Patio Furniture Cushion Covers

patio furniture cushion covers

Protect your seat and back cushions from rain, dirt, dust, mildew, abrasions and UV rays with custom-sized cushion covers designed specifically for them. Our covers can fit seamlessly around each dimension of the cushion that has been given us when ordering it.

Cushion Rite and Plus fabrics provide maximum weather resistance while our strongest fabric, Cushion Pro, provides coverage up to five years. Additionally, every cover is machine-washable!

Weather-Resistant Fabric

Outdoor fabric used to cover our patio furniture cushion covers is specially crafted to withstand sun, rain, sand and other extreme environments without fading, wrinkles or mildewing; plus it comes equipped with protective chemicals designed to shield it against dirt and debris accumulation.

Consider what matters to you most when selecting fabric for outdoor cushions. A durable woven material will keep them comfortable while providing air flow – this ensures their shape remains unchanged while also preventing moisture buildup which could result in unpleasant odors.

Woven fabrics usually boast higher fade resistance than screen printed acrylic fabrics. Although sunlight can damage all types of fabric, woven materials tend to cover any signs of sun damage better thanks to being more closely woven than printed acrylic fabrics.

Water-resistant woven materials are an excellent way to shield cushions from rain and other moisture without needing fully waterproof fabric. These fabrics feature vinyl or PVC coating on each polyester yarn thread that keeps water out, and yet are still breathable enough for you to enjoy a cozy cushion even on rainy days!

Fully waterproof materials lack breathability, leaving your skin sticky and uncomfortable against them. Furthermore, without air circulation between its components, mold or mildew growth could occur within.

Solution-dyed acrylic fabric may be the ideal choice for those who prioritize breathability over full waterproofness, thanks to its soft yet durable woven synthetic textile weave that offers breathability while being stain, mildew and fade resistance. Available in many color choices and styles to complement patio furniture perfectly, solution-dyed acrylic cushions also make an excellent option if you prefer washing cushions instead of dry cleaning; saving on dry cleaning costs while keeping pillows looking their best as long as possible – simply clean this material using cool to lukewarm water and mild soap/ detergent such as Trek7 Active Wash when cleaning them regularly.

Water-Repellent & UV-Resistant

Water-resistant fabric protects outdoor cushion covers from dampness that could lead to mold and mildew growth, helping ensure their long-term durability and lasting beauty. Furthermore, this fabric also prevents UV ray damage which helps preserve color retention for your cushion covers to remain looking like new for much longer!

Outdoor cushion slipcovers offer an effective way to refresh your decor without investing in new furniture. These removable covers allow you to conceal faded, mildewed or otherwise damaged cushions from view while creating the appearance of brand new ones. Furthermore, these covers are machine-washable for convenient cleaning – with multiple colors and patterns available so that you can create a cozy seating area in no time at all!

Waterproof cushion covers are an ideal way to keep cushions protected in wet climates or outdoor furniture settings, from rain, harsh sunlight, muddy dogs and melting popsicles. Plus, they make cleaning and maintaining more straightforward than non-waterproof fabrics because stains won’t stain as easily!

Waterproof cushion covers can help bring old, faded cushions back to life with their vibrant colors and patterns, protecting their quality from further wear-and-tear while creating an inviting outdoor space perfect for entertaining or relaxation.

Another option for waterproof cushion covers is adding a zipper, making them easier to take apart and clean. This project can be accomplished using fabric glue, iron-on hem tape or fasteners like Velcro. To create one simply cut two fabric pieces to desired dimensions with right sides together and sew along zipper seam allowance before pinning zipper in place before sewing remaining seams along cushion cover perimeter before attaching fasteners such as ties or fasteners for secure fitting of cushion cover.

Mildew Resistant

Mildew-resistant fabric used in our patio furniture cushion covers protects cushions from the fungi that flourish when exposed to damp or humid environments, such as humidity. Mildew and mold spores can eat into fabric fibers and cause them to disintegrate completely over time, leaving permanent stains that cannot be removed. Fungus growth also can cause smelly cushions that discolor with age – keeping yours looking new for longer! Our anti-mildew fabric ensures all this problem doesn’t occur while keeping looking brand new!

Some synthetic fabrics are more resistant to mildew and mold than others; the best way to ensure your fabric remains mildew-resistant is to keep it clean and dry at all times. Mold and mildew feed on dirt, food crumbs and organic material; therefore it is wise to regularly vacuum fabric-upholstered furnishings as well as remove food debris from shoes, bags and accessories that could contain food. Mildew can also form on plant-based fibres like cotton linen viscose so it is wise to limit moisture exposure as much as possible.

Keep fabrics free from mildew and mold by using cleaning products specially formulated to do just that. As some cleaning agents can leave behind a residue on fabric, be sure to read labels carefully in order to find one suitable for your fabric type. Alternatively, using mild bleach solutions on them may help too if done according to manufacturer recommendations.

Performance fabrics are designed to address specific problems, from protecting cushion from extreme weather conditions to adding stylish touches that elevate outdoor decor. When combined with features and fabrics that suit you best, performance fabrics can help create seating you’ll love to use all year long – select from an array of cushion cover sizes and styles for open air hosting that provide comforting seating experiences all year long. With proper care and maintenance these fabrics can last years before needing upgrading; shop our selection of cushion covers online now to upgrade your outdoor living area!


Personalised cushion covers add an eye-catching accent to outdoor furniture, adding an element of individual style and personalizing the aesthetics of an outdoor space. Plus, they protect cushions from harsh weather conditions like rain and sun exposure while keeping them looking brand new! Furthermore, personalized covers come equipped with customization options tailored specifically for individuals based on personal taste preferences or requirements.

When purchasing cushion covers, one of the key considerations should be finding waterproof fabrics suitable to the climate in which you live. Watertight covers prevent moisture seeping into cushions which could otherwise lead to mold and mildew growth; additionally, fade-resistant fabrics designed to maintain their color over time even in direct sunlight may also be worth looking into.

Cushion covers that are easy to keep clean will contribute to maintaining a healthier environment, keeping your outdoor seating area in top condition for years to come. Simply remove it from its furniture and follow its care instructions; for optimal results, opt for waterproof fabric which is machine-washable and dryable.

An important consideration in selecting patio cushion covers is finding one that precisely matches the dimensions and design of your outdoor furniture, to ensure a snug, secure fit that protects cushions from harsh weather conditions and environmental hazards. Search for covers equipped with convenient features such as zip closures or tie straps to guarantee a secure, snug fit for optimal results.

While it might be tempting to opt for cheaper generic covers readily available in most stores, these may become susceptible to tears and damage over time. Quality cushion covers, on the other hand, are built to withstand time’s test by outlasting regular usage; although initially more costly upfront, their extended longevity will save money in the long run by prolonging outdoor seating furniture’s lifespan.

Selecting custom cushion covers can add comfort and aesthetic appeal to your home, with so many fabric and design choices that you are bound to find something that complements existing decor while creating visually appealing spaces for entertaining friends and family.