Patio Furniture Covers For Winter

Patio furniture covers for winter protect patio chairs and tables from rain, snow, ice, road salt and debris that might otherwise damage them while also helping prevent mildew and mold growth.

Most outdoor furniture covers are constructed from vinyl, polypropylene, nylon or polyester blended textile material and designed for specific furniture pieces. Features such as ventilation openings, handles, drawcords and straps make these covers easier to use.


In areas with rainy weather, waterproof patio furniture covers provide the best way to safeguard outdoor furniture. They keep out rain, snow, sleet, bird droppings and debris such as mold and mildew growth on your furniture and prevent them from getting wet or damaged from wind or other sources. You can purchase snug fitting covers that make your furniture wind and weather proof.

Fabric and color of your furniture should be key considerations when choosing a cover, with some options made of woven polyethylene while others feature vinyl material. A cover should fit comfortably over your furniture with either a zipper or drawstring to secure it in place and feature air vents to allow air movement and prevent moisture build-up. Furthermore, any cover which does not breathe should be avoided as these may trap water droplets underneath and lead to mold growth on your furniture.

Before buying any product, it is wise to read both the manufacturer’s warranty and customer reviews in order to make an informed decision about which item best meets your needs. Furthermore, check for leaks and strength before installing a cover; and wait until the furniture arrives so you can measure it so as to find one with perfect fitting dimensions.

Waterproof furniture covers come in all sorts of sizes and styles to accommodate different patio furniture styles, available at home improvement stores or online retailers. When shopping for waterproof covers it is also important to take note of its material; plastic covers cannot breathe and could trap water droplets under them which could eventually lead to mold and mildew growth; for this reason breathable covers such as cotton or polyester may be better options.

Some furniture materials, like wicker, metal and wood are susceptible to rain damage and harsh weather conditions; it is wise to cover your wooden patio furniture during the winter season to prevent cracking and deterioration from weather exposure; for optimal results you should invest in high quality winter proof covers that fit precisely to the dimensions of your outdoor seating.


Selecting the proper cover for your furniture is key to keeping it in good condition. Finding a solution-dyed polyester cover that’s both breathable and waterproof will protect it from the elements, while fitting with your climate and weather conditions would be ideal. A vinyl cover may work if you live in an area with moderate sun and rain whereas solution dyed polyester may provide better protection in hotter areas with intense sunshine and rain.

Patio furniture covers come in an assortment of sizes and materials to make it easy to find one to match the needs of your furniture. Their primary function is protecting against UV rays, excess moisture and mildew growth while keeping water, snow, dirt and debris at bay from reaching your furniture. Many have straps for security; others come equipped with vents for maximum protection.

To extend the lifespan of outdoor furniture, it’s crucial to cover it when not in use. Covers protect against fading, rusting and water damage as well as wear and tear; plus they are washable and mildew resistant for easy maintenance when necessary.

Protecting furniture against the elements requires proper storage; this includes placing it in a cool and dry location before taking care to take down its cover when ready for reuse.

A high-quality patio furniture cover should fit snugly over your entire set without any gaps or loose areas, while being breathable enough to prevent mold and mildew growth underneath the cover. Many models also come equipped with tie downs or drawstrings for windy conditions to ensure secure storage of their furniture.

An airy cover for your furniture is essential to its longevity and comfort, so take time to find one you like and check the warranty to ensure it stands by you as a manufacturer.

Easy to Clean

Patio furniture covers provide protection for outdoor furniture from water, dirt and UV rays. They extend its life by preventing fading, excess moisture build-up and mildew growth; wooden tables from rot and metal chairs from corrosion are all better protected with covers protecting them. However, for optimal results it’s essential that they be regularly cleaned in order to keep looking like new – many covers can even be washed in the washing machine! For care instructions for specific covers consult their label or manufacturer directly.

Covers for furniture typically consist of waterproof fabric that provides protection, and they come in various sizes to fit over chairs and tables. Some covers are designed for individual pieces while others cover an entire sectional set. Most covers use solution-dyed polyester which fades less rapidly than printed or piece-dyed fabrics; if there are any stains that have settled onto your cover you can typically remove them using a mixture of 1/4 cup bleach per gallon water; solvent cleaners and harsh detergents should be avoided as these could damage fabric causing discoloration resulting in permanent discoloration of discoloration over time resulting in permanent discoloration of discoloration or discoloration of fabric damage as these could discolor the fabric itself and cause discoloration of discoloration over time resulting in discoloration over time.

As another way of protecting patio furniture from the elements, plastic shrink wrap is another cost-effective method available from most hardware stores and used to cover an entire set. While it provides basic weatherproofing measures, its lack of breathability means moisture builds up inside – leading to mold or mildew growth – potentially damaging furniture over time. Some covers have mesh vents designed to let air in while simultaneously preventing condensation build-up which could otherwise occur and ruin its material composition.

One popular means of protecting patio furniture is with a tarp. Not only are tarps inexpensive and easy to set up, they’re also relatively cost-effective – however, their non-breathable nature means moisture can get trapped inside them, leading to mildew or mold growth. Some are treated with anti-microbial agents to inhibit bacteria and other microorganism growth, but if your tarp is untreated machine washes may lead to rapid wear & tear.


Weather around the world can be harsh, so patio furniture covers must be engineered to withstand a range of environmental factors. These factors include rain, snow, humidity and morning dew which can damage fabric upholstery or cause mold and mildew growth; additionally water can seep into cushions or soak porous materials like wood which then lead to costly repairs or replacements in subsequent seasons.

Durable outdoor patio furniture covers can be made of various fabrics, so it is wise to select one that is both breathable and durable. Breathable materials allow moisture to escape the cover more freely, which reduces mold and mildew growth. In addition, mesh venting features should help airflow, while lookout for one with at least a 1-to-2 inch gap between its bottom hem and ground so as not to pool moisture causing mold and mildew issues.

Choose a durable patio furniture cover as it will protect and extend the life of your investment and furniture. To ensure its effectiveness, ensure it fits perfectly over your furniture and is fastened securely – many covers come equipped with straps or elastic hemming cord fasteners for this purpose – this will help prevent it from blowing off in windy conditions, trapping dirt underneath. Furthermore, tight fits help avoid sharp objects damaging or scratching it during its usage.

Durable outdoor patio furniture covers come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to fit various pieces of outdoor patio furniture. Furthermore, they’re easy to keep looking like new year after year thanks to being machine-washable with cold or warm water and mild detergent – as long as regular surface washings take place to remove dirt and dust as well as dry thoroughly afterward to prevent mildew or mold growth.