Patio Furniture Feet Replacement

Your patio furniture‘s feet may become worn, causing it to wobble or be unstable. You can correct this with adjustable features, shims, custom feet or rubber risers.

These replacement chair glides fit securely inside leg weld cups found on wrought iron furniture with 1-1/2″ inside diameter diameter leg weld cups. Use a bubble level to ensure height accuracy before installing them.

Leveling Feet

Leveling feet (commonly referred to as furniture glides or chair legs) are used to stabilize and protect flooring surfaces, from floors in commercial settings to private homes. Available in an array of sizes and functions, selecting an appropriate leveling foot is key in order to keep equipment stable and safe for users – the load capacity, thread size, and base diameter should all be taken into consideration before selecting one.

Stud mount leveling feet (commonly known as screw-in leveling feet) feature an integrated bolt or threaded stud for easy installation and height adjustment, making them suitable for office furniture, household furnishings, and industrial machines with threaded holes. Constructed from iron material for durability, you can find both imperial and metric thread sizes available as well as options with either swivel bases or non-swivel bases.

Before selecting a stud-type leveling foot for your equipment, it is vitally important to determine its load capacity. To calculate this figure, add up all operator weights with total static load for your machine and you should have an idea of the ideal stud-type leveling foot to fit. In addition to knowing its load capacity and base diameter dimensions as described herein.

Rubber Riser

If your old metal chair legs are scratching your patio floor, these rubber risers could help. They fit easily into the bottom of a metal weld cup to add height without damaging surfaces; just measure its inside diameter to determine which size to order; many of our parts are US standard-size (not metric); click on any part for more information. These seafoam green risers feature our Laguna Hat logo debossed on top and come as a pair. They’re also available as step risers (605CR or to add height at entrance ways (see pictures below). Also sold as pair (see also SS threat).