Phillips Collection Furniture – A True Pioneer in Organic Contemporary Design

phillips collection furniture

Phillips Collection furniture has long been considered a pioneer of organic contemporary designs. Operating exclusively within the design industry, they supply interior designers and dealers with innovative pieces from their collection of organic contemporary designs.

Phillips Collection travels the globe in search of unique treasures and emerging trends that speak to their refined ethos. Their team are experts at executing market-driven ideas which bring these discoveries to life.

Origins Collection

Phillips Collection has become an invaluable resource for interior designers and dealers worldwide since its establishment nearly fifty years ago. Focused on organic contemporary design and extraordinary materials such as reclaimed roots, live edge slabs and semi-precious stones from across the globe – Phillips specializes in organic contemporary design as well as providing outstanding materials sourced globally for use in its pieces.

Phillips Collection goes beyond emphasizing natural materials’ beauty; they also prioritize sustainability and the environment through eco-friendly manufacturing techniques and only using wood that has been sustainably harvested – evidenced in their Root Console piece using reclaimed teak roots as its centerpiece.

Phillips Collection stands out with their Moonlit Stool, made from one piece of reclaimed teak. This piece embodies sustainability and organic contemporary design principles by using recycled wood instead of new material; using reclaimed wood reduces waste while helping to conserve natural resources.

Metal pieces from this brand are breathtaking, blending organic elements with sleek forms for an eye-catching display in any space – traditional, transitional or modern alike. They aim to become focal points that draw people in.

An intriguing piece is the Agate Coffee Table. Each agate is an original work of nature. As tectonic lava churns, gas bubbles form and hollow caverns are created, filled with fluids which give the gem its color and rings. Once cut and polished, an Agate becomes part of a beautiful piece of furniture for its owner to cherish and use every day.

Phillips Collection wood products are both visually striking and exceptionally long-wearing, including pedestal tables and dining and occasional chairs crafted from reclaimed teak root wood sourced from Indonesia for use in their Root Console product. With generations of use to come in mind, this collection will remain timeless.

Phillips Collection will unveil their brand-new showroom at High Point by Design this month, as a member of HPxD network and testament to their dedication to innovation and design. Open year-round for dealers and interior designers alike, the space promises an excellent addition to the market place.

Elements Collection

Phillips Collection offers an impressive range of modern organic furniture suitable for any space. Their pieces utilize various materials that have been left to their natural state to allow the unique textures to stand out, creating an eye-catching focal point in any room, whether traditional or contemporary in style. Phillips also offer metal pieces which offer added dimension.

They provide many seating options as well, from stools and chairs to the Moonlit Stool made out of one piece of reclaimed teak wood – one of their most acclaimed items is this amazing stool highlighting natural curves and forms found within wood grain; plus it’s eco-friendly as no trees were cut down for its production!

Lava Coffee Table on Iron Legs is another timeless piece that combines form with function, created from real lava rock. Each coffee table is one-of-a-kind; their stunning top agate was formed through tectonic lava churning which formed caverns which then filled up with fluids resulting in its distinct colors and rings seen today. Furthermore, it also features a reclaimed teak base to complete this timeless design.

Phillips Collection is an innovator of sustainable contemporary furnishings, and their dedication to this practice can be seen throughout their designs. Additionally, they work closely with interior designers and dealers to offer customized options. Their new showroom located at 135 South Main Street in High Point and open year-round is part of High Point x Design organization showcasing cutting-edge furniture designs by Phillips Collection.

Seat Belt Dining Chair

The Seat Belt Dining Chair is an eye-catching piece that brings something new and innovative to traditional furniture designs. Using interwoven seatbelt straps that create an eye-catching visual effect while offering flexible support, this chair ensures comfortable sitting. Constructed using high-grade materials to guarantee longevity. Ideal for modern homes looking to add creativity and sophistication.

Phillips Collection is known for creating breathtaking furniture pieces made from natural elements like wood and stone that stand out from other furniture manufacturers’ products by emphasizing their natural beauty and organic shapes. Phillips Collection products make a statement through their form, balance or texture, making a unique statement in their own right.

Their collections range from elegant and sophisticated to rustic and earthy, using recycled and reclaimed materials that not only help the environment but also add character and history. One such piece, The Root Console is made out of teak tree roots for an additional sense of sustainability and character.

The Belt family exemplifies Phillips Collection furniture’s use of natural materials. Designed by award-winning Thai designer Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn and inspired by intertwining fabric spools seen at a seat belt factory, these belts are hand woven onto wooden frames reinforced with metal to form elegant and versatile seating pieces that fit in seamlessly into any environment. Available both monochromatically and two toned to perfectly complement any decor scheme, these chairs make great statement pieces for any room in their respective room(s).

Phillips Collection epitomizes modern organic design. Their team searches the globe to source captivating designs that excite and surprise, using global resources to bring their ideas to market. Phillips Collection strives to discover new designers and materials while simultaneously understanding market demands and connecting with its customers; all with one goal in mind: providing their customers with organic contemporary furniture that enhances any room while inspiring dialogue.

Riverstone Collection

Phillips’ River Stone Collection showcases their commitment to organic modern furniture design. Each piece in this range is crafted using natural materials like wood, stone and metal that have been left in their raw state, allowing their beauty and texture to come through as part of each unique statement piece. Phillips is known for their commitment to organic modern furnishings that create beautiful living environments – something the River Stone Collection certainly does!

This collection consists of coffee tables, dining tables and stools that combine organic modern design elements into stunning organic modern aesthetic. The Stone River Table is an effective way to bring the outdoors inside while still maintaining a sophisticated appearance; featuring an eye-catching granite table top reminiscent of water’s smooth surface – perfect for adding nature into the home! Plus with multiple finishes available you are sure to find one suitable for any interior setting in which it resides!

Nothing beats the beauty and power of water when it comes to creating soft surfaces from hard ones, which was what inspired designer Jason Phillips to create the River Stone collection, an organic modern series like Extra-Small Gray Wall Tile that displays this power in your home without risking bruised shins or bumped heads. This wall sculpture also provides an amazing way of showing the soft side of nature without the risk of accidents happening accidentally!

The Agate Coffee Table is another one-of-a-kind piece, taking an exquisite agate gem and turning it into an eye-catching functional art piece. Every agate gemstone is unique and colorful, creating stunning statement-making tables perfect for any room in the home. Agates are formed as tectonic lava churns under pressure to form gas bubbles which eventually solidify into individual stones that we cherish today.

Phillips Collection caters exclusively to interior designers, retailers and hospitality firms for trade customers only, offering truly amazing and unique furniture and accessories that offer interior designers, retailers and hospitality firms something truly amazing and different from other suppliers. As pioneers of organic modern furniture designs that combine visual beauty and environmental responsibility. Phillips stands apart from other furniture brands by guaranteeing that no trees are cut down during production of eco-friendly products; giving it a distinct edge in luxury furniture market.