Patio Furniture Replacement Parts

patio furniture replacement parts

Patio furniture replacement parts breathe new life into an already solid patio set. Giving it an update or adding in different hues adds modernity or color variation that complements your outdoor style perfectly.

Once the slings or straps have been taken off of your furniture, a careful inspection can be conducted of its frame in order to identify and address broken welds, weak swivel mechanisms, cracks and any other potential problems.


Slings are one of the first components to wear out over time in patio furniture, and when they become discolored, faded, worn out or frayed it’s time for replacement. At The Southern Company our sling replacement process takes place in-house using only premium quality materials in terms of both straps and fabric slings – once removed from your chairs you can choose new slings from our selection of over 125 colors and patterns that we computer match to the existing fabric on your chairs or mix-and-match to create something truly unique to yourself or make your furniture truly your own!

Polyester roundslings differ from web slings by featuring a solid core yarn with no eye terminations and are designed to offer greater resistance against abrasion, dirt and grease protection, UV degradation and heat damage; however they should be used only in environments below 180degF to avoid heat damage. Like web slings, roundslings may also be damaged by sharp corners so corner protectors should be used to prevent cuts and tears.

Although most customers choose to have their slings and straps replaced when they bring in their furniture for refinishing, we also offer full frame restoration service. This involves disassembly followed by inspection for broken welds, loose swivel mechanisms, cracks, or any other structural issues before repairs are made before being sandblasted with your choice of standard or premium finishes – leaving your patio furniture looking brand new for years to come!


With time, patio chair suspension straps may become loose and start sagging over time, compromising both their looks and functionality. While this can make sitting uncomfortable, this doesn’t necessitate having to discard your piece; rather a professional furniture restoration specialist can install new straps which will revive its lifecycle and extend its usefulness.

Disassembling patio furniture to replace slings and straps involves first dismantling it, then removing old webbing, hardware, and cleaning it before disassembling any further. A thorough inspection of its frame then takes place – including checking for broken welds, weak swivel mechanisms, cracks and seized bolts before any necessary sandblasting and repainting takes place if needed.

A trained technician can then lace or weave new straps for patio furniture, which requires skill, patience and an eye for detail. After being heat-treated and dyed to resist fading, these new straps are heat-treated again to resist further fading; using a computerized system matching system that matches them to existing fabric colors of patio furniture; alternatively you can choose from one of 25 other colors offered as options.

Installing new slings and webbing on patio furniture may require time-consuming labor, but can often be completed more cost effectively than purchasing an entirely new set of outdoor furniture. Furthermore, replacing patio slings can breathe new colors into a home’s landscape; hiring professional service to manage this task allows you to focus on other springtime projects such as getting your pool up-and-running!


Glides are protective footings attached to furniture legs to reduce friction between them and the floor, protecting from scratches or dents to the flooring underneath and helping reduce friction when moving infrequently. Glides can easily be added or removed without the assistance of an outside technician or specialist.

Polycarbonate plastic material provides natural UV filter protection and can be easily formed into unique shapes. Due to its lightweight properties, it makes an excellent choice for patio furniture that must be easily moved around when not in use.

Resin is an adaptable plastic polymer made from byproducts from natural gas processing and crude oil refinement, ideal for outdoor patio furniture due to its ability to resist fading and harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, resin has excellent scratch-resistance qualities which help it withstand normal wear and tear better than most alternatives.

Sling Rail End Caps

At the ends of furniture with sling fabric support rails, sling rail end caps serve both aesthetic and structural functions. From an aesthetic standpoint, they complete the piece’s look while giving it an upscale appearance; and from a structural viewpoint, they protect sling fabric from sharp rail edges while helping preserve frame integrity. In addition, water and debris don’t seep through between frame and fabric which extends its longevity over time.

Installing Sling Rail End Caps begins by completely uninstalling one or both sling rails. Next, use a pipe clamp to spread them slightly before bending or hitting them with a rubber mallet to reshape them if necessary. Finally, trim off excess cording with wire cutters/snips before pushing an end cap onto each of your rails – double check that they fit securely without protrusion!

Once the slings and straps have been removed, now is an opportune time to give the frame some TLC with exterior-grade acrylic enamel paint. Rust lightly with 100-grit sandpaper before smoothing with 220-grit paper prior to painting. For an added dose of drama consider repainting all or part of your piece in another color; YouTube offers numerous tutorials that show you how refinish metal patio furniture successfully.


If you have invested a great deal of money into outdoor patio furniture, it would be wasteful to simply throw it away when its appearance shows signs of wear and tear. Consider investing in professional refinishing and restoration to give your patio furniture new life, not only visually but also financially. Replacement parts could include plastic end caps, weld cups, base inserts and glide base snap-on caps – this could bring back that shine we remember so well from its early years! These plastic patio furniture mating components come in several different sizes, materials, and configurations to meet specific brands of furniture. Additionally, runners may be available as replacements for vinyl covering on chair parts that come into contact with the floor and help protect it from scratching while also reducing unnecessary stress on its frame.