Phillips Collection Furniture

Phillips Collection is an industry leader when it comes to organic modern furniture, using natural materials in its designs. Their mission is to craft eye-catching yet functional pieces.

Their River Stone coffee table draws its inspiration from nature’s ability to transform hard surfaces into something beautiful, featuring no harsh lines and ideal for any living room space.

Cascade Coffee Table

This coffee table exudes natural beauty in every detail – its elegant grain detail top and sleek steel base make for a dynamic contrast in any living space. Crafted of Oak Veneers with lacquered burlap finish in Pebble color and equipped with casters for easy mobility.

Create the modern home of your dreams with Hooker Furniture’s Cascade Collection. This luxurious collection offers dining, bedroom and accent furniture designed to meet the needs of modern lifestyles. Drawing inspiration from unique wood species characteristics like smooth maple’s soft grain contrasted against wire-brushed solid ash’s strong grain, this collection boasts beautiful layered textures created from its combination. Restrained design elements let each piece’s distinct character take center stage while simple styling puts the spotlight squarely on their characterful pieces.

This contemporary coffee table’s sculptural form features an eye-catching waterfall edge for storage while adding dimension and visual interest. The unique angled base was inspired by the Cascade Mountain Range which spans western North America. Plate steel supports one end of its base while inset into the table top allows the grain to cascade down this beautiful piece. Special Orders available with 8-10 week delivery.

Acrylic Chairs

Acrylic furniture has become an increasingly popular addition to modern homes. Not only can it reflect natural and artificial lighting to give any space an expansive feeling, it is non-toxic and durable as well. Easy cleaning allows for seamless finishes. Furthermore, its lightweight nature makes it easier to move or place in different rooms as needed.

Phillips Collection offers an assortment of stylish acrylic chairs, such as the minimalist Prisma Chair. Crafted with transparent acrylic for optimal durability and featuring graceful curves to complete its sophisticated aesthetic – plus, there’s even an easily removable cushion for additional comfort!

Phillips Collection offers another stunning dining chair option in their Origins Dining Chair crafted from reclaimed Chamcha wood, native to Thailand. Featuring butterfly detailing and natural blonde sap lines that give this dining chair its distinct character; natural wood graining adds character and helps give each piece its own identity.

Phillips Collection offers an exquisite array of pieces designed to elevate modern homes and offices. Ranging from abstract art to stunning coffee tables, this irresistible collection has something special. Shop online now to discover modern furniture that fits your aesthetic while elevating the space!

Butterfly Collection

The Butterfly Collection provides classic Italian furniture pieces designed to add a luxurious aesthetic to any room in the home. With sideboards, display cabinets, tables, and classic chairs available in multiple finishes you are sure to find exactly the piece for your space!

Titian Ramsay Peale, an early American naturalist, founded one of the oldest entomological collections in North America at The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. His passion for Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) remained strong throughout his life and contributed significantly to this collection of butterflies at The Academy.

This butterfly collection is both art and science at once, displaying insects organized according to aesthetic rather than taxonomic considerations, giving visitors the chance to appreciate their beauty. Peale personally collected or acquired them through trade or purchase over 240 species from which to choose for his collection.

Collectors have long enjoyed collecting insects as a popular hobby and important conservation effort, yet some critics assert that butterfly collections undermine this effort and their science of identification and study.

Glassberg notes no detrimental impacts from their display in his museum’s butterfly populations due to this collection, rather believes it spurs curiosity among more people and encourages more young people to pursue careers in science.

Dice Wall Art

Bring some fun and excitement to any wall with this vibrant canvas wall art piece featuring red casino dice tumbling over a textured turquoise background for a visually engaging design. Available in various sizes to fit your space and ready-to-hang, its fade resistant inks make this print handcrafted in the USA; additionally it can also be purchased as an unstretched rolled print for custom framing locally according to your specifications.

Create drama with this dramatic wall art featuring random-shaped wood blocks strung vertically together by 14 solid chamcha wood cubes of different colors and grain patterns arranged vertically along each vertically hanging strand, to add visual texture and dimension to any wall space. Phillips Collection represents modern organic living through this piece.

Phillips Collection has long been setting global style with their award-winning organic contemporary furnishings. Their luxury eco-friendly furniture includes stunning tables that incorporate live-edge and reclaimed roots into stunning designs as well as free form sculptural wall art featuring semi-precious stones and decorative bowls made of semi-precious stones. Phillips also provides an irresistible range of eco-friendly products called Origins which do not involve cutting down trees during production, serving interior designers, retailers, design & hospitality firms around the world. This company serves interior designers, retailers & design & hospitality firms globally!