Patio Furniture Repair Near Me

patio furniture repair near me

Patio home furnishings can withstand years of weather-induced abuse before finally succumbing to wear and tear, eventually leading to damages and degradation over time.

Metal deck and patio furniture left outdoors takes a beating: painted frames become marred with unsightly nicks and scratches; rust appears; vinyl straps tear or discolor; fasteners break off. But don’t count on professional powder coating companies for restoration – try this DIY tutorial by Practical Whimsy Designs instead.


if your patio furniture is looking worn, there are various solutions available to you for repairs. Many local companies specialize in restoring outdoor furniture and can assist with restoration efforts for damaged items as well as offer custom refinishing and upholstery services. Some even provide guarantees or warranties on their work which is an economical and effective way to keep it looking new!

Selecting an experienced company when it comes to patio furniture repair is key. Experience and expertise are two essential qualities; ensure the company has a successful track record with various outdoor furniture models; be able to provide references; as well as accommodate both residential and commercial customers.

If you own wicker furniture, it is crucial that you find a service specializing in this form of furnishings to ensure repairs are carried out appropriately without further damaging its surface. DIY solutions may work, but professionals are typically better suited for this task.

Consider also the reputation of the company. Reputable firms will strive for customer service excellence while being able to provide references or examples of their work. You should verify whether or not they are licensed and insured before making your selection.

Cost of Patio Furniture Repair in Bloomfield can vary based on the extent of damage. Materials used for repair will also impact this cost; in certain instances you may even need to replace an entire piece.

Refresh your patio furniture by reupholstering or replacing cushions and pads. With time, their fabric may become faded from exposure to sunlight; replacing these items will give it a whole new look while prolonging its usefulness for many more years. There are businesses dedicated to restoring wicker and teak furniture as well as fixing metal frames back into their original glory – giving you your furniture back its original beauty in no time at all.


Harsh winters and blistering summers as well as everyday wear and tear take their toll on outdoor furniture. Metal frames may develop unsightly nicks and scratches; fabric slings loosen, discolor or become brittle; fasteners come loose – when that occurs it is important to enlist the services of a patio furniture refinisher to give the piece new life at a reasonable cost compared to purchasing and installing an entirely new set. These specialists offer complete furniture restoration at reasonable rates by returning furniture back to its original state while saving both money and installation.

Refinishing furniture usually entails baking the parts to remove old finish, sandblasting them, and powder coating them with a hard, durable finish that protects against rust and other weathering elements. Refinishing experts offer full frame treatments as well as repairs/replacement/reshaping/touch-up services at one-third to half the cost of purchasing new pieces.

If your wood patio furniture is showing signs of rot, consider having it refinished before the damage spreads further. Refinishing will restore its color and luster while also helping prevent further deterioration by keeping moisture away from reaching the core of the wood. If this damage was caused by natural causes like exposure to moisture within its warranty period, costs associated with refinishing may even be covered by your furniture’s manufacturer.

Repainting furniture may be all that’s required to restore its beauty; professional refinishers often offer paints and brushes; you could also do-it-yourself using spray paint cans. Joyfully Treasured offers an in-depth tutorial for refinishing wicker furniture; multiple tips are also available on how to paint wrought iron surfaces such as how to prepare the surface beforehand.

Although it might be tempting to replace worn-out patio furniture with brand-new pieces, refinishing may provide the solution at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Reupholstery is one of the most frequently utilized patio furniture repair methods, as it can bring new life and cost-savings compared to purchasing brand new pieces. But be wary that it may still cost more.

Reupholstering patio furniture will vary depending on the fabric that you select and its price point; higher-grade fabrics tend to cost more. Furthermore, size can affect costs as does repairs necessary under old covers; this could add significantly to overall costs.

When selecting fabric for your furniture, take into account both its type and the desired look. No matter which fabric type you opt for, high-quality materials are necessary to ensure long-term performance and appearance of your pieces.

Be sure to plan what you want before taking your furniture into a reupholstery shop, including buying fabric and having an approximate idea of yardage needed. Some upholsterers offer this service and charge only for labor; others will cover everything, including material purchases.

Once your reupholsterer begins their work, they will strip off the old cover from your furniture. This can be quite a messy job – so much so that reupholstery has never made it onto shows like “Dirty Jobs”. Once they have removed all of the old material from your piece of furniture, they will rebuild it by installing new springs and padding before installing its new cover.

Before stringent fire regulations were put into effect, many cheaply made furniture pieces contained foams and filling that could explode and release harmful fumes if caught on fire. Reupholsterers usually advise replacing such materials with fire-resistant ones in order to ensure safe furniture use.


Cleaning outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be complicated! With proper technique and regular maintenance, keeping it looking its best should not be difficult at all! Regularly dusting, covering and storing will extend its life and ensure maximum enjoyment from it!

As with all furniture purchases, first read through and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before choosing an appropriate cleaning solution for its material. Wood and wicker can absorb moisture through pores in their surfaces; harsh chemicals could potentially harm their finish if exposed for too long. Mild solutions like household dish soap or water may work best; you can also find furniture cleaners at local home improvement stores that are safe for your patio set.

Before cleaning your furniture, start by sweeping away dirt and debris using either a wire-bristle broom, power broom or soft brush with soft bristles for delicate finishes, such as antique pieces. A wire bristle broom should work just as well; you could also experiment with using both methods together if desired. Using mild detergent or vinegar solutions usually works wonders for stains – always read and follow product directions, though. Likewise if you don’t know exactly what material your furniture is made of then do a spot test just in case something reacts differently!

Once your furniture has been thoroughly cleaned, the next step should be applying a protective coating to help guard against further fading and staining. Applying wax is easy – similar to what car owners use on their vehicle – and should be repeated every 3-6 months as part of an annual maintenance routine.

Attentiveness to bad weather conditions is of utmost importance in maintaining outdoor furniture. If your backyard is susceptible to high winds, cushions and umbrellas should be brought inside for protection; covered during rainy periods for rain protection; and stored safely when not being used – otherwise they’re likely to go flying off into gusts that damage property or harm someone. By taking these steps in advance you’ll make your outdoor space a more relaxing place during the summer.