Patio Furniture Covers For Winter

Cover your outdoor furniture properly to keep it dry with custom-fitted covers that have been specifically made for its pieces. Generic covers made for all can leave gaps where rainwater could seep through and cause leakage issues.

Water that gets trapped under your furniture over time will lead to damage as well as mold and mildew growth, so make sure your cover includes ventilation in order to avoid moisture build-up.

Plastic Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is a transparent plastic covering that expands and conforms to whatever it covers, creating an airtight seal for protection from winter weather, insects, dirt, dust and rust. Shrink wrap can easily be reapplied or repaired as necessary for long-lasting protection and comes in various sizes and thicknesses to meet individual needs and is much simpler to install than tarps.

When using shrink wrap to cover a large piece of furniture, it is crucial that any objects on its surface that could damage or puncture its plastic. A quality cutter and taking your time when cutting are also key in order not to damage the furniture and ensure complete sealing without holes or tears in its plastic covering.

Once the plastic has been tightly wrapped around your furniture, use a heat gun to treat it with heat. Make sure that the heat is applied evenly across its entirety for best results, keeping temperatures at an appropriate level so as to not cause too much shrinkage of the shrink wrap when heated; once properly heat treated it should be left to cool before leaving your property.

Once the shrink wrap has set, it can be removed from furniture and stored safely away in an area free of direct sunlight, to preserve its effectiveness for years to come. When considering storage options for shrink wrap, keep in mind that its effect may wane over time and must be reapplied annually to maintain its effectiveness.

Although there are several methods for protecting outdoor furniture during the winter season, one of the best is wrapping it with plastic shrink wrap. This will shield it from rain, snow, ice, road salt and debris – keeping your pieces looking new for as long as possible!


Tarps provide versatile outdoor protection, from covering woodpiles for fireplaces to vehicles hauling garden tools and equipment, at an affordable price. Tarps also make an affordable solution for covering patio furniture from rain and snow; available in multiple sizes with grommets and strong woven construction, they feature UVR poly material which resists cracking, tearing and mildew while mesh panels allow ample ventilation and allow clear views beneath while their colorfast construction offers superior strength and durability; some come equipped with straps, buckles or cinch ties for easy use cinch ties for easy use when covering patio furniture from rain or snowfall. Tarps come equipped with straps cinch ties for easy use allowing protection of patio furniture from rain/snowfall/rainfall/snowfall!

When selecting the appropriate tarp size, take into account both cut size and finished size. Cut sizes refer to the dimensions before seams or hems are sewn onto it; finished sizes refers to its final dimensions once cut, hemmed, eyeleted and finished; typically these include width, length and depth measurements. Cut sizes tend to be 3-5 percent smaller than finished sizes.

Tarps can be purchased from most hardware stores and some online retailers, and come in an assortment of colors and finishes, such as sand, green, black and gray. Furthermore, each weave count impacts strength and durability; some tarps may even be water resistant while others are not; additionally they come with or without mildewproof qualities and washability features for maximum convenience.

When to cover your patio furniture will depend on the local weather conditions. As a general guideline, it’s recommended that you cover before the first frost and snowfall; however, every region has unique climate conditions; in harsher environments it might be beneficial to store the pieces indoors until spring arrives.

Outdoor furniture can quickly go from fabulous to dismal without proper protection; protective covers provide the ideal solution. By wrapping it all up tightly under an insulating tarp, you can rest easy knowing your furniture is protected for the long winter ahead and will remain stunning come spring.

Furniture Covers

Put furniture covers on your outdoor furniture to protect it from the elements and ensure its long-term preservation. Even in mild climates, covering your furniture to reduce moisture damage should be considered wise to prevent cracking or warping of its structure and cracking or warping of its furniture caused by moisture damage. Furthermore, cover it prior to the first frost or snowfall of the year for added peace of mind.

Covers will protect furniture from dirt and debris that might land on it and cause it to be damaged by dust and rain, while blocking out UV rays which can fade some materials. A good quality cover should be made from durable material that won’t easily disintegrate; additionally, vents should allow air circulation within it to prevent moisture build-up that leads to mold or mildew growth.

There is a range of furniture covers designed to meet your specific needs. Some are intended to completely encase an entire piece, while others only cover certain sections. When purchasing large covers, ensure they are made from weatherproof fabric and weather-resistant construction – for optimal results purchase one made specifically for your furniture model so it will fit securely.

Although it is recommended to cover your furniture before the first frost of the year, there is no definitive time or day when this should happen. It depends on where you live and how severe winter weather conditions can be in your region; typically though, covering furniture in early fall before snowfall begins is best practice.

Furniture covers are an inexpensive solution to protect outdoor furniture from the elements. Simple to install and remove when necessary, furniture covers help extend the life of patio furniture while adding style and design. With such an array of colors and styles available today you are sure to find one suitable for any home! It is important to keep furniture covered when not in use to protect it from the elements and protect its value over time.


Outdoor furniture wears down over time, but outdoor patio pieces take an especially hard hit from moisture, ice, snow, and cold temperatures. Moisture causes wood and metal pieces to warp while plastic can crack under such stress. While it may seem cumbersome to bring all your patio pieces indoors during the winter months, doing so protects your investment while prolonging its life span.

Ideal storage would be your own garage or shed; however, if this isn’t feasible then public facilities that provide enclosed units might be the better choice. Your furniture will remain out of the elements while being protected from dust, animals and other debris; some facilities even offer tarps as added protection to keep mold and mildew at bay while your furniture sits safely in storage.

No matter the method you choose for covering your furniture, always ensure it has been properly cleaned beforehand. Moisture can seep into fine pores of furniture and cause irreparable damage when frozen over. Similarly, make sure that everything is completely dry prior to storage to reduce risk of mold or mildew formation during winter storage.

As part of your furniture protection strategy, it is vital that your cover fits securely without gaps or tight areas. Generic covers that don’t come designed specifically for your furniture won’t provide adequate moisture control and could leave large holes where moisture could seep in. An ideal cover would feature vents to increase airflow and prevent moisture build-up and mold growth.

Cottage Culture provides an extensive selection of high-quality patio furniture covers in various sizes and styles. If you need assistance finding a cover suitable for you, just visit and speak with one of our staff members – they are sure they can find just the perfect cover to protect and adorn your furniture during winter season! Come springtime you can be assured your patio will welcome and offer comfort to visitors.