Patio Furniture Plus – Creating the Backyard Retreat You’ve Always Wanted

Patio Furniture Plus is a family owned and operated outdoor design center located in southern California. For years, we have been helping customers to design the backyard spaces of their dreams through high quality furnishings and decor for outdoor spaces. We pride ourselves on building this reputation through offering stylish yet practical choices for outdoor furniture and decor solutions.


As Southern California has diverse climates, creating an outdoor living space requires furniture that’s both beautiful and practical. While patio furnishings may be available at home improvement or big box stores, finding quality, variety and aesthetic options that meet your criteria may prove challenging. That’s where we come in: our extensive selection of outdoor dining tables and chairs, lounge chairs and bar stools at fair prices is sure to meet them all – including Avanti furniture pieces designed with Mediterranean charm but constructed to withstand even the toughest climate conditions! Whether shopping online or visiting Mesa Arizona!


With just a little creativity, your outdoor living area can become an inviting retreat. Whether you’re renovating or refreshing the look of your patio, adding outdoor decor can have a dramatic impact without busting the bank. Even on tight budgets, investing in just one signature piece or few affordable accents could make a significant difference to its atmosphere and experience.

As part of your patio decor refresh, try making some subtle color adjustments. Bolder colors like yellow and orange can add an eye-catching pop while pastel hues like lilacs and pinks create a soothing setting on decks or balcon. If opting for bolder hues, use them sparingly so as not to overwhelm guests.

If you want to give your backyard an exotic and lush vibe, mounting potted plants on an uninviting wall could do just the trick. When filling planters with trailing succulents or herbs for added greenery. Blogger Tori Rubinson even used her Cricut machine to add elegant floral patterns with block printing patterns onto an ordinary rug!

To create a more casual farmhouse-style patio, decorate with vintage and modern pieces that are easy to maintain and clean. Varying throw pillows and chair fabrics will also give it a relaxed, lived-in appearance. A string of twinkle lights can instantly bring light into any patio after dark; drummer Matt Sorum designed his Palm Springs patio like an outdoor movie theater complete with wall-mounted TV and outdoor speakers for movie night viewings and games!


No matter the style of backyard you want to achieve, our selection of patio accessories offers everything you need to bring it all together. Add bird feeders or decorative lanterns to invite nature into your garden space, while outdoor lighting options bring brightness even after nightfall. Deck accessories like fire pit tables and rechargeable tabletop candles make summer entertaining easier, while our variety of rugs protect against rainwater damage as well.

Introduce color into your patio decor with accent pillows that bring comfort and personality to lounge chairs. Made of fade-resistant and long-wearing polyester fabric, they make an excellent addition to your porch or balcony. Choose from neutral to vibrant prints – neutrals are neutral enough while vibrant prints add pop. Additionally, throw blankets come in various styles from warm fleece to light linen for a variety of options that match any patio theme perfectly!

Make your backyard even more appealing with terra-cotta planters or decorative wall-mounted vases filled with leafy green plants, pretty flowers or cacti and succulents for an easy to care-for centerpiece that exudes nature. A water fountain also has this effect of providing visual comfort while simultaneously soothing sounds create an ambience in your outdoor living space.

Consider investing in a lidded basket made from natural seagrass to add functionality and organization to your patio space. With convenient cut-out handles that make carrying it from patio to kitchen a breeze.

Wind chimes can add an inviting soundtrack to any backyard and help connect you to nature. Available in various metals and finishes, there’s sure to be one perfect for your outdoor decor scheme!

With this patio furniture and accessory collection from Pottery Barn, you can transform your backyard into an inviting retreat for you and your loved ones to enjoy year round. Find all the pieces necessary to turn it into your welcoming home away from home.


Few summer pleasures rival hosting an outdoor cookout in terms of sheer delight. But to successfully entertain and feed a large gathering requires more than simply setting out tables and plastic chairs; power tools combined with professional guidance will allow you to build an outdoor kitchen as the center of your gathering.

This basic kitchen features a 3-foot-long stone-veneered plywood base supporting a stainless-steel grill and flanked by two 4-foot bases containing cabinets below and 48 linear inches of countertop on either side of it – one side has an actual working sink! Typically constructed on a raised patio but you could also use an existing slab; frame constructed of pressure treated 2x4s and 3/4-inch plywood which are less costly yet just as durable than concrete blocks.

A backsplash provides safety from spills while its natural stone finish connects the kitchen to its surrounding environment. Concrete was chosen by this homeowner as their countertop material; you could also choose other hard and weatherproof surfaces or consider more budget-friendly solutions like cultured stone panels that mimic real rocks but cut faster and cost less than traditional masonry methods.

This outdoor kitchen features both a propane-fueled grill and wood-pellet smoker to provide versatile culinary options. When the situation requires it, either option can provide fast convenience while other times offer delicious flavor – all without having to move supplies across the yard! This setup makes the transition simple!