Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

patio furniture replacement slings

Patio chair replacement slings make old or damaged chairs look new again with just one simple customization step – creating stunning fabrics tailored specifically for your frame and personal taste.

Accurate measurements are essential to successful chair sling replacement, so be sure to inspect your chair frames for loose or sagging sling rails prior to taking measurements. Also ensure they’re secure before beginning!


Replacing old slings with new ones is an easy and cost-effective DIY project that can revitalize patio furniture and restore it to its former glory. First, take accurate measurements of your chair frame sling rails and current length of existing slings before selecting and ordering fabric that best meets both style and functional needs.

Patio sling furniture is a versatile solution that can fit seamlessly into various outdoor entertainment settings. Add an accent chair for some vibrant color on your deck or bring elegance and formality to your poolside retreat with chaise lounge seating – either way it will provide comfortable seating wherever your entertaining takes place! Sling furniture remains one of the top choices among guests who appreciate comfortable seating arrangements.

Slings may show signs of wear over time due to exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, heat and other weather conditions that cause them to stretch and weaken over time. Over time this exposure causes them to stretch further until eventually ripping or tearing occurs, rendering the sling unusable for future use. Replacing it with new fabric is an affordable and straightforward solution that will give your outdoor chairs a brand new look for years ahead!

Replacing the slings on your patio furniture may be done for many different reasons, including replacing worn or torn fabric, switching colors or designs, creating a new mood in your backyard, matching with newly purchased pieces or simply to refresh an aging set due to sun exposure fading colors of existing slings, refreshing patio chairs with brand new looks for holidays, inviting friends and family into your luxurious backyard oasis and welcoming them in!


Patio furniture replacement slings can be ordered for chairs, chaise lounges and other pieces of outdoor seating. While their frames may be made of durable materials that withstand the elements and last many years, their fabric may wear out over time or fade, becoming unattractive and unsightly. Replacing it with new fabric slings is an affordable way to restore these chairs to their former glory and refresh outdoor decor with new flair.

Measuring existing sling chairs is key to ordering enough fabric for any project. Key dimensions to keep in mind when doing this include rod size, back length, seat width and seat bottom width – these must all be accurately input into Sunniland’s ordering system for optimal results.

Color and design will also play an integral role in matching replacement slings with existing furniture. Sunniland Patio provides an extensive selection of top-rated sling fabrics from which to select; many were developed specifically as replacement sling fabrics featuring attractive patterns that will complement both your chair frame and decor.

Once you’ve chosen your fabric, the next step in installing patio chair slings should be taking shape. While replacing them may not be complex or time-consuming, the first step involves unthreading old slings from their frames by taking off screws or bolts that hold inner rails that tension fabric slings tight – once this step has been completed, old slings should come off easily.

Once your new slings have arrived, they should be placed into their channels on the side rails and secured using the spline that runs through each pocket sling pocket spline, tightened until all pockets have slings that cannot stretch further than necessary.

Sunniland Patio provides custom replacement parts for many other forms of outdoor furniture as well, including arm caps and endcaps for chairs and pool loungers, chaise lounge sling replacement slings and armcaps, endcaps for pool loungers as well as armcaps / endcaps to meet individual customer requirements. Their extensive inventory is sure to have something suitable.


Patio furniture replacement slings come in various colors, made of materials that resist mildew, fading and wear and tear. Furthermore, these slings include several features designed to make them comfortable to sit in such as stretchiness and conformability that make sitting more pleasurable; in addition, they’re easy to maintain as well as clean!

Polyester or vinyl-coated mesh fabrics can be used for slings. While vinyl-coated mesh may be more costly, its flexibility allows it to fit a variety of sizes and shapes while polyester slings have limited sizes and color choices; both types are durable and cost-effective – the right one depends on what weather conditions exist in your region and the purpose for which the furniture will be used.

Not only should color be considered when designing a sling chair, but design as well. Options available for patterns and colors of sling chairs include solids, stripes and checks – traditional looks while checks provide more modern flair to furniture pieces.

Considerations when selecting a sling include its strength and durability. When exposed directly to sunlight, materials should withstand its elements such as direct sunlight. There are many wicker and teak wood fabrics to choose from which offer this protection; additionally, coordinated cushions and umbrellas can also be made using this option for an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Sling chairs make an excellent addition to any outdoor living area. Comfortable yet versatile, sling fabric replacement brings new life into any piece of furniture – especially since rips and tears may require it over time. However, there may also be other reasons to replace it such as weather-proofing issues.

Though replacing patio furniture slings at home may appear complex, the process can actually be much simpler than expected. Measure the old sling carefully before ordering its replacement to ensure an exact fit with your furniture; installation should then be straightforward.


Sling furniture is built to withstand the elements, but over time its fabric may wear away or tear. Replacing the slings on patio chairs is an affordable way to restore them back into shape. Slings can be easily detached and replaced from patio chairs, making this a straightforward DIY project for most homeowners. Before replacing patio chair slings, however, it is important to ensure that both frames and slings are in good condition and in no need of repair. Before replacing slings, any broken bolts, rust or damage must first be repaired. Furthermore, replacement slings made specifically to fit each chair are highly recommended in order to ensure perfect fitting fabric that will outlive its lifespan for many more years. It is also essential that when selecting replacement slings their color be considered since sun exposure and general wear and tear of outdoor furniture may alter its hue over time.

Note that each sling is custom designed for its respective chair frame; no two chairs will have identical measurements for their sling installation process. Therefore, measurements must be taken carefully so as to ensure an appropriate fit; in addition, check to see that both frame and stabilizer bars are undamaged so installation won’t be compromised in any way.

Disassembling the entire frame of a chair is the ideal way to measure for slings, as this allows you to easily measure both its seat and back widths. To measure seat widths, place the measuring tape several inches away from where the sling rail attaches to the frame, and measure from side-to-side along it – be sure to round these measurements off to within 1/8″ when recording them.

Once your measurements have been taken, new slings can be ordered through your local patio furniture supplies company. They should arrive a few weeks later, ready for installation.