Patio Furniture Parts

patio furniture parts

Patios provide an outdoor oasis to dine, relax and entertain – they require different materials than indoor furniture to do this effectively.

Quality patio furniture and its replacement parts are designed to stand the test of time – don’t settle for cheaply made or inadequate parts that stretch and break over time.

Discover more about what makes up top-of-the-line patio furniture.


Slings are mesh seating surfaces found on patio chairs and chaise lounges that are designed to withstand the elements, yet over time may wear or tear out and tear, leading to new replacement slings being needed in order to restore its functionality and appearance. Replacing them can breathe new life into outdoor furniture and give it new purpose!

No matter the condition of the existing slings in your patio chair or chaise lounge, replacing them is vital to ensure the comfort and safety of guests. With careful selection of fabric and color choices, new replacement slings can accentuate existing frames as well as fit seamlessly with other pieces in outdoor spaces.

While taking off old slings, now is also an opportune time to inspect furniture for damage such as broken welds, weak swivel mechanisms, cracked or seized bolts and any structural issues. When necessary, patio chairs and chaise frames will be repaired or refinished (if required) so as to extend its longevity and extend its useful life.

When ordering new replacement slings for your patio furniture, they will be custom cut to precisely fit each chair or chaise lounge in which they will be installed. Woven from durable vinyl spline will ensure they can withstand even the most rigorous usage without wear-and-tear issues. It is wise to measure twice and cut once; any mistakes in measurement could prove costly in the end.


Over time, the webbing (or suspension straps) on outdoor furniture may lose their elasticity and cause it to sag. But that doesn’t mean it is beyond repair; you can easily extend its life with new replacement straps tailored specifically for your set.

Straps come in an assortment of colors and patterns to fit with any decor, and are made of extremely durable vinyl strapping that won’t rust or develop mold and mildew compared to aluminum or wrought iron furniture. Plus, vinyl strapping is also more cost-effective!

When selecting replacement straps for your furniture, one of the key factors to keep in mind is strength of materials used. Mallin sling furniture features strong straps woven from high-grade materials designed to withstand repeated use and weather elements, plus are very easy to maintain and require minimal upkeep.

When replacing furniture webbing, a skilled craftsman will examine your piece carefully to ensure its condition before disassembling it and removing existing straps. They then weave or lace new straps at an elevated temperature so they remain tight when installed on your furniture – this process requires skill and patience!

At the same time you replace slings and straps on your furniture frame, it might be wise to consider having it refurbished as well. With the exception of wrought iron, wicker and teak furniture frames, most frames can be refreshed using paint or powder coating techniques; dull metal framing may even benefit from automotive paste wax treatments to bring back its former beauty – helping avoid expensive repair or replacement later on.


Patio furniture glides are protective footings attached to the bottoms of chairs and chaise lounges to safeguard them against scratches on surfaces beneath, reduce friction when moving, and add an aesthetic finish.

Footings can often go overlooked when it comes to maintaining outdoor patio furniture, yet they are crucially important in the preservation of its condition. Vinyl coverings protect expensive flooring from scratches while keeping chair frames from rubbing against it and leading to premature wear and tear. Furthermore, fabric slings won’t rub against it either!

Poly is an adaptable, comfortable, lightweight material ideal for outdoor use that’s both eco-friendly and timeless in appearance. Poly can be stained or painted; however, its elegant, timeless style usually remains when left natural or finished off with powder coating for lasting beauty.

Aluminum is an extremely weatherproof, corrosion-resistant and lightweight material often chosen as the alternative to steel furniture for patio furniture and other uses. It has become an excellent material to craft molded and cast aluminum patio sets and often replaces these options altogether.

Patio Furniture Supplies carries an expansive inventory of replacement parts for patio furniture, such as stainless steel hardware. Our parts come from top manufacturers like Brown Jordan, Winston Tropitone and Carter Grandle – these pieces measure US standard-size tubes with outside diameter measurements (click any part name for more information) for measuring purposes and will fit most chairs if ordered accordingly. If unsure or uncertain please reach out first for help or contact us before purchasing anything!

Sling Rail End Caps

plastic components attached to sling rails add color and function. Situated at either end, they protect sling fabric from sharp edges while keeping water and debris out of the frame, increasing lifespan of seats. Furthermore, these patio furniture parts come in various colors to complement all outdoor decors.

Sling rail end caps can be quickly and easily installed with minimal time and effort. To begin, unscrew one or more sling rails by loosening its bolt locations and unscrewing. If any part of the old sling remains attached, cut it along its centerline before pulling out its nylon spline (needle nose pliers may help). Once this step has been completed, secure one sling rail end cap onto each rod end before tightening down each screw-in cap in place – then tighten the screws securely before tightening them securely into place!

Once the slings and straps have been removed from a furniture frame, exterior-grade acrylic enamel paint should be used on it to freshen its look. Rough up the surface slightly with 100-grit sandpaper before smoothing with 220-grit paper before applying one coat of paint; use touch-up brushes for smaller imperfections or spray cans for larger scratches as needed before installing new slings and straps once the paint has set.


As the finishing touch for outdoor furniture, patio hardware helps complete the look by keeping everything together neatly and looking streamlined. Our stainless steel hardware resists corrosion better than other metals while remaining stylish – and comes in various sizes and types to fit your furniture perfectly – glides, end caps and strap clips can help your chairs or lounges keep looking their best! Let us help keep your patio furniture looking its best!

When beloved patio furniture starts showing signs of wear and tear, it can be devastating. However, that doesn’t mean having to replace all your favorite pieces outright; patio furniture refinishing and restoration processes exist that can bring it back to life, add depth of beauty, and prolong its lifespan.

Patio furniture frames may become worn and outdated over time due to constant exposure to the elements; vinyl straps may rip, fade or become loose over time; mesh slings may loosen and become uncomfortable; fasteners may break off completely – and fasteners themselves may come unhooked, even on well-crafted metal furniture! Even well-built pieces may start showing their age with extended use outside.

At Hauser’s, our refinishing process begins by disassembling all nonmetallic parts of your chair – glides, end caps and swivel rocker bushings are among them – before cleaning and cataloguing before placing into our large oven for powder coating with polyester powder coating in any one of a variety of colors; once complete, your furniture won’t even resemble its original form; all it needs now are fabric or slings to complete its transformation of outdoor spaces!