Patio Furniture Without Cushions

If your area experiences heavy snowfall and torrential rainfall, consider selecting patio furniture without cushions for maximum weatherproofing. These pieces often resemble natural wicker but are made from materials designed to withstand outdoor elements.

Before purchasing patio furniture, take accurate measurements of your space to ensure you find covers for it that fit exactly. This can help ensure a seamless shopping experience!


Durability should always be top of mind when purchasing outdoor furniture for your deck or patio, especially in climates with harsh climate conditions. Many designers suggest storing away outdoor cushions when not in use or covering up furniture with covers to preserve them – although this may prove cumbersome and unnecessary.

If you prefer going without cushions, look for patio furniture constructed of weather-proof materials like aluminum, iron and stainless steel; resin wicker and teak wood may also prove suitable. Such options offer resistance against rot, insects and mold growth.

Synthetic wicker furniture is an attractive choice for outdoor seating, but make sure that when buying it you purchase High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) all-weather wicker rather than low-grade PVC synthetics. HDPE offers superior durability, fade resistance, odorless qualities and is easy to keep clean – plus it won’t splinter or lose shape over time.

Teak wood furniture can withstand outdoor elements without fear of decay, as its natural antifungal and rot-resistance makes it ideal for leaving exposed. Strong and sturdy, with beautiful grain lines that grow more beautiful as time goes on – Teak may last over 50 years when properly maintained!

Consider other long-lasting materials when making your choice: woven rattan is an affordable, all-weather material available in various styles; while wrought iron offers strength and corrosion protection. When purchasing pieces made of this metal, make sure they have been coated with protective finishes to reduce rusting.

If you opt for an outdoor sofa cushioned with cushions, be sure to find one with an outer protective shell that wraps over its entire top surface. This solution can protect against rainwater, dirt and debris entering the cushions underneath while making maintenance much simpler and machine washable. Some manufacturers offer this as standard with their cushions but if yours don’t you may add waterproof covers from Neighbor’s for additional peace of mind.


Finding the ideal cushions can make all the difference for outdoor furniture comfort, but some types do not need them at all. Sling patio furniture for example doesn’t need cushions at all as its seat provides all necessary support and cushioning – eliminating any need to dry off cushions after rainstorms or manage wear and tear that outdoor cushions experience over time.

Sling fabric used for the upholstered seating features stretch, making it more supportive and relaxing for you and your body. Although more costly up front than traditional wicker or wrought iron patio furniture with cushions, sling seating may prove invaluable as an investment for both comfort and longevity of use.

If you love the look of sling patio furniture but are concerned about upkeep and maintenance costs, choose a set that comes equipped with removable, washable covers to keep it looking its best while reducing mold growth or any other issues that may impact its appearance. Furthermore, it could help extend cushion lifespan if they’re used frequently on patio furniture.

Consider purchasing a synthetic resin-based rattan set as another solution, which offers many of the same looks and comfort of natural wicker with increased durability, lighter weight, easier maintenance and sun exposure resistance. While you still get all of these benefits, its more resistant to damage from UV radiation exposure and water, as well as mildew growth.

When shopping for outdoor rattan furniture sets, look for cushions made with all-weather performance fabric cushions. This type of material repels moisture and water while resisting mildew growth and mold formation while maintaining color stability in sunlight conditions. In addition, all-weather performance fabric cushions provide additional comfort as they do not allow the wicker to absorb body heat and become uncomfortable over time.


Some homeowners want their furniture to look as natural and timeless as possible, which means fabric should not dominate their deck or patio. Others simply do not have the time or funds available to invest in replacing cushions season after season.

No matter your reason, stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture options exist for those who cannot use cushions. Wicker is an excellent option as its earthy aesthetic fits easily with most decor styles; in addition, its durability means it will stand up to elements and regular use over many years.

Wicker patio sets typically include seating and dining components to provide you with a complete set of furniture, while additional chairs, ottomans or chaises can be added for customizable seating arrangements. Furthermore, some sets even come equipped with sofa sectionals so that it’s easy to create the ideal configuration to suit your space.

Wicker patio sets typically feature rust-proof aluminum frames to withstand year-round outdoor exposure, yet it is wise to remember that leaving any type of outdoor furniture exposed for long periods may shorten its lifespan significantly. Therefore, it’s recommended to regularly clean patio furniture as well as move it indoors or into storage when not in use.

Wrought iron or cast aluminum furniture offers another great outdoor seating solution, providing durability and comfort at an economical price point. However, unlike wicker patio furniture options, they’re less flexible. If opting for this style of patio seating, make sure your cushions have good quality covers to store away during winter weather conditions.

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Patio furniture without cushions still requires storage to protect it from the elements when not being used, especially outdoor chairs and loungers prone to mold, mildew or degrading from prolonged sun, wind, rain, snow and other weather conditions. By taking the time and care needed when storing your outdoor furniture in this way you’re making sure it will still be in great shape when spring rolls around again!

There are various storage solutions available to those without cushions for their patio furniture, depending on your needs and budget. A large, sturdy storage shed may provide shelter from the elements while keeping furniture neat and dry – plus providing space to store additional items like pool toys, gardening tools, or patio equipment.

Wood storage chests are another great way to organize patio furniture that won’t fold up easily, such as dining tables and coffee tables. Available in various styles and sizes from wood, resin and wicker. Many feature beautiful and sophisticated designs that add the perfect focal point in any backyard space. Some come equipped with doors and drawers that allow easy access to contents while some even feature doors and drawers for quick retrieval of items stored inside them.

Before storing furniture, it’s essential that it is thoroughly cleaned. Different materials require different methods for cleaning; referring to your tag can provide further instructions. Some fabrics can be hosed down while others must be hand washed or machine washed for best results. Once your furniture is cleaned thoroughly, allow it to air-dry completely before storing.

If you decide to store your patio furniture indoors, a finished basement is often the superior option over a garage, as garages tend to experience high humidity levels while finished basements tend to remain more consistent in temperature and dry. Furthermore, it is wise to store away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure could cause its fabric or leather components to fade or discolor over time.