Patio Furniture Leg Caps

A high-quality patio furniture set requires extra protection from debris and the elements. Opt for fabrics that are fade resistant with heavy-duty stitching that will stand up through multiple seasons; polyester provides breathability that encourages water evaporation more rapidly.

Furniture pads can help safeguard both your floors and furniture when moving, as well as help avoid scratches when moving it around.

UV Resistant

These deluxe patio furniture leg caps made from resilient polyester won’t scratch your deck or patio flooring like regular plastic patio furniture leg caps can, and can even help protect against moisture-related water damage like mold and mildew growth underneath covers. Their breathable fabric helps the moisture evaporate more quickly so that when stored for extended periods, your furniture remains dry and clean.

These furniture sling rail end caps add the perfect finishing touch to coastal-casual patio furniture, offering both aesthetics and practicality. Fitting into the wrought iron cup on the bottom of furniture legs, they friction fit for secure friction fit that prevents your chairs from moving around or coming undone. UV protected to shield fabric from sunlight exposure; weep holes prevent condensation build-up.


End caps located at the ends of patio furniture’s sling rails provide both function and aesthetics, protecting sling fabric from sharp edges while simultaneously increasing frame durability. They also prevent dirt and water from entering, decreasing corrosion risk while prolonging its lifespan.

These chair leg caps are built to last, making them the ideal solution for anyone seeking maximum return from their outdoor furniture investment. Easy installation is included with seal-adhesive foam disks to reduce noise when moving the furniture; additionally they’re stain resistant and made with soft pvc that prevents staining.