Patio Furniture Cushion Covers – Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Moisture, Sun and Stains

patio furniture cushion covers

Protective cushion covers help safeguard your outdoor furniture against moisture, sun and stain damage. Choose from various fabrics to create an inviting space for friends and family to gather together.

When choosing fabric, polyester is your go-to material because of its water and fade resistance. Look for zipper closures and ties that make use easy.


As much as you appreciate your outdoor furniture for its comfort and the aesthetics it adds to your patio, stains, mildew growth and fading can quickly detract from its beauty. To maintain fresh seating season after season and reduce replacement frequency, invest in durable cushion covers with waterproof zippers or tie-downs that allow easy installation, removal and maintenance.

Durable fabrics such as polyester and standard acrylic resist abrasions and tears, and come in various colors to complement your decor. From jet-black for modern minimalism to light neutral shades for coastal settings, there are cushion covers out there to express any style imaginable – you just have to find the one that speaks to your soul!

Cotton fabric provides an extremely durable option that’s soft to the touch with minimal upkeep requirements. It resists abrasions and can be dyed into various hues and patterns to complement your decor, and for extra protection choose cotton cushion covers equipped with water-repellent coating.

Polyfill is a highly adaptable fill material perfect for outdoor use, often being more cost-effective than foam solutions. It can be tailored to specific performance specifications with density-determined resilience options available, giving you options that offer support or relaxation depending on what cushion type you select.

No doubt it’s only natural for your cushions to stain and fade over time, but regular cleaning can help stop their gradual degradation. Refresh them with a hose to eliminate dirt, dust and other debris which wear away at fabric fibers; for oil or food-stained cushions try RAVE FabriCARE cleaner which removes odors while also restoring color.

At Frontgate, we understand that your outdoor furnishings are much more than simply functional – they represent your individuality and an oasis of relaxation. That’s why we provide cushion covers which blend form with fashion by using fabrics sourced from America’s premier textile mills.


Refreshing your outdoor space by investing in new patio furniture cushions is a straightforward way to do just that. While you might initially focus on frame materials and sizes, remember to also consider what your cushion covers say about your personality.

Colors and patterns can add flair and style to your backyard living space, whether that means subdued accents that blend in seamlessly or opting for bold floral or geometric prints to make an eye-catching visual statement.

When selecting a cover for your furniture, look for one that snugly covers it while leaving enough wiggle room to be comfortably worn and removed. Tie or zipper straps may help secure cushion covers; alternatively air should circulate freely beneath them for optimal health and to reduce mold or mildew growth.

Many covers are constructed using durable fabrics designed to withstand various climate conditions and lifestyles, like Frontgate’s solution-dyed outdoor fabric which resists fading, mildew and water damage. After extended rain or heavy snowfall however, it is crucial that cushions be cleaned quickly in order to prevent water penetration into their foam core. To speed up drying times more efficiently it may help if cushions are stood on their sides in indirect or filtered sunlight rather than direct sun light.

As well as routine cleaning, some fabrics can also be protected with waterproof coatings to resist staining and water logging for long-term freshness. This can keep them looking new.

No matter the type of cover you select for your cushions, rotating them regularly is key to protecting them from harsh sunlight. Even with UV protection coating in place, UV rays can fade fabric over time; to protect each set equally and reduce short-term sun damage use a sun protection spray on pillows for best results.


Patio furniture cushion covers add a pop of color and coziness to your outdoor space, protecting against moisture, mildew and stains while giving you the flexibility of changing up your style instantly. Hayneedle offers an amazing selection of stylish replacement cushions and pillow covers perfect for updating old chairs or creating an entire backyard oasis – you won’t find better selection anywhere!

Even though outdoor fabrics are designed to resist stains during manufacturing, they will still become stained from dirt, dust and spills over time. If your cushions are left to gather dirt and mold for too long without being regularly washed they could become breeding grounds for mold and mildew that makes them less comfortable and attractive – for this reason you should thoroughly clean your outdoor cushions prior to storing and treat the fabric with waterproofing spray prior to winter storage or rainy season.

Many outdoor cushion covers come equipped with fabric storage bags designed to keep pillows and cushions organized and safe from the elements. You could also use simple plastic tarp or sheets as storage space; in either case, be sure they are completely dry before storing as dampness can lead to mold growth and mildew growth.

If you plan to put your cushions through the washing machine, be sure to read their care label for any specific instructions on cleaning them. Some outdoor cushion covers are designed to be easily removed and laundered like pillow cases; otherwise, try using a soft bristled brush with soapy water to scrub them down with. Before applying any cleaning product to an entire surface area of the cover, always conduct a small test patch first.

If you have lots of extra space available to you, a real wood storage bench could be the solution to your outdoor cushion storage woes. There is an array of styles and features available – barrel-shaped designs are great for adding rustic charm without taking up valuable floor space, while more modern designs with doors that open easily are also great choices for easy access.


Even though outdoor cushions are designed to resist moisture, mold, and mildew, they’re still susceptible to staining if left outside in damp weather for too long. With just a few precautions taken regularly such as cleaning and storing them correctly you can extend their useful lifespan and keep them looking brand new!

If you want to make the process of restoring outdoor furniture easier, invest in high-quality patio furniture cushion covers featuring an integrated zipper and reinforced handles. This makes adding and removing covers much simpler while decreasing risk of rips or tears. Some cushions offered at West Elm are even machine washable so your cushions stay looking their best!

For maximum care and to prevent tears when washing a cushion cover, always opt for the gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent when doing your wash cycle. After that, allow it to air dry before attaching it back onto your cushion insert. Covers are available in an array of colors to complement any backyard decor; pair one of Rave Cherry pillow covers with Tortoise wicker furniture for an elegant aesthetic or pair Mojave wicker furniture with Rave Kiwi covers for an understated tropical aesthetic.

Storage your patio furniture cushion covers in a dry environment during off season can be challenging, yet finding an appropriate storage solution can be even harder. If you lack access to a garage or finished basement for cushion storage, try covering them in sheets or plastic tarps as an effective barrier against rain and rodents. Alternatively, create your own outdoor furniture storage bag by wrapping multiple sheets or tarps around each cushion and frame together – this will protect from moisture accumulation, deter rodents from digging in their claws into fabric while deterring rodents from entering and mildew/mold growth in both cases!

After spending the day outside, it is advisable to move your cushions indoors overnight in order to prevent moisture build-up from morning dew, keeping your cushions in tiptop condition. If leaving them outside overnight, be sure to cover them with an additional sheet or tarp for additional protection.