Patio Furniture Without Cushions

If your patio furniture has begun to show signs of wear, replacement cushions may be in order. Before ordering them, take measurements of both pieces (not just their old ones) – using a rigid tape measure will provide more accurate measurements than tailor’s tape measures which may not give accurate readings.

Finding aesthetic pieces to suit a smaller space can be challenging, but there are numerous possibilities available to you.

Cast aluminum

Cast aluminum patio furniture is an economical way to achieve the look of wrought iron without its high price tag. Lightweight, easy to care for and almost completely rust-proof in most climates, it offers customers endless design choices when decorating outdoor seating areas.

Powder coating gives outdoor furniture the versatility of being painted in any number of colors ranging from metallics and rustic aged finishes to black. Once baked on, this color won’t chip off with regular use; only needing to be re-coated once worn or showing signs of wear like scratches require that. Any scuff marks caused can easily be erased using nonabrasive cleaners such as Barkeeper’s Friend for quick remedial action.

Cast aluminum patio furniture, like other metal varieties, can be used without cushions; however, most people choose to add outdoor, weather-resistant cushions for both comfort and aesthetic reasons. Customization also gives buyers the opportunity to change the look of their seating area whenever it begins showing signs of wear and tear over time.

Cast aluminum furniture provides the ideal balance between wrought iron and tubular frame aluminum frames, being lighter but more sturdy. This means it is less likely to fall over when exposed to windy conditions – giving homeowners peace of mind over their guests’ safety.

Shoppers can easily find cast aluminum dining chairs, loveseats and sofas to match their space and style. This type of metal patio furniture comes in an assortment of sizes to accommodate large families as well as cozy couples looking for an intimate candle light dinner experience. Additionally, its quality and durability makes this an investment that will stand the test of time – perfect for any homeowner!

Resin wicker

Resin wicker furniture is one of the most durable outdoor materials available, standing up against rain, water, humidity and UV rays from the sun without succumbing to wear and tear. Easy to maintain and clean up after, resin wicker makes a fantastic choice for anyone who likes spending more time outside. Typically woven from natural materials, but synthetic resin can also be combined with chemicals to form plastic-like substances enhanced with color additives and UV inhibitors to resist deterioration – typically at less cost than other forms of outdoor furniture – usually lasting much longer!

Resin wicker furniture may not be as pliable as its rattan counterpart, but its durability still makes it suitable for almost all outdoor applications including patio, poolside and garden settings. Resin protects from mildew and bugs to maintain its beautiful appearance for years.

Wicker comes in many different hues, making it suitable for homes of any style. To further accentuate its unique appearance, patio cushions with brightly hued stripes can add another dimension. Cushions may be purchased individually or as part of a complete wicker furniture set (sofas, chairs that swivel/recline, tables etc). Some sets even include footstools and other accessories!

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) wicker is one of the best synthetic materials, lasting outside for decades without becoming degraded by weather and elements. With its matte finish and non-sticky feel, HDPE wicker does not feel sticky to touch like some low-grade vinyl materials do; furthermore it does not peel or rip under direct sunlight like other materials may do.

Wicker furniture sets may take a bite out of your household budget up front, but in comparison with replacing traditional overstuffed or wooden furnishings it may actually save money over time. Your initial investment can also be paid back over many years as an excellent financial choice.


Are you searching for high-end luxury patio furniture without cushions? Sling chairs could be just what you’re searching for. Constructed of aluminum for durability and with premium-quality sling fabric for style, these chairs provide stylish protection from the elements while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Their open symmetrical silhouettes and precise angles create an eye-catching design while their hand-brushed frame finishes compliment long-term fabric durability – creating pieces of art!

Sling furniture is an excellent choice for wet climates, as the water that would otherwise accumulate on other materials or cushioned chairs passes through its mesh sling material and quickly dries, resisting stains, mildew, mold growth. Furthermore, this durable fabric stands up well against sun exposure and other harsh weather conditions while remaining lightweight for quick rearranging of patio sets.

Many sling chair manufacturers provide an extensive array of color and pattern choices to complement any aesthetic. Choose striped lounges to create a boho pool deck design or solid beige seats to fit with traditional dining patio settings. Some even come with bronze finishes reminiscent of sandy beaches and sea spray.

Sling furniture provides many advantages, including eliminating cushions which can be hard to keep clean. Sling chairs are an affordable and efficient choice for outdoor seating in busy households.

Sling seating can add the perfect finishing touches to your outdoor living spaces, including patios, porches, and balconies. Create sophisticated poolside dining by pairing bistro sets featuring sling back chairs with glass top tables; or upgrade your balcony with a sectional of this style; even garden benches featuring this fabric could help give it that finishing touch!

Before purchasing sling furniture, be sure to read and understand its manufacturer’s warranty carefully. Most companies provide warranties lasting five years; these will cover damage from normal wear and tear such as scratches or stains as well as repairs if required. Should an issue arise with your sling furniture piece, reach out directly to its manufacturer so they may provide replacement parts or service in order to repair or restore your piece.


Wood patio sets make any backyard feel like an escape, providing a cozy yet classic choice that’s ideal for hosting barbecues with friends and family or relaxing alone. However, wood outdoor furniture can be more costly and requires special care; using protective covers, cushion pads and keeping it under cover are the best ways to keep its looks for longer.

Finding the ideal fabric for your patio furniture is an important decision that will determine its longevity, comfort and ease of cleaning. When selecting high-quality fabrics like Sunbrella that resist fade-proof stain resistant machine washes look for fade proof solution dyed acrylic or bleach-cleanable olefin which also resist fading mildew mold and fade resistance as possible options.

Metal furniture such as wrought iron may be suitable for outdoor furniture but is subject to rusting over time, so be sure it has been protected with a rust-proof coating before purchasing. Metal pieces should also be covered during periods of heavy rainfall or snow.

Natural rattan furniture is another trendy option for outdoor spaces, yet can discolor in sunlight and rain over time. Rattan fibers come from tropical plants similar to bamboo and can be found in many forms of wicker furniture styles.

Teak wood is an extremely resilient and beautiful outdoor furniture choice, naturally resistant to rot, insects and weathering while developing an intricate patina over time when exposed to the elements. Unfortunately though, its density makes transport difficult; moving heavy pieces requires planning.