Patio Furniture Restoration Near Me

patio furniture restoration near me

Under harsh winters and scorching summer heatwaves, daily wear and tear, as well as severe climate fluctuations can damage patio furniture over time – but you don’t have to replace it all at once! Instead, there are ways you can restore and revitalize it without throwing it all away!

No matter whether your outdoor furniture is metal or wicker, simple fixes can save money and extend its lifespan with little effort. Here are beginner-friendly guides on refinishing furniture:

Teak Furniture

Teak furniture has long been one of the most coveted additions to patios and decks due to its natural beauty and long lifespan. Teak is rich with water-repellant oils that naturally repel insects and fungus; yet even though this tough wood can become damaged over time due to weather and normal wear and tear. If your outdoor teak furniture has lost its golden sheen or color over time, professional refinishing may be a worthwhile option for refurbishment.

Before beginning to refinish teak furniture, it is vitally important that it is thoroughly cleaned in order to eliminate dirt, grime and fungus that has built up over time. For optimal results it is recommended that a teak cleaner be used. Many commercial cleaners specialize in providing safe solutions designed to clean this type of wood furniture without harming its surface.

After your furniture is clean, it is crucial to sand and seal it to keep its appearance looking new while protecting against further weathering. Teak sealer can be applied using long, even strokes with a clean cloth for best results. Once completed, cover or store indoors during off-season to provide further protection from elements.

If your furniture has any damage, be sure to repair any areas before sanding and sealing it. This will ensure the refinishing process runs smoothly and that your furniture will last for many years. For minor repairs such as cracks or holes in the wood filler can repair them effectively.

Refinishing teak furniture requires an intensive process that’s not suitable for DIY. First, the furniture must be thoroughly cleaned using a cleaner designed specifically for teak to remove any preexisting oil or sealant as well as mildew growth that has developed over time. After drying completely, fine-grit sandpaper should be used to smooth its surface in preparation for refinishing with its golden hue – an essential step before beginning this journey back home!

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron is a low-carbon malleable metal that can be formed into decorative items with ease, making it a favorite choice for patio furniture and other outdoor furnishings, though proper upkeep may prove challenging. Wrought iron may rust and corrode over time if its paint coat becomes chipped or worn away.

Routine care and maintenance may help prevent this from occurring; however, if your 1960’s wrought iron furniture begins showing signs of wear or corrosion, seeking repair and refinishing services could be the ideal solution.

Professional furniture refinishing services provide essential maintenance for extending its life and keeping it attractive for years, saving money by deferring replacement costs. From single chairs to entire sets of wrought iron furniture, restoration can significantly extend their lifespan for continued enjoyment for years after its original purchase date.

Drop cloths or tarps should be used to protect surfaces around your wrought iron furniture while painting, to avoid accidental paint splatter and drip marks on areas other than what needs to be painted. It may be wise to put sheets or blankets down under each piece as this will help keep dust and other debris from getting trapped into its grooves or rusting beneath its coat of paint.

As part of cleaning and refinishing iron furniture, the first step should be sanding its surface. Since this can be hard on your hands and arms, protective gloves should be worn during this process. Once complete, wipe down with water mixed with mild detergent before rinsing with a garden hose before letting dry before applying rust-inhibiting primer (allow enough time for it to set before painting!). After this has dried completely before applying fresh coat of paint.

Wrought iron furniture is especially susceptible to the cycle of “Sun, Rain and Rust”. By following these tips and extending its life for many more years, you can extend its life and enjoy it even longer.

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture is among the most durable patio furnishings, but it may require occasional maintenance. Luckily, the right professional can restore old Molla or Salterini tables and chairs as well as newer aluminum frames back to like-new condition – whether that means quick touch ups or full restoration projects – just call in a welder specialized in metal furniture restoration to do it all for you. They can repair breaks and dents as well as deep-seated rust that threatens its lifespan!

Many people purchase metal patio furniture at yard sales or consignment shops and refurbish it to suit the color scheme of their home, creating modern or industrial looks without spending big. Keep in mind, though, that Ohio weather and general wear and tear can eventually degrade even high-end teak and wrought iron patio furniture over time; to preserve it for longer use it’s wiser to store or bring indoors during winter storage periods.

Investment in some basic tools, like a wire brush and sander with 60- or 80-grit sandpaper can help remove all traces of rust from metal patio furniture surfaces and prepare them for painting with custom colors of your choosing. Powder coating provides even coating that resists cracking and peeling to ensure longer lasting metal patio furniture.

Wicker Furniture

Natural or synthetic rattan furniture can be vulnerable to the same issues as any outdoor furniture; however, with care and proactive protection strategies you can prevent damage before it occurs with natural or synthetic wicker furniture. Craving Some Creativity provides several effective methods for safeguarding against UV rays and wet weather to help avoid costly patio furniture repair in the future.

Not only should you regularly clean and polish your wicker furniture, but you should also inspect it for damaged reeds or loose weaves. While this may seem daunting to address, these problems are fairly easy fixes that will extend its life significantly. Carefully pull any broken or loose strands with pliers before sanding down and weaving new ones in their place; or soak woven pieces for up to 30 minutes in warm water in order to soften and make them easier to work with.

Once your repairs have been completed, it’s time to prepare your wicker furniture for painting with a fresh coat. To do so, sand down its surface until you achieve an even and smooth texture, and apply an oil-based primer before staining with any color stain of choice using a synthetic brush to avoid drip marks.

If you prefer keeping the original finish of your wicker furniture without painting it, furniture polish or lemon oil may help revive its shine and bring new life back into it. Make sure that any product specifically tailored for wicker is used.

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