Patio Furniture Covers – Protect Your Outdoor Patio Furniture From Rain, Snow, and Other Weather Elements

outdoor patio furniture covers

Patio furniture covers provide your outdoor tables and chairs with protection from rain, snow, wind and other weather elements, making cleaning them simpler with mild soap and water.

Patio furniture covers come in all shapes and sizes to protect any outdoor product, with some even featuring soft inner padding to avoid scratching painted furniture surfaces.


An outdoor patio furniture cover can protect it from moisture and other weather elements, helping extend its life. Choose one that’s waterproof and breathable to prolong its life and choose a size that’s appropriate; too-tight can damage furnishings while too loose may collect dust; too short covers could even touch the ground, encouraging moisture buildup. There’s a wide selection of waterproof covers designed specifically to cover outdoor patio furniture available – some even come equipped with built-in air vents and four sets of buckle straps along the bottom edge to keep secure – some even feature built-in air vents as well as 4 sets of buckle straps along their bottom edge ensuring they stay secure!

The optimal waterproof patio furniture covers should be made of high-quality fabric with tight stitching for optimal protection against mold and mildew growth. In addition, they should easily cleanable and store-able designs which can withstand discoloration caused by mold, mildew or other contaminants; long-term coverage should withstand rain, snow and hail without degrading quickly – double layer covers may offer even greater protection.

If you’re in search of durable, long-lasting and budget friendly covers for outdoor furniture, vinyl covers may be just what you need. They come in various colors and sizes to fit any furniture piece perfectly and they’re easy to keep clean – not forgetting they also come with warranties to ensure their long lifespan! Plus vinyl’s sturdy material makes it suitable for use outdoors without suffering damage from sunlight or chlorine exposure!

Investment in outdoor furniture is an enormous commitment, so protecting it from the elements is crucial. A quality waterproof patio furniture cover can be an effective solution that also adds aesthetics. Perfect for entertaining friends on your patio or just relaxing alone on it – an outdoor patio furniture cover may prove wise investment!


An outdoor furniture set is an expensive investment, and keeping it protected against the elements is key for its longevity. While vinyl covers may do their job, they’re not breathable enough to prevent moisture build-up that leads to mildew or mold growth under them for extended periods. Breathable polyester fabric patio furniture covers allow water vaporization quickly reducing exposure time to damp and humid conditions that could potentially lead to corrosion on furniture surfaces.

Some breathable fabric has UV protection built into its fibers to help furniture beneath it from fading in sunny climates, where prolonged exposure to harmful sunlight can quickly fade its colors and fabrics. This feature can prove especially helpful when used outdoors where direct sun rays can quickly bleach out outdoor fabrics and furniture.

Outdoor patio sets that require furniture covers also benefit from having breathable covers to repel moisture and avoid rips and tears. Premium covers typically use heavy-duty fabric with top-grade stitching that prevents ripping when moving furniture around; some models even feature reinforced seams to guard against damage caused by animals or wind.

Breathable furniture covers also make cleaning simple, making maintenance simpler than ever. Simply machine-wash with gentle detergent and hot water to eliminate dirt or debris build-up; but remember only clean as necessary so as to preserve their fabric and color!

While patio furniture covers can be purchased, making your own will save money and effort. Simply measure each piece to ensure the covers fit snugly around them before using tie strings or tension devices to secure them. For an easier process, check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to pattern and sew an outdoor furniture cover; it works great for chairs, love seats, outdoor sofas, grills or tables! It even provides a list of materials and tools required.


An outdoor furniture cover provides your patio furniture with vital protection, blocking moisture and other damaging elements from invading its surface and degrading it over time. A high-quality cover should also serve as a barrier between dust, twigs, leaves and the furniture itself – keeping it looking new for longer! It should also be easy to keep clean – be made from weather-resistant and durable materials to withstand the elements without succumbing to wear and tear; consider one with machine-washable fabric allowing easy care washing machine detergent/water for maintenance – keeping its looks new while remaining functional over time!

If you’re shopping for patio furniture covers, be sure to purchase ones designed specifically for your set. This will ensure the cover fits securely around each chair or table in your outdoor setting without falling off in a storm, trapping moisture that promotes mold growth or mildew forming under it. Some covers come equipped with strap and buckle systems for additional windy-condition resistance.

Fabric choice plays an integral part in its durability. Choose a material that can withstand the climate in your area, such as polyester or cotton which are strong and long-lasting options. Also consider investing in double-layered covers to protect from both moisture and insects.

Finally, look for a cover with breathable vents. This allows air to circulate throughout the cover, helping reduce moisture build-up and keep your furniture dry. Some covers even have mesh vents designed specifically to reduce odors while preventing mold and mildew growth.

Plastic furniture may withstand the heat of the sun, but is unadvisable in colder climates as it will crack due to freezing temperatures. Teak wood furniture on the other hand is naturally weatherproof and can withstand both wind and rain without succumbing to damage from moisture accumulation; additionally a good cover will also prevent any formation of ice on it extending its lifespan and protecting from further damage.

Easy to Clean

Outdoor furniture covers provide an easy and straightforward solution for keeping cushions and chairs tidy when not being used, while providing protection from dust, dirt, sap, bird droppings and other forms of debris that could otherwise quickly degrade frames and cushions. As with any protective cover however, they do require occasional cleaning; polyester and canvas fabrics tend to be low maintenance options that are easy to keep tidy.

Polyester furniture covers are often preferred because of their superior durability and wear-resistance, and have become the go-to material in most climates. Polyester can stand up well to sun, rain and wind exposure as well as its ability to breathe well to help minimize mold growth. Another popular material option for patio furniture covers is polypropylene which offers similar protection while remaining more budget friendly; both fabrics provide good coverage in most conditions while remaining breathable.

Both fabrics can be easily cleaned using water and mild soap, such as Golden Care or Folex spot cleaner. Otherwise, use a mixture of 1 gallon of water with 1/4 cup mild soap and bleach if you require deeper cleaning of your cover.

Outdoor furniture covers should be regularly checked to ensure they’re still in great condition, checking for holes, rips, or tears to prevent further deterioration from the elements. Furthermore, it’s wise to store your covers in a cool and dry area when not being used so as to prolong their lifespan and extend their useful life.