Patio Furniture Replacement Parts

patio furniture replacement parts

Patio furniture is built to withstand the elements, but sometimes requires maintenance. We offer replacement parts to keep your outdoor furniture looking like new.

Glides are protective footings designed to slide into chair and table legs to protect them from surface moisture while helping avoid friction between them and their surfaces of operation.


Replace worn glides is an economical and straightforward DIY fix when your outdoor furniture set has become difficult or awkward to navigate, offering smooth transition across surfaces while protecting floors from damage and scratches. These small but effective patio furniture repair parts allow smooth transition between surfaces while offering added floor protection from scratches or damage.

Glide replacement kits contain everything you need for quick and simple repair without the need for special tools. Just remove your old glides, screw on new ones, and drain rainwater through their special holes so your chair or table stays dry and clean! In many instances, rainwater draining holes also allow rainwater to flow off, keeping its surface dry and tidy.

If your wrought iron chair legs are scratching and damaging the floor, consider these plastic furniture leg floor protectors as a solution. Designed for most 1-1/2″ inside diameter wrought iron chair feet with small ridges on the bottom that grip to stop movement, they’re compatible with most patio furniture brands and provide protection from scuff marks, scratches and rust stains to your flooring surface.

These four furniture leg floor protectors offer another cost-effective way of safeguarding wrought iron patio furniture legs and floors with this simple repair option. Easy to install, they fit securely onto most wrought iron chair feet for long-term protection and weather resistance. Constructed of weather and fade-resistant plastic material ensuring longevity of use.

Some glides are designed specifically to be used with swivel seat posts, making them suitable for rocker chairs and other pieces of swivel furniture. These patio furniture repair parts provide added comfort and support, as well as helping maintain an ideal reclining angle in the chair.

Plastic glide inserts are a cost-effective solution to refresh your outdoor furniture and protect it from damage, dust, sand or debris. Easily slotting into hollow wrought iron chair or table feet, they’re durable enough to endure harsh weather conditions while offering multiple sizes allowing you to select one best suited to your patio furniture needs.

Selecting high-quality replacement patio furniture parts when upgrading or restoring a furniture set is essential if you want it to outlive its intended lifespan. By investing in these components, you’ll get more use from your furniture while saving on professional repair services over time.

Sling Rail End Caps

Hauser’s Patio’s black nylon sling insert offers an economical solution to revitalize sling patio furniture without replacing it entirely, offering sleek modern looks and increased durability in one easy package. Plus, its black hue blends easily into many color schemes for seamless decor integration.

This sling rail end cap is constructed of weatherproof nylon for optimal outdoor performance and features a sleek black finish to blend in seamlessly with most outdoor settings. Designed to cover exposed rail ends, helping prevent snags and scratches, as well as providing secure fitting on standard sling rails allowing you to quickly rejuvenate garden chairs while prolonging fabric sling lifespan, it helps extend fabric sling life by covering exposed ends of exposed rails and protecting exposed ends from exposure.

Sling rail end caps are easy and require no special tools for installation. Simply slip them over one end of a sling rail and slide your sling over it – for optimal results it’s important that the sling be stretched tight so use either your hand or wrap some duct tape around the jaws of vise grip pliers to help stretch out its length before reattaching to its rail and repeating on its opposite side.

Note: Before ordering new slings, it’s advisable to email us photos of your current slings as these may change over time and you may require adjustments in width to work properly. Measure twice and cut once is our motto!

This durable and weatherproof nylon sling rail end cap comes in black to complement most outdoor settings. The end cap serves to conceal exposed sling rail ends from being scratched or snagged on furniture; helping protect from snags and scratches on your furniture. Designed specifically to fit standard chair sling rails securely for comfortable seating environments; white versions may work better with lighter color schemes than its black counterpart; both options offer similar levels of protection from potential snags or scratches on furniture surfaces.

316 Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless steel is an extremely hardwearing material that can withstand the elements. Used widely across industries ranging from marine hardware to architectural installations, stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance. Not all grades of stainless steel are created equal so selecting the appropriate grade for your project is crucial; factors to keep in mind include bolt sizing requirements, thread pitch and count requirements and environment considerations – as well as making sure it conforms with industry standards.

316 stainless steel is an austenitic alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. It boasts higher nickel levels than its more popular cousin 304, contributing to its ability to withstand chloride environments without pitting and corrosion pitting, while increasing molybdenum levels strengthen it at elevated temperatures. Bolts made from this alloy are recommended for coastal regions or marine environments where chlorides exposure is high.

When purchasing a 316 stainless steel bolt, it’s essential to take note of its sizing requirements, thread pitch and count – these factors determine its strength and how it’s secured. Selecting the appropriate size for your application with appropriate threads ensures a strong connection, while always opting for one that complements its nut thread count.

Stainless steel bolts possess a low coefficient of thermal expansion, making them less susceptible to deforming from extreme temperature changes. Furthermore, their strength and toughness make them the ideal choice for projects involving high stress levels.

In addition, 316 stainless steel bolts possess excellent chemical resistance, making them suitable for most environments. Furthermore, they’re more corrosion resistant than other metals like galvanized steel and bronze; furthermore they exhibit better resistance in various conditions than fasteners such as zinc.

Finding the appropriate type of stainless steel bolt for any construction project is of critical importance. By understanding its various grades, sizes requirements, thread pitch/count count requirements and industry standards you can confidently select the ideal bolts for your task.

Chair Slings

Sling chairs offer both form-fitting comfort and light design, making them the ideal solution for poolside lounging or beachfront lounging where moisture may accumulate. Constructed to be easy maintenance-wise, sling fabric resists fading, mildew, tearing and other damage; making sling chairs easy to keep looking their best with just one wipe down or hose wash.

Vinyl strapping or webbing chairs (sometimes known as chair slings) usually consist of horizontal or crisscross strips of vinyl or nylon that make up their seat and back, often used on lawn chairs, yet this form of patio furniture often degrades over time from being exposed to weather elements. Sling chairs offer long-term performance; their durable fabric quickly dries after exposure to both sun and rain, and come in various styles that match any decor perfectly.

Rejuvenate the look of your patio chairs by replacing worn or damaged fabric rolls with rolls of replacement material from us. Our wide range of colors and patterns cater to any aesthetic; high performance fabrics such as Phifertex mesh sling fabrics have built-in Microban antimicrobial protection which prevents the formation of odor-causing bacteria growth while our 3-Year Limited Warranty gives added peace of mind.

Our precision-crafted sling rail end caps add an attractive finishing touch to the ends of the sling rails on patio chairs and chaise lounges, protecting them from water ingress as well as debris accumulation, thus increasing durability while adding an attractive finishing touch to complement the color of sling fabric. Located at both ends of each sling rail, they keep debris out while also adding polish to furniture’s aesthetic and color schemes.

Sling rail end caps come in various sizes to fit most furniture frames, including those with fixed or welded sling rails. We do not advise ordering these end caps for furniture with spreader bars or permanently fixed or welded sling rails as they may be too narrow for proper installation. If you need help measuring for replacement slings, our helpful video offers step-by-step guidance for measuring for replacement slings.