Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

After some time, even high-quality patio furniture can begin to appear worn down and outdated. One way to revive it is with stylish patio furniture replacement slings in Texas.

Sling chairs provide comfortable yet sturdy seating due to their form-fitting outdoor fabric. At our company, we use Phifertex slings which wick water quickly away and dry quickly for quick use.

Durable Materials

Sling patio furniture is an excellent choice for outdoor seating and loungers due to its lightweight construction, rust-inhibition properties and ease of maintenance. However, over time even the toughest materials begin showing signs of wear – if you’re ready to upgrade without spending an arm and a leg, having new slings installed will extend their lives as chairs or chaise lounges!

Sling replacement fabric is composed of durable materials designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent usage, and are easy to clean; they resist stains, mold, mildew and other types of staining as well. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, there’s sure to be one perfect for you.

Not only are sling fabrics durable, they’re often highly functional too. Textilene Metallic fabric provides stylish sun protection with up to 80 percent UV ray blockage – perfect for patio furniture exposed to direct sunlight!

Many of our sling replacement fabrics are created for minimal upkeep. Not only are these fabrics resistant to stains, mold and mildew; they’re also easier to clean than traditional materials – meaning you can spend less time worrying about cleaning and more time enjoying your sling furniture!

Most sling furniture manufacturers provide their own collections of replacement sling fabrics, including top brands like Homecrest and Lloyd Flanders. If your furniture comes from either brand, replacement slings can be ordered by part number to ensure the most comfortable fit and maximum level of relaxation.

As soon as sling furniture slings begin to fray, it’s imperative that action be taken immediately. Otherwise, your furniture could become dangerously unsafe to sit in and may begin losing structural integrity altogether. Replacing old slings with new ones will save money while giving it an entirely different appearance; plus it adds a great aesthetic touch that makes relaxing on patio more pleasurable!

Easy Maintenance

Sling fabric used in most sling patio furniture is both durable and quick to dry – ideal features in wet climates like Florida where humidity can have an adverse effect on outdoor furnishings that don’t dry quickly enough. Furthermore, its frames are usually cast aluminum so as to not rust under wet conditions; additionally it is easy to keep clean: just wipe down with damp cloth to eliminate dirt or mildew build-up!

Even high-quality sling patio furniture requires replacement slings at some point. Sun and rain exposure will eventually wear away the fabric slings until they look worn or unattractive – if this occurs to your furniture immediately replace them as soon as possible!

Frames of sling furniture tend to be sturdy, while its slings tend to wear down faster due to direct exposure to weather elements like rain, sun, wind and dust. A sling’s lifespan largely depends on how often it is used as well as climate where you live or storage habits during extreme weather events.

Slings typically last 10-12 years before needing replacing; however, if young children enjoy playing on your patio furniture or you leave it outside all year round, sooner replacement might be required.

Replacing the slings on patio furniture may seem simple, but it’s wise to consult an experienced technician when replacing the slings. Doing it yourself might risk ruining the appearance of your piece – there are countless videos online showing how to install slings yourself, but it might result in damage to the frame and possibly result in less-than-stellar results that don’t look professional or cause structural instability.

Professionals possess the expertise to accurately measure chair frames, cut and sew new slings to fit perfectly, using high-grade materials such as Gore Tenara thread that’s resistant to rain, sun, salt and cleaning solutions.

Comfortable Seating

When selecting patio furniture for either your home or business, several considerations must be taken into account to make an informed choice. These factors include climate, usage, style, budget storage and maintenance needs as well as storage requirements and costs. By keeping all this in mind when making your selection you can find something tailored to meet all of your unique requirements and preferences.

Sling chairs offer a comfortable seating experience and are an ideal addition to outdoor use. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to move while offering supportive comfort and relaxation. Furthermore, sling fabric quickly dries to provide protection from sun, wind and rain – an advantage in regions prone to precipitation. Sling furniture makes an excellent addition to homes and businesses alike!

Sling furniture provides another advantage by eliminating cushions, which can be bulky and inconvenient to store. Furthermore, its lightweight construction can help it blend in seamlessly with the overall design of any space you are placing it.

Even high-quality patio furniture will begin to show signs of wear over time. But you can extend its life by replacing its slings. Houston Powder Coaters provides turn-key services for replacing patio slings for all types of outdoor patio furniture; in-house processing removes previous coating and then applies two layers of durable polyester coating.

Houston Powder Coaters also provides custom sling fabrics from leading manufacturers like Phifertex, Sunbrella, and Twitchell – which offer an assortment of colors and styles suited for home or business settings. Contact us now to discover more! To discover patio furniture replacement slings available with us!


Patio furniture is constructed to endure outdoor conditions; however, even high-quality pieces may show signs of wear over time. Sling chairs, which are exposed more frequently to weather elements than other pieces of outdoor seating furniture, may begin showing signs of wear and tear over time. Instead of investing in new pieces altogether, instead consider restoring existing outdoor pieces by replacing their slings. This cost-effective alternative could save money while improving comfort of seating outdoors.

First, remove any old sling fabric from your patio chair frame by cutting or slitting it down the middle using either scissors, utility knife, or pliers. Next, you must take steps to free it from its attachment on both sling rails; remove plastic end caps that cover these rails (flat head screwdriver or pliers work best here) from both sling rails – this may require someone holding onto your chair so as to prevent accidentally damaging either rail or handle while doing this process.

Once the old fabric sling fabric has been removed, it can be replaced with one made of weather-resistant materials that is both comfortable and weatherproof. A new sling can add extra support while simultaneously improving your backyard aesthetic; maintenance can easily be handled – it just needs a hose down or wipe clean to stay looking its best!

Once your new sling has been installed, reinstall any end caps that were taken off earlier and reattach your chair’s spreader bar for optimal fabric tensioning. If you need help installing it correctly or are uncertain how, professional installers are available who will ensure your patio furniture remains safe while installing correct new slings – they can also advise which type is the best fit for your furniture and home, along with providing multiple fabric choices so you can find something aesthetically pleasing!