Patio Furniture Repair Near Me

patio furniture repair near me

Metal patio furniture may become weathered from harsh winters and scorching summers, along with everyday wear and tear, which takes its toll over time. But rather than replace it entirely, why not restore it back to new?

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Replacement Cushions

Replacing outdoor cushions is an effective way to give furniture new life, but there are a few key points you need to remember when ordering replacement cushions.

One option for purchasing cushion covers for your furniture is purchasing them from stores with manufacturer partnerships that support replacement products for them. This can often be the fastest solution as the manufacturer will provide exact replacement cushions that match up perfectly to what’s currently there and you can select from an extensive variety of fabric choices.

Purchase replacement cushions from a custom upholsterer is often the superior solution, as they will ensure they are constructed for outdoor use correctly and assist you with any problems or issues that may arise. They will also offer direct to consumer pricing instead of having a furniture store charge you more for this service.

Recovering existing cushions requires taking measurements and selecting new Sunbrella fabrics for use on their covers, which will create an entirely updated look to your furniture. Unfortunately, however, this option tends to be the most costly but often gives it the greatest return in terms of aesthetic update – however this process may take four to eight weeks as many details must be handled by cushion makers, including making sure covers are sewn properly with all foam securely in its proper places and providing accurate measurements for shape and size of each cushion.

Replacement Straps

Over time, the suspension straps (sometimes known as webbing) of vinyl strap patio furniture may become loose and begin to sag over time. But this doesn’t have to mean throwing out chairs, chaise lounges and other pieces; replacement straps offer an affordable solution.

First step to designing patio furniture that meets all your needs: identify the type of webbing used. Different manufacturers utilize slightly varying specifications; Tropitone uses continuous weave with 1.5″ or 2″ wide strip, Brown Jordan uses 5/8″ lacing, while some pieces may use single piece webbing that is knotted at one end before being wrapped onto frame and knotted again at another.

Once webbing type and size have been determined, preparations must begin for its installation. First, any old webbing must be removed from chair frames before cleaning thoroughly. Depending on the style of patio furniture being installed, some frames may require additional work like sanding down and priming before new straps can be fitted.

Installing new webbing requires using metal clips, one clip for each hole on your frame. A piece of vinyl must then be heated and stretched over each clip before stretching it back over it – for best results when doing this yourself wear golf gloves to reduce finger burn.

Cutting vinyl strap with garden shears or another sharp cutter to wrap around a frame requires cutting a length sufficient for this task. If your strap features an e-clip, insert it onto the frame and apply heavy pressure (think clamping) in order to secure it firmly; repeat this process for all other clips on the frame.

If your furniture doesn’t feature e-clips, new straps can be installed by hand into its holes. Once all new straps have been inserted and approved by quality control inspectors, a final quality inspection can be conducted before powder coating and shipping begins.

Replacement Slings

There are various kinds of patio furniture slings, from mesh-like material to vinyl straps. Over time, your current set will deteriorate and it is wise to replace its slings – this will give your furniture an updated look while prolonging its lifespan.

Patio furniture sling replacement is an affordable way to breathe new life into old outdoor furniture. You’ll be amazed at how much more attractive your patio becomes with fresh slings; depending on the type of slings chosen, they come in various colors and designs; this allows you to find one that complements perfectly with the decor or other furnishings in your patio space.

Most quality patio furniture slings are designed to last 10-12 years under normal circumstances, though they may wear out sooner if exposed to rain, dust and dirt. That is why having access to an expert sling repair service near you that provides quality replacement slings is so essential – Chair Care’s team of patio furniture sling repair specialists has over two decades of experience restoring high-end sling and strap patio furniture restoration specialists are at hand!

Sling repair involves having experienced technicians conduct a detailed examination of your furniture. They’ll carefully scrutinize every inch, looking out for weak spots, aesthetic damage, loose rivets and any other potential problems. Once identified, the technician will contact you for approval to perform repairs if any are detected.

Install new glides for chairs and chaise lounges to protect their finishes from scratches while reducing friction when moving them, as well as new sling rail end caps to help prevent rips or tears in their slings.

Purchasing replacement sling repair materials for patio furniture? Be sure to measure carefully prior to cutting them out; failing to do so could leave you with too-small or too-large slings, which will be both frustrating and costly to address in the future.


As time goes on, both harsh winter weather and steamy hot summers wear on even the highest-quality outdoor furniture, leading to noticeable signs of wear such as unsightly nicks and scratches, rust, or dull finishes on metal deck chairs, it may become necessary to enlist professional refinishing services that can give them new life at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new ones.

An updated coat of paint can do wonders for worn-down wicker furniture, from making it appear brand new to protecting it against weather damage and rainwater ingress. Consider stain options that resist mildew and rot while offering UV protection, fade protection, chip resistance and are chip resistant.

Repainting patio furniture is one of the most commonly offered repair services from local companies. Powder coating offers long-term, durable color that stands up against water and fade. Used on automobile engine parts, bicycles, home appliances and patio furniture this process complies with environmental regulations without producing hazardous waste, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

Refinishing furniture made from natural materials such as teak will extend its life significantly. Wood furniture must be regularly sanded and treated with oil in order to prevent warping, cracking and sun rot; although this may seem like excessive maintenance effort it will keep your wooden pieces looking their best longer and keep your space looking stylish!

Backyards, patios and swimming pools are gathering places for families and friends to spend quality time outside, yet it can be hard to relax on worn out outdoor furniture. But with just some basic tools and some “elbow grease,” it is possible to give life back into old pieces by rejuvenating them using these simple steps: