Patio Furniture Sets

Patio furniture sets save time and effort when creating a cohesive outdoor space. Choose lounge chairs and dining tables in various materials, sizes, styles and materials.

Backyard patio furniture crafted from wood creates a rustic vibe, while metal and wicker pieces add contemporary appeal. Sustainable wicker is always in fashion and stands up well against rainstorms.


No matter if you’re creating a casual outdoor lounge area or crafting an elegant patio dining room, deck furniture sets can make all the difference. Search modern options made with durable materials that resist moisture damage from moisture or sun exposure as well as corrosion rusting; contemporary pieces in different finishes with sleek silhouettes will look right at home on either a balcony or covered porch.

If you enjoy entertaining, patio furniture sets with outdoor dining tables are an ideal way to share meals with family and friends. Look for outdoor patio dining tables that provide enough surface area for plates, glasses and other serving dishes, while coffee tables may provide additional storage or serve double duty as detachable serving trays.

Consider investing in a patio bar stool set for your backyard. These versatile outdoor bars can serve both as conversation pieces and handy locations for drinks and snacks.

Sears offers an assortment of styles and types of outdoor patio furniture sets for every taste and budget, ranging from small bistro patio sets to extra large dining sets. These versatile sets make an excellent way to update a small outdoor patio or revitalize an entire yard with new style!

Those looking for something with more natural elements should opt for patio furniture made from weatherproof teak wood. This durable material can withstand even the harshest sunrays and winter rain without cracking under pressure; additionally, using protective sealants periodically will keep its warm brown hue intact.

Contemporary metal patio furniture sets provide another option for outdoor relaxation. Available in various colors and paired with chairs and tables that match, some models boast industrial-inspired curved metal frames while others offer more classic straight designs; both can even be powder coated to give your set an attractive new finish.


If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, choose a patio furniture set that provides a comfortable place for meals or conversations to take place. Choose from classic wicker, rustic wood, contemporary metal or even sets with complementary side tables and fire pits.

Putting sustainability first? Explore eco-friendly wicker furniture sets. The brands we recommend utilize recycled plastics, ocean waste and prioritize sustainable materials such as rattan and recyclable metals. Furthermore, pre-built sofa sets come in various sizes that fit seamlessly into any space; and allow for custom patio furniture sets with seating capacity specifically tailored to you.

Eco-friendly wicker patio sets may not be for you; so why not go traditional with wood patio sets made of teak and other hardwoods that withstand the elements? Teak can last decades outdoors without rotting, patina or insects and will withstand hot sun, harsh winds or spring showers with ease.

IPE (ironwood) is another fantastic material for traditional patio furniture, featuring rich brown tones with natural grain patterns. This tropical hardwood resists rot, insect infestation and fungi growth for long-lasting beauty in any outdoor setting – plus humidity isn’t a threat; so no warping or cracking over time!

When looking for casual yet beach-inspired outdoor furniture sets to provide warm-weather entertaining, coastal patio sets may be an excellent solution. This design typically features white, blue or pastel color palettes as well as resin wicker construction with nautical-themed decorative accessories – some even including rope or weathered wood to complete this oceanic vibe!

If you prefer floral patterns and want to evoke a colonial aesthetic in your patio space, the Mackinac Collection from Lloyd Flanders may be a good option. It features open or closed rattan slats skirting the base of each piece with rounded feet and floral upholstery reminiscent of 1700s style furniture. For something simpler yet still colonial-inspired, Telescope Casual’s St. Catherine MGP Cushion Collection may better reflect American colonial styling with dark varnish finish and beige throw pillows.


Teak patio furniture adds an exquisite touch to any backyard, providing long-term enjoyment in style. Made of natural material resistant to moisture, rot, and insects – as well as its buttery color coming alive in sunlight – teak is easy to care for for years of enjoyment!

To ensure that your teak patio furniture set will outlive trends and endure for decades to come, look for pieces from well-established brands who prioritize ethical sourcing and innovative design. Lloyd Flanders and HiTeak have long been leaders in woven furniture production using eco-friendly processes – look out for these brands when shopping! When purchasing teak patio furniture cushions that match multiple styles are easy reversible are essential; this allows your set to endure as styles shift or you change up your backyard design aesthetics over time.

At home or outdoors, a teak lounge set can help you unwind and relax in style. These sets typically feature an outdoor table and comfortable cushions designed to support your body – to find the ideal style, consider both the size of your space and its purpose before selecting furniture that’s a fit for both.

Sam’s Club offers an assortment of teak patio furniture sets designed to fit your space and lifestyle perfectly, from dining sets and conversation sets to lounging sets that fit seamlessly in your patio or garden area. Plus, our weathered gray or classic brown finishes give your outdoor area the finishing touches!

To help narrow down the options, we suggest choosing a teak dining table that best meets your needs. With chairs included in a set, you can enjoy family meals, game nights, and other celebrations around your table with family and loved ones. We carry outdoor dining tables ranging from the classically inspired Caterina 6 Piece Teak Patio Dining Set to modern options like Rochester 7 Piece Teak Dining Table Set; in addition, we have matching patio chairs so that your ideal outdoor dining setup can be realized.


Are you searching for outdoor furniture with an elegant yet understated appearance? A minimalist patio set may be exactly what’s needed. These sets offer durable tables and seating that blend in effortlessly to your space, creating the ideal setting for alfresco dining and entertaining with family and friends outdoors. Minimalist pieces often utilize neutral colors and materials, which makes coordinating them with existing decor easy – for instance you might select rattan chairs to match the finish on your deck, or choose natural stone outdoor rugs to complete the look.

As well as modern patio furniture sets that incorporate minimalist-inspired silhouettes and finishes reminiscent of the modern design movement, minimalist patio sets can also help to achieve this aesthetic. For instance, consider choosing a round wood patio dining table with metal hairpin legs, black swivel lounge chairs, weathered teak patio furniture or reclaimed-wood benches with slatted seats to complete this style.

Scandinavian-style outdoor furniture is another popular option for minimalist outdoor decor, similar to minimalist pieces in that it uses light, neutral tones to accentuate nature’s beauty. Scandinavian patio furniture stands out from traditional outdoor furnishings by being sleek and simple compared to their more elaborate counterparts, such as elaborate carvings. You’ll find plenty of Scandinavian pieces at Homemakers that boast sleek lines complemented by natural wood finishes for added accent.

To create an informal, rustic aesthetic in your patio setting, select country-style garden tables or adirondack chairs with rough-hewn wood and antique accents as focal pieces. Or for something a bit lighter and coastal in spirit, a resin-wicker patio set featuring pastel or white hues with nautical decor such as rope, weathered wood and rattan may do just the trick!

Sears offers minimalist patio furniture sets that can help elevate your seating setup, from tables that pair nicely with matching loveseats or chairs, coffee tables that add ample surface area for drinks and snacks, umbrellas that provide cooling shade from UV rays, as well as multifunctional accent pieces like poufs or ottomans that double as extra seating or footrests in front of a comfy sofa.