Patio Furniture Covers – Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From the Elements

As outdoor patio covers offer protection from rain, sun and dust, it is wise to invest in sturdy fabric and strong stitching in order to extend the lifespan and preserve the appearance of your furniture.

Seek features like tie strings or elastic closures to secure your covers during windy conditions. Vinyl and polyester are among the most widely-used materials for these covers, both being affordable yet sturdy options.


When purchasing outdoor furniture, it’s essential to consider its durability and how well it will withstand the elements. Different materials respond differently to precipitation, sunlight, UV rays, wind and dust. Covering patio furniture is the best way to guarantee its long-term quality and ensure its lasting quality.

Patio furniture covers are made of weatherproof fabrics designed to offer protection for chairs, lounges, tables and more in all seasons and environments. From rain, snow and dirt to insects – not forgetting mold and mildew growth on surfaces of furniture – patio covers help safeguard them all! Most cover options also feature airflow vents to help manage moisture build-up without creating moisture build-up and damage to furniture surfaces.

Heat and sunlight present outdoor furniture with unique challenges in hot climates, especially teak wood materials such as teak. UV rays from the sun can heat your furniture to uncomfortable levels while damaging certain materials such as teak wood. Furthermore, UV radiation may fade and discolor it over time; using covers is key in protecting it.

Rainwater can damage even the toughest furniture, and in areas with frequent rainfall it should be regularly covered to remain free from water damage and avoid corrosion of aluminum-made pieces. A waterproof furniture cover could be the solution to keep your patio set safe from rainwater as well as dew or frost damage.

Many of the covers available on this site are tailored specifically for certain umbrella and furniture models, offering a seamless fit that remains unnoticed in an inconspicuous appearance. Furthermore, their features help secure them against windy environments; so no more blow-aways or undone covers! Various neutral earthy tones allow you to select one that complements both your home and environment.


Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements, but wet weather can do substantial damage if left uncovered. Excess moisture can destroy fabric pieces as it seeps into their materials, especially fabric chairs.

Waterproof patio furniture covers are the ideal way to shield your furniture from the elements, providing a protective shield between it and dirt, rain, dust, or mildew from penetrating into your space. They fit over any table, chair or furniture set when not in use to keep it safe. Waterproof covers also help stop mold growth on cushions or fabric pieces which could compromise both their integrity as well as the look of your space – potentially dangerous health risks and eye sores!

Most outdoor furniture covers are waterproof, but it’s essential that they fit with your climate and weather conditions. Polyester or vinyl covers are an ideal material, as they’re strong and breathable enough to keep furniture in good condition while being water repellant. While some vinyl covers may not easily conform to your furniture’s shape, other flexible vinyl options are soft enough for use on various chairs and tables of all shapes and sizes.

Wood furniture requires extra care when it comes to protection from moisture; over time it absorbs liquid, leading it to warp, bend or break under its own weight and be subject to mold or mildew growth that renders your outdoor space unusable. Metal pieces may rust over time as well – ruining their look as well as potentially being hazardous for health reasons.

The ideal waterproof furniture covers will feature elastic hems, Velcro closures, zippers or leg ties that fit tightly around your furniture to secure it and prevent the cover from blowing off during windy storms and allowing debris, rainwater, snow or mold growth under loose covers. In order to ensure long-term protection of your furniture investment make sure you purchase waterproof patio furniture covers that can provide tight fitting coverage – they’ll save time when searching! The right cover can offer years of peace of mind!

Easy to Clean

Cleaning patio furniture covers may be as easy as running them through a quick machine wash or hand-wash, no special tools or products necessary; just some standard detergent and hot water.

If you prefer using the washing machine to clean your cover, choose one that’s washer-friendly or at least mildew-resistant to make regular maintenance easy without risking damage or fading. Or opt for fabric covers with moisture wicking properties which allow moisture to escape so it doesn’t develop mold and mildew on furniture itself.

Protect your furniture from UV rays with a cover specifically designed to do just that, helping it retain its color and texture for years. With such protection in place, it will preserve its aesthetics for much longer.

Most high-quality covers are specifically engineered to remain securely fastened to your furniture during harsh weather, with features like ties that help hold them tightly against high winds or storms, keeping them from blowing away or being damaged by the elements.

Not only are covers equipped with ties, but some come equipped with air vents and drafting to maximize protection from UV rays and moisture exposure, thereby making it easier for you to remove dust, dirt and debris from your furniture. Furthermore, this makes for more effective UV defense as it decreases build-up of dust, dirt and debris particles on furniture surfaces.

Breathability also aids in keeping the furniture cool by limiting exposure to heat. Finally, some of the top patio furniture covers feature extra protection against mold and mildew growth, offering added assurance for your investments.

Easy to Store

Patio furniture covers offer great protection for outdoor furniture against UV rays, moisture, dirt, stains and debris that could potentially degrade its material over time. They can also reduce the need for constant wiping down to keep its pristine appearance – something which is invaluable when trying to preserve the original appearance of backyard pieces.

Cover your patio furniture during summer when UV rays are prevalent; their harmful rays can cause discoloration, faded materials and wood rot of certain materials. By protecting them from direct sunlight exposure and keeping direct sunlight off them, keeping their lifespan prolonged while increasing visual appeal are achieved simultaneously.

Covering outdoor furniture when not in use during the winter may also be worthwhile, since winter weather can be especially harsh on wooden pieces and metal ones alike. Rain can lead to rusting, mold growth or corrosion of surface coatings on metal furniture while snowfall can damage its surfaces; taking time now to cover them could save both hassle and money in the future.

Some covers can easily be stored near your patio, while others are designed to fold down and fit tightly against furniture itself – perfect for those who don’t want a bulky cover taking up too much room on their deck. Furthermore, many covers include convenient features like elastic drawstring edges or ties to make securing them to furniture easier.

When selecting a cover for your furniture, take into account its size and the weather conditions in which it will be stored. If you live in an area with high humidity or dew levels, covering it every night to prevent mold growth is recommended to prevent mildew formation from the humidity build-up inside your furniture. A venting system also helps avoid moisture build-up inside it.

Investment in quality patio furniture covers is essential in protecting investments and prolonging their lives. They protect furniture against rain, UV rays, heat and snow that would otherwise wreak havoc with its appearance in your backyard.