Phillips Collection Furniture – Redefining Organic Contemporary Style

Phillips Collection has long been setting a standard in organic contemporary design through their award-winning furnishings. They offer an exquisite collection of furniture, decor, wall art and sculpture for sale at exceptional prices.

Origins is dedicated to sustainability with eco-friendly products that don’t involve cutting down trees – Sherry and Larry Phillips search the world to find stunning artworks and decorative items which fit their niche market.


Since 1973, The Phillips Collection has revolutionized global style for contemporary markets by traveling worldwide to bring exotic finds home to interior designers and dealers. Reclaiming extraordinary roots or creating one-of-a-kind tabletop designs are all part of their commitment to combining refined aesthetics and unique materials into timeless organic modern pieces that truly create conversation pieces.

Phillips Collection thrives by placing design at the core of their business, building strong customer relationships and developing innovative new concepts. Their ceramic vases extend into sculpture territory while unexpected materials come together to delight their design-oriented customer base – producing breathtaking results which redefine categories while creating exciting combinations never seen before in one design element or another.

Phillips Collection is an industry leader when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly design, sourcing their products from sustainable, ethical sources. Their Origins collection of eco-friendly furniture was crafted by artists and artisans around the globe using live edge wood and reclaimed root furnishings fashioned into beautiful tables, stools, and accent pieces where no trees are cut down for production.

This year, The Phillips Collection will open their first showroom in High Point to showcase their selection of natural and organic modern pieces. Boasting an expansive footprint and high ceilings, this new space provides interior designers with an ideal environment in which to browse and meet with members of their team at Phillips.

Phillips Collection’s new showroom can be found at 135 South Main Street at Commerce Avenue and will remain open to the public all year. They are proud to be part of HPxD community and look forward to sharing their unique selection of furnishings, wall art, and other treasures with local residents.


If you love natural materials, you will appreciate Phillips Collection Furniture. Crafted by artists and makers from across the globe for an exclusive look and feel, these pieces add an infusion of nature into your home without going beyond budget.

Phillips Collection offers an incredible range of unique designs, such as one-of-a-kind roots and live edge furniture pieces, which make a statement in any home interior design project. Their modern and spacious showroom makes the experience all the more enjoyable; here, visitors can view everything Phillips Collection has to offer!

Many of their pieces are constructed with reclaimed wood for an organic aesthetic. Furthermore, they use various types of stone that have been left natural so as to highlight its shape and texture – reclaimed teak being one such standout material used. A standout piece among them all is their Moonlit Stool that uses this combination of artful functionality in one beautiful design piece!

Phillips Collection offers more than just its distinctive products: they also provide various services. Designers and dealers can work with Phillips to find just the piece they need for their project; custom orders can even be processed through their warehouse in nearby Wilmington – working directly with craftsmen and carpenters to create customized pieces.

Phillips Collection strives to offer their customers an enjoyable shopping experience, from providing high-quality pieces that last years and years to using eco-friendly materials like their Origins line made of reclaimed wood so that no trees are cut down in production.


Phillips Collection Furniture offers an eclectic and eye-catching collection that makes an eye-catching statement in any room. Their brand embodies organic contemporary style, and can be seen worldwide in bars, hotels and restaurants. Phillips aims to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that spark conversations; using various materials with raw organic textures they strive for creating one-of-a-kind conversation starters that are truly eye-catching pieces.

Beginning as an eastern art and antiques dealer, the company has since evolved into an internationally-recognized brand known for its stylish aesthetics and unique offerings. Searching the globe for one-of-a-kind treasures to inspire their designers, as well as keeping abreast of trends that translate to furniture with stylish appeal is at the core of what they do.

Phillips’ commitment to sustainability is unparalleled. They have created Origins furniture crafted from live-edge and reclaimed roots fashioned into exquisite tables, stools, sculptures and accent pieces – an eco-friendly option which adds natural beauty while having a positive environmental impact.

Moonlit Stool, made of reclaimed teak wood, showcases its natural curves and forms to serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Another prominent piece is Marley Coffee Table which combines three golf-tee shapes into an eye-catching silhouette; available with copper, burnt wood or gray stone finishes.

Visit booth C173 of the High Point Market this September and meet the team and explore more of their incredible designs.


These decorative dice hung from this wall art go beyond being simply decorative; each string of solid chamcha wood holds randomly-shaped cubes in various colors and grain patterns to form a striking focal point on any wall. Phillips Collection uses their global finds to craft modern organic statements in commercial interiors with this piece!

Phillips Collection participates in High Point x Design by hosting an annual showroom that showcases organic contemporary furniture designs by interior designers, retailers and design & hospitality firms alike. Phillips is open exclusively to trade professionals – interior designers, retailers and design & hospitality firms are welcome – but retail customers cannot visit.

Before adopting Aperture, the team would segment their photo taking by category; consoles in one batch, tables in another etc. Now with Aperture in place, they are taking pictures as soon as pieces arrive at their warehouse gallery, making their move faster than ever!

With Aperture’s assistance, the entire process of listing new products online has been reduced by three orders of magnitude. Furthermore, they now capture more detail shots and other angles than before using Aperture for each piece of furniture, providing better views to increase sales. Eventually they were able to turn around photos in two days for greater business efficiency.

Wall Art

Phillips Collection Furniture is a pioneer of organic modern furniture design, crafting pieces that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. Their innovative pieces have been featured in commercial environments including bars, restaurants and hotels; in addition to offering custom capabilities to clients.

Sherry and Larry Phillips began the company by traveling around the globe searching for unique artifacts and items to bring home. Today, this legacy lives on in their products designed for home design industry – surefire conversation starters.

Some of the most captivating pieces are crafted from natural materials such as wood, stone and metal – often left raw – giving them a beautiful organic vibe. This is especially evident in wooden pieces like the Root Console which was made using reclaimed teak roots sourced from an auction. It features various heights and angles of cut wood pieces which add an element of organic happenstance.

Other pieces feature more luxurious materials like round onyx, providing an appealing contrast with the rawness of other materials. Some also incorporate acrylic, which adds a contemporary edge to the design.

Sustainability sets this brand apart, with Origins furniture that doesn’t cut any trees being the flagship product. They have also made commitments to reduce waste and use recycled metal in their pieces; their son Jason serves as industrial designer who has helped take them into an era of organic modern furnishings.