Patio Furniture With Fire Table

Patio furniture complemented with fire tables add warmth and ambience to outdoor seating spaces, making your backyard into an entertaining retreat perfect for gatherings of all sizes.

Be sure to invest in a mid-height patio table for optimal use when pairing it with lounge chairs or sofas, while bar fire tables work better with bar-height chairs for creating a balanced aesthetic.

OUTLAND LIVING Granville Fire Table

Considerations when purchasing a fire table include aesthetic design and fit with patio furniture, heat output and material quality (to ensure safety) as well as sharp edges or cheap materials that rust or disintegrate in harsh outdoor elements.

OUTLAND LIVING offers a selection of fire tables with their own distinctive characteristics to help you find the ideal piece for your outdoor space. For instance, the Granville fire table boasts an inviting rectangular shape which seats four comfortably while providing enough storage space for plates and glasses – it is suitable for restaurants, backyards, and other gathering areas to create inviting gathering areas for friends and family to gather around – and it comes in two colors – espresso brown and slate grey!

OUTLAND LIVING offers several fire tables from Granville-inspired designs to Robson fire tables that are smaller and lighter; both feature resin wicker that will bring tranquility to your patio and a storage compartment to hold propane bottles when not in use. Finally, Yaletown fire tables from OUTLAND LIVING offer sleek industrial style with black metal bodies and tempered glass tabletop surfaces; suitable as dining or coffee tables while offering convenient lid access that lets you use the firepit as dining space when not entertaining guests.

An effective fire table must produce high heat output while being easy to operate. Some models include an auto-ignition feature, while others can be powered by liquid propane or natural gas fuel sources. You can adjust flame height using a chrome valve knob.

The OUTLAND LIVING Granville fire table is an elegant way to bring warmth and elegance to their patio, making modern outdoor living easier than ever before. Suitable for contemporary lifestyles, its contemporary design fits right in with other OUTLAND LIVING patio furniture such as Robson fire table. Furthermore, both options boast simple but elegant designs which compliment any decor style and are easy to operate – two great solutions from OUTLAND LIVING Living that you should consider adding!

OUTLAND LIVING Robson Fire Table

By adding a fire table to your patio, it can dramatically transform its appearance and bring you and your family closer together – as well as being an invaluable addition to any home. However, make sure you select the appropriate fire table according to its size, frequency of usage and safety features available to ensure it serves its intended purpose well.

There are various models of fire tables on the market, but some of them aren’t designed for outdoor use. Others don’t come equipped with a safe and stable base or lid to shield against sparks or embers. To avoid such problems, look for products made with sturdy materials with sturdy bases for support that have a sturdy cover to prevent wear and tear over time.

If you’re in search of an attractive yet budget-friendly fire pit, the Outland Living Yaletown is an excellent option. As the company’s most compact model, this fire pit makes an excellent addition to smaller patios and balconies. The table’s concrete finish adds charm, while being lightweight makes moving it around easy; though note that tempered glass tables may reflect flames better.

The Yaletown offers a 50,000 BTU heat output, which should provide ample warmth for most climates and altitudes. Its convenient auto-ignition system makes operation straightforward; while you can control flame height by turning its chrome valve knob. Plus, you can store its propane tank underneath your table to save patio space!

Outland Living also offers the Robson Fire Table. Similar in style and design to its Yaletown counterpart, but with lower heat output. Perfect for smaller patios and used both as coffee and dining tables. Compatible with numerous Outland LIVING accessories – wind guard, durable cover, natural gas conversion kit.

OUTLAND LIVING Yaletown Fire Table

Fire tables make a lovely addition to any patio furniture set, drawing attention from friends and family and unifying the space. You could even use one as the focal point of an outdoor dining set! Choosing one depends on the size and style of your patio space – select a CSA-approved propane or natural gas fire table that features easy connections for safety, enduring frames that withstand weather exposure as well as protective covers that shield it from wear-and-tear damage.

The Yaletown is a sophisticated two-tone black metal fire table featuring a tempered glass tabletop and elegant design, perfect for contemporary patios. The dark glass reflects flames beautifully for an incredible effect that complements its elegant shape. Furthermore, its compact footprint makes this an excellent option for smaller spaces; place beside a sofa or in its own seating area for maximum effect.

Another advantage of the fire table is that it can double as a full-service table. It includes a lid, pre-attached 1 meter hose with regulator, stainless steel square burn tray and 4 kg Arctic Ice decorative glass rocks; its lid also boasts chrome pull rings and horizontal easy-slide storage brackets for horizontal easy storage – saving both money and space by eliminating separate dining table costs altogether! The fire table provides safe and convenient dining arrangements while saving on expenses.

Not only is this fire table visually striking, it is also extremely durable. Constructed of weather-resistant materials with a powder-coated aluminum frame with carbon steel panel inserts and high quality stainless steel connection points approved by CSA; and equipped with a 40,000 BTU propane infrared burner!

This propane fire table offers an affordable option for those in search of a fire table. Although not as ornate in design as its Granville and Robson counterparts, this sleek modern piece still looks elegant on most patios and comes with an adjustable soft cover to protect it from elements when not being used – in addition to providing access to natural gas conversion kits if preferred!

OUTLAND LIVING Yaletown Coffee Table

Addition of a fire table to your patio furniture can elevate it from simple porch or deck furnishing to unifying focal point, providing warmth on chilly evenings, creating peaceful ambiance, and even serving as dining tables when covered with the lid. Luxury fire tables have quickly become one of the hottest new trends for outdoor spaces – it is important when purchasing one to consider factors like size, design and heat output before selecting one that does not pose safety concerns when used as intended.

Outland Living provides two fire tables that might meet your needs: Robson has an elegant square design and can serve as both coffee or dining table with the addition of a cover, but is heavier than its Yaletown counterpart and does not provide as much space for plates and beverages on its top surface. In contrast, Yaletown features lighter construction with more contemporary rectangular design which makes it easier to fit alongside patio chairs or sofas in small spaces.

Yaletown comes equipped with a 1m hose with regulator, 4kg Arctic Ice decorative glass rock set, and its sleek two-tone black metal body features contemporary industrial style which will blend in well with most backyard furniture. Furthermore, its attractive reflective glass tabletop enhances the flames’ visuals further while its 50,000 BTU/HR heat output makes it suitable for most altitudes and climates; plus you can store its standard 20lb propane tank underneath to save space on patio.

Outland Living stands apart from Endless Summer with their Yaletown fire table being capable of connecting directly to home natural gas lines – something important for some customers as this could change how the product is used and maintained.