Patio Furniture Cushion Covers

Installing a patio to your home adds value and provides additional space for relaxation or entertaining, yet furniture left exposed to sun, rain and wind is subject to wear over time.

Upgrade the look of your outdoor sofas, chairs and sectionals with cushion slipcovers from Cushion World. Available in multiple colors to complement both neutral and bold decor themes.


Waterproof patio cushion covers provide your cushions with essential protection from rain, snow and sunshine – as well as from fading, mildew growth and mold. By protecting them with waterproof covers you can enjoy outdoor furniture without the added cost or inconvenience of purchasing replacement cushions season after season. Waterproof covers also reduce waste by prolonging their lives and helping extend their life, meaning fewer new purchases in subsequent seasons!

Choose waterproof fabric designed specifically for outdoor use, like Olefin or Sunbrella, that’s fade-resistant, resistant to abrasions, easy to maintain, and comes in various colors and patterns to meet your decor requirements – an especially great option if your custom chair or sofa requires custom fitting. These covers also make great cushions that offer excellent support and insulation from weather elements like UV light rays.

If you’re searching for comfortable, durable and stylish patio cushions at an affordable price point, polyester fiberfill cushions may be just what you’re after. While more economical than olefin or Sunbrella cushions, polyester fiberfill cushions still stand up well against moisture damage and mildew growth while drying quickly enough to make an excellent option in humid climates.

Custom-made waterproof patio cushions are a fantastic addition to any home, as they allow for effortless style or dramatic impact. Choose the type of fabric, color and pattern for the ideal fit and select among various cushion shapes – add zippers or tie-downs for effortless removal/placement!

Regular cleaning of patio cushions will help avoid stains and extend their lifespan, with regular wipe-downs with damp cloth to wipe away dirt and dust build-up, or for more stubborn stains, consider using cleaning solution with water or mild detergent; plastic storage bags or airtight containers provide ideal environments to ensure dry storage conditions – saving money in replacement costs over time!


Are you looking for an easy and cost-effective way to spruce up your patio furniture? Consider replacing its cushions with durable and fade-resistant covers made from polyester that fit snugly around the cushion inserts for seamless use during use, yet feature zipper closures for easy removal and cleaning. Plus, with several colors to choose from you’re sure to find one that matches perfectly with your furniture!

Durable patio furniture cushion covers are made of all-weather performance fabrics designed to resist water, mildew and mold growth. Exposing outdoor cushions fully to the elements can lead to moisture affecting indoor furniture; investing in durable patio furniture cushion covers will reduce replacement needs thus saving money and supporting sustainability.

Patio furniture cushions provide more than comfort – they transform your garden into an inviting area for leisure activities such as visiting with friends or working on mental wellbeing. Plush outdoor seating encourages relaxation in the sunshine with family and friends.

There are numerous outdoor seating materials, from wicker and plastic, to iron and wrought iron. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages; for instance, wicker outdoor seating requires regular maintenance; it’s great if rain and wind do pass over it without harm, though occasional cleaning might be needed if left exposed in direct sunlight. When selecting this seating option for outdoor use make sure it is properly covered by protective covering.

Polyester patio furniture covers are durable and long-lasting, made of waterproof and breathable material that resists UV fading. Their colors range from jet black for minimalist modern looks to light neutral tones, making it an excellent choice for use outdoors in hot or arid climates.

Vinyl (PVC) cushion covers provide another durable choice for outdoor seating cushion covers, boasting waterproof properties as well as being easy to maintain and clean. They’re waterproof, odorless and stain- and mildew-resistant for effortless outdoor seating solutions. However, those concerned about toxicities should opt for PVC-free alternatives instead.

Selecting the appropriate patio furniture cushion covers for your home is essential to its protection. Although some companies offer “one-size-fits-all” covers, they are likely too small to adequately protect your outdoor furniture. By taking the time to measure and purchase specialty-size covers you will save yourself both money and hassle in the future.


Cushion covers can add style and comfort to outdoor furniture without needing to purchase new cushions. Choose from an array of colors and styles that best suit your home, or use them to hide dirty or stained cushions from being seen. They come in many different sizes to fit various patio chairs, sofas and sectionals; plus they’re easily removable and washable making them an excellent option for busy homeowners.

Olefin fabric is an ideal material to cover patio furniture cushion covers as its water-repellant surface helps prevent rainwater from seeping into their interior, keeping them dry and mold free. Furthermore, this durable fabric resists sun fade making it perfect for sunny climates.

When selecting patio furniture cushion covers, keep cleaning time in mind when making your selection. Some designs feature zippered closures to quickly unzip and clean cushions while others utilize ties or straps to keep them in place. Whichever cover style you go with, ensure it has colorfast properties to prevent it from fading over time or becoming worn-out with use.

While generic cushion covers can be found online, custom-sized covers provide a more tailored fit and enhanced appearance for patio furniture. Simply enter the dimensions of your cushion to customize its cover design; optional piping adds even more color!

Long summer days can put a strain on patio furniture, as its harsh rays bleach them over time and leave cushions looking dull and faded. To give them new life and preserve the fabric longer-term, fade-resistant fig leaf patio cushion covers are available in an array of stunning hues to provide lasting protection from UV radiation rays.

No matter where they were purchased from – factory or store – cushion covers need to be regularly maintained if you want them looking their best. Dust them regularly to remove dust and grime from fabrics, and store them when not being used so as not to become wet or develop mildew growth. When stains occur use OxiClean Versatile Stain and Odor Remover to restore the original shine.

Easy to clean

As with other furniture and home accessories, patio cushions should be regularly cleaned to eliminate dirt and debris build-up as well as prevent mildew and mould from growing inside their filling – this is particularly essential if your outdoor cushions are left exposed to weather elements, where moisture may lead to this unpleasant condition.

Cleaning patio cushions is relatively straightforward. A quick rinse with the garden hose can often do the trick, while for heavily-soiled fabric you may require stronger cleaners such as bleach. If in doubt about what cleaner is appropriate, test it on a small, hidden part before applying to whole cushion. Alternatively, stain treatments available commercially should also work just fine but take caution not to oversaturate fabric with water.

If the care instructions of your cushion covers indicate that they can be machine washed, this is by far the best method for cleaning them. However, even if your patio cushions don’t comply with that requirement, you can still deep clean them using other methods. To remove stubborn stains such as blood spots, start by scrubbing with a scrub brush then applying cleaning solution directly onto stains; let it soak for 20 minutes and repeat until all traces of staining have vanished from their surfaces before rinsing as needed until all traces have vanished from their surfaces!

For stubborn stains, combine one teaspoon of borax and one teaspoon of mild dish soap in one quart of warm water, soaking a cloth in this solution to blot the affected area without pushing further into fabric fibers. Or alternatively mix equal parts laundry detergent and Vanish Oxi-action powder into a litre of water and apply this to cushion covers, leaving it sit for 15 to 35 minutes before rinsing them off with your garden hose and drying in sunlight.

If your cushions have become stained by bird poop or other sticky substances, start by scraping off as much as possible of it before mixing a solution of liquid detergent and water, applying it directly onto the affected area and leaving it to soak for several minutes before rinsing thoroughly and drying on its side.