Patio Furniture Repair Near Me

Homeowners and business owners alike are spending thousands to upgrade their backyards. Harsh winters, steamy summers and general wear and tear can damage outdoor furniture over time; one effective solution to rejuvenate worn patio furniture without replacing it is through reupholstery; this process gives it an entirely new look and feel.


If your antique or favorite piece of furniture has become outdated and worn-down over time, reupholstery services could provide the solution you’ve been searching for to give it new life and save you money by extending its useful lifespan. Different pieces may lend themselves better than others to this form of treatment; an experienced professional will be able to advise whether this service would be right for your piece.

Reupholstery costs can depend on several factors, including fabric choice and any additional services needed – like spring repair or replacing foam. You should also factor in how long a project might take as some reupholstery projects can take weeks or even months to finish; without prior experience in upholstery it may be best left to professionals.

Patio furniture is exposed to harsh weather conditions all year long, which can cause its fabric seating and table surfaces to deteriorate over time. Over time, painted finishes or straps may fade or discolor due to pool chemicals, rainwater runoff or sun. Reupholstery services can restore these pieces to their former glory by installing fresh new upholstery while revitalizing their frame structure.

Reupholstery professionals also provide customization options such as monograms and embroidery to give furniture its own personal flair, protecting its integrity while prolonging its lifespan. This makes your patio furniture stand out from the competition! These services also add protection from outdoor weather elements to extend its lifespan and ensure its lasting beauty.

Overall, it’s usually cheaper to reupholster a sofa or chair than purchasing a replacement piece; however, the costs can rise quickly if you select high-end fabrics or require multiple repairs on a piece. Other factors affecting overall cost include fabric type/size/condition/finish details such as welting tufting or nail heads – so always get an estimate before beginning this project!

Cushion Covers

Outdoor cushions are typically constructed of fabrics designed to withstand sunlight and moisture exposure, such as sunlight. But this doesn’t make them invincible – regular cleaning must still be part of furniture maintenance if you want your cushions in good condition over time. Otherwise, mildew could form in their filling and fabric may fade over time – regular wipe-downs as well as deep cleaning before storage are key steps toward keeping cushions looking their best and preventing mice or raccoons from taking up residence in them! Additionally, wrapping them properly protects from potential wildlife like mice or raccoons taking up residence!

Reviving outdoor furniture and cushions with some simple maintenance tips isn’t difficult. Plastic and resin pieces are easiest to keep looking their best by spraying an all-purpose cleaner onto them before wiping down, while wooden and wicker furniture requires soap, water and a brush or toothbrush for proper cleaning. Cleaning fabric requires additional efforts – however a combination of soap, water and bleach often works effectively for most fabrics.

If you discover a stain, take immediate steps to address it. Greasy spots can be removed by mixing dish soap and warm water together; acidic spots, such as tree sap stains, can be treated by pouring rubbing alcohol directly onto them before wiping and rinsing with clean water afterwards. If fabric stains don’t seem to go away quickly enough, consider trying another cleaning technique.

For optimal results, selecting high-quality upholstery fabric is key to success. Synthetic fibres tend to fare better against weather elements than their natural counterparts, and can easily be cleaned using damp cloth or brush. Some synthetics specifically designed for outdoor use like Sunbrella are both water and fade-resistant whereas natural fibres may quickly degrade in sunlight or rain conditions.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are decorative accessories that add both comfort and style to any couch, chair, or sofa. Available in an array of sizes and materials, you are sure to find one to complement the furniture and decor of your living space. Also a fantastic way to flex your interior design muscles, playing with color palettes, textures, patterns to craft the pillowscape of your dreams!

Throw pillows are an effective way to bring warmth and color into a space while adding unique accents that elevate it, from adding warmth and color to creating unique accents that elevate it. Throw pillows are an excellent way to set the scene for special events; use throw pillows embroidered with words or designs representing your relationship or anniversary to set an intimate scene for romantic evenings; they can also add festive spirit during holiday seasons or create an upbeat environment at birthday parties.

Many throw pillows feature removable covers, making them easier to maintain and clean. You can use dry cleaning product or mild detergent with damp cloth to spot-clean any spills and stains off of them. Rotating pillows periodically will also help minimize risks of fading or discoloration over time.

As part of regular maintenance, it is also essential that your throw pillows are stored correctly. Vacuum-sealed bags or airtight containers should be used to keep out dust and pests while regularly fluffing them will ensure their shape remains undamaged over time and prevent flattening. Regular care will help your throw pillows remain both comfortable and beautiful for years.