Patio Furniture With Fire Table

patio furniture with fire table

Set yourself apart with an impressive patio furniture set featuring a fire table – sure to become the talk of your neighborhood! Fire tables come in occasional, chat, dining and bar or counter height options.

Cool concrete combined with modern glass create a chic design sure to please. We also carry wicker options.


Host friends for an outdoor fireside gathering or enjoy an intimate moment alone on patio furniture with a firepit, perfect for relaxation or comfort. From sofas and loveseats to seating benches around your outdoor fire, sofas and loveseats make the ideal companions to relax around while chatting about books and movies, or cuddling up in front of it with favorite movies or books. With many colors and materials to choose from, patio furniture with firepits offers you something suitable for every design scheme – even yours!

Consider your outdoor space when selecting seating for a fire pit. A long and linear fire pit can add elegance and practicality when spreading warmth throughout your backyard patio, while matching sofas or chairs create a unified patio seating area – it will stand the test of time too!

Modern Adirondack chairs make an elegant choice for seating around your fire pit. Their natural colors complement your backyard, while looking sleek next to a contemporary fireplace. Combine black and white chairs for an eye-catching contrast look.

If you enjoy lounging around a fire pit, consider investing in some swivel chairs. They provide comfortable seating at outdoor tables while creating an eye-catching focal point in your yard’s design. Their curved shape provides superior support compared to other outdoor lounge chairs; and there are many styles available that match any decor scheme.

If you like the idea of outdoor fire pits but are concerned with maintenance requirements, poly fire tables offer an effective and low-maintenance solution for your patio. Constructed from weather-resistant materials like rust-proof aluminum or handwoven resin wicker and equipped with glass wind guards or clear beads to keep the flames smoky while protecting from flying embers, poly fire tables provide year-round enjoyment with minimal upkeep requirements – perfect for year-round enjoyment!


Patio furniture paired with a fire table is an excellent way to elevate the atmosphere in any outdoor space. Combining its soothing colors and inviting focal point will surely make family, friends and guests feel right at home in no time! Select from various seating options such as chairs, benches, loungers and sofas in an array of materials and shapes designed specifically to reflect your unique aesthetic.

An elegant and comfortable chair makes an excellent centerpiece of modern patio. Add color with accent cushions and throws, select one with a curved back for optimal support, or consider combining multiple pieces into one ottoman if space allows.

For a traditional look, Adirondack chairs make an excellent addition to any backyard space. Choose black Adirondack chairs to set off against a white fire pit; alternatively, look for chairs that match each other for an aesthetically pleasing design.

Lounge chairs provide another ideal outdoor patio seating solution around a fire pit, coming in many vibrant hues ranging from subtle pastels to eye-catching electric blue. Not only are they comfortable and relaxing spots, but you can spend hours appreciating your patio with friends or loved ones!

If you prefer to enjoy your patio without much fuss, why not opt for a 2-chair and table set. These chairs can be ideal for sitting around the fire with loved ones or reading a book. Rocking chairs provide even further relaxation by rocking back-and-forth motion.

If you want to serve cocktails and snacks in an elegant setting, an outdoor bar with fire table may be just what you need. Made of durable poly material for easy maintenance and storage space for beverages nearby – round or rectangular tables will suit different numbers of people for outdoor parties!


Fire tables provide warmth and ambience in outdoor spaces, creating the ideal focal point for entertaining. A fire table is especially useful during cooler months when gathering around traditional fireplaces can be challenging. Alongside your fire table purchase you may also require patio furniture that complements your space while allowing guests to comfortably experience its heat source – conversation sets or rattan coffee tables are among many available choices for this feature.

Patio furniture featuring a fire pit includes seating that surrounds its centerpiece as well as plenty of surface area for drinks and snacks. These unique pieces of furniture can fit seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary patio designs, and block fire pit tables are an ideal pairing with sectional sofas – providing ample room to place plates, books and glasses of wine within easy reach. Alternatively, choose more contemporary options featuring sleek concrete tops – these meld minimalist aesthetics with practicality and durability!

Your choice of fuel dictates whether wood, propane, or natural gas fire pits will best meet your needs. While wood burning fire tables offer an intimate yet natural ambience, propane and natural gas models offer more convenient maintenance without needing to collect or burn wood, or worry about soot or ash build-up.

Fire tables create an inviting glow that warms patios and adds romance to special events, making the garden more welcoming while impressing visitors.

Outdoor fire tables typically include a fire ring, burner, lava rock or faux logs as the fuel source, while some feature an electronic ignition system to quickly start up the flame. You should also consider any accessories included with your purchase such as protective covers or lava rocks to get the most enjoyment out of your new fire feature – and ensure it will be enjoyed for years.


An outdoor fire table can add warmth and ambience to your outdoor living space, but before making your purchase it is crucial that you understand its safety implications. Many factors play into its safety profile such as build quality, flame height, and security features.

Some propane fire tables feature adjustable flame height and match-light igniters to safely manage the amount of heat output and provide you with a cozy patio space all season long. Some models even boast smoke-free designs to avoid emitting an overwhelming, pungent smoky scent like traditional outdoor fireplaces – ideal for people with allergies or sensitivities to smoke.

Many fire tables provide built-in storage areas to tuck away your propane tank or gas hose out of sight and off the floor, eliminating potential trip hazards. You may also find models equipped with natural gas conversion kits so you can use your own natural gas line instead of propane, potentially saving money and reducing wear on ignition systems. Some models even feature built-in heat sensors to switch off burners if they become too hot – helping maintain safety while decreasing wear on ignition systems.

Choose the fire table design and aesthetic that best matches your personal aesthetic and space needs. Some people like the look of metal or aluminum frames, while others enjoy adding rustic charm with a wrought iron fire table in their backyard oasis. Others even opt for unique natural styles with low maintenance needs – like those offered by rattan tables!

Addition of a fire table to your backyard or patio can enhance its aesthetics and prolong enjoyment year-round. Fire tables add warmth and ambience, encouraging people to stay out in the evenings longer with family and friends; plus it adds value and appeal for potential buyers!