Patio Furniture Parts

patio furniture parts

No matter if your patio furniture is old or simply needs updating, replacement parts available on this website can add life back into it. From slings to hardware pieces, everything you’ll ever need for repairs are right here!

Sling rail end caps sold here play an essential role in both aesthetics and structural integrity, offering precise workmanship for an ideal finish.


Nylon, polyester and Dyneema webbing slings (commonly referred to as web slings) are versatile multi-purpose lifting straps designed to handle virtually every load imaginable. Lighter than chain and less likely to damage delicate or polished loads than chains, web slings are suitable for almost all situations and are flexible enough to conform around curved surfaces, making them an excellent choice for lifting. No matter what kind of webbing is used; corner protectors should always be employed in order to prevent sharp edges from sharp edges abrasion and extend life span; any weld spatter spots found, holes due excessive abrasion, signs of heat degradation or exposure should be discarded immediately.


Strap furniture has long been a go-to solution for poolside environments requiring frequent cleaning and frequent seating needs, with its durable yet stylish style making it suitable for heavy use and frequent maintenance. Ideal for poolside environments where frequent maintenance needs must be fulfilled, this style of patio chair or chaise lounge was specifically created to resist sagging and be resistant to salt air exposure. Our extensive collection of strap chairs, lounges and dining chairs can meet the aesthetic requirements of your space as well as meet any other unique needs of the room.

As with other outdoor furniture, strap chairs and chaises require replacement vinyl straps from time to time due to heavy wear and tear. Replacing vinyl straps is relatively inexpensive and won’t compromise the quality or comfort of the seat; sun cream lotion, soap residue and dirt can stain vinyl straps as they deteriorate from repeated contact with water; maintaining good condition vinyl straps will extend their lifespan while increasing furniture longevity.

Vinyl straps can be easily replaced by following three simple steps. First, unfasten all old straps and fasteners from the frame of furniture before cleaning thoroughly to remove debris that might hinder installation of new straps. Next, using garden shears or scissors cut all fasteners or old straps removed from the frame off using garden shears or scissors – cutting is recommended so all fasteners remain attached for future installation of new ones!

When ordering replacement straps, be sure to purchase the proper length. This may be difficult due to vinyl straps stretching tight when heated; therefore, they could end up shorter than expected. For optimal results, measure from inside one frame hole center hole to center of other frame hole and subtract 15%; cut straps accordingly.

Once the straps have been heated they can be installed into their clips using vice-grips to apply heavy clamp pressure to ensure that they fit securely within their jaws. Once done they can be taken off of heat and installed onto furniture as planned.


Choose the appropriate material for your patio furniture needs from plastic, wicker and steel to wood to ensure you receive a lasting piece. From plastic and wicker to steel and wood, there are numerous choices of patio furniture materials which will determine its durability, weight and appearance – choose wisely so you get long-term enjoyment out of it.

Aluminum furniture makes an excellent addition to outdoor environments because it won’t rust and is lightweight – perfect for moving around easily! Plus, aluminum’s easy repaintability means any scratches or denting can easily be addressed with just some water from a hose!

Synthetic resin furniture is another popular choice for outdoor furnishings as it combines synthetic resins and real softwood or hardwood fibers to form a composite that is waterproof and weatherproof. Furthermore, UV stabilizers, colorants, couplers and lubricants may be added to make the composite more aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously increasing strength.

Teak wood is one of the strongest materials for patio furniture, as its natural resistance to water, fungi and insects means it is less likely to decay over time. Plus, its natural oil coating protects it even when exposed to moisture – helping it remain strong when in direct contact.

Bare metals like iron aren’t an ideal choice for outdoor furniture as they will rust over time, leaving unsightly black spots on your patio or deck. To save money when purchasing outdoor furniture, look for sets coated in protective materials, such as powder coating. Otherwise, they could corrode over time and eventually start to form black spots if left exposed; for an economical solution try opting for lower-end aluminum sets rather than higher-end steel ones.


An outdoor furniture set built with quality components should outlive its individual parts. Over time however, some components may become damaged or wear out due to age and usage; replacement cushions, glides and slings help restore your set to its original state.

Cushions provide comfort and support for chairs, chaise lounges and reclining furniture, while protecting its surface from moisture damage and scrapes. Their removable covers make for easier cleaning; and come in various colors and patterns that complement the furniture they cover.

Glides are designed to fit snugly inside the hollow legs of chairs and tables to protect surfaces from scratching from repeated friction. Available in many sizes to meet most modern furniture requirements, their outer diameter must be measured to find your correct size.

Customers looking to restore their aging wrought iron furniture typically opt for more than just replacing the slings; usually having the frame refinished as well. Our process begins by disassembly (including removal of old slings, straps and hardware), followed by careful inspection for other damage or wear on the frame before repainting to its original color and/or finish. Straps and lacing replacement can also be included as part of restoring furniture as we offer over 25 different colored vinyl straps and lacing services which require special skills and patience to complete.