture is resistant to these issues and won’t develop those unsightly black spots that organic materials often do. Should any mildew form on one of your poly chairs, simply remove it by using a scrubbing brush with soapy water, scrub the surface using it until its clear then rinse out after to let air dry – your poly chair will look brand new!

Poly outdoor furniture can be enjoyed year-round in harsh climates without painting or sealing, making it maintenance-free. It can handle moisture, sun exposure, wind gusts, salt spray and snowfall without issue. Not only is the material maintenance-free but it is also eco-friendly: recycled milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills are repurposed into sturdy poly lumber perfect for furniture uses.

People choose our hassle free adirondack chairs because of their extreme comfort. We start with traditional designs of adirondack chairs and add soft yet sturdy seats made of poly lumber for optimal sitting comfort; all our adirondack chairs feature this same seating design! Additionally, each color variety boasts different features; yet each features the same comfortable seat design.

Phat Tommy Adirondack Chairs are made to last, so when you purchase one from Phat Tommy you know they will provide years of useful sitting pleasure – from big life events such as graduation to simply relaxing outdoors with family and friends!

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