Patio Furniture Chaise Lounge

There are various styles, materials and colors to choose from when it comes to chaise lounge chairs – find something that matches with the existing outdoor furniture and decor for optimal results.

If space is an issue, consider stackable or foldable patio chaise lounge chairs that can easily be stored away when not being used and easily transported around your yard. These will make life simpler.


Patio furniture chaise lounges provide the ideal way to relax in style while taking advantage of the sunny weather. Constructed to be more comfortable than standard outdoor chairs, they let you lie back with extra back support as you unwind on them. Choose from an assortment of ergonomically-designed styles or adjust the recline angle accordingly for optimal relaxation.

Our selection of patio lounges features an assortment of materials and finishes. Powder-coated aluminum, teak and wrought iron frames can provide durability while recycled plastic and synthetic wicker are eco-friendly alternatives. When shopping for poolside chaises look for one with adjustable headrests for added comfort; some even come equipped with footrests to maximize relaxation.

Chaise lounges are perfect for yards with pools because they allow you to soak up the summer sun and develop your tan without moving from place to place. For ultimate outdoor relaxation, choose a reclining poolside lounge equipped with a built-in drink tray; these lightweight chaise lounges can often be moved easily with limited mobility and made suitable for people living with limited mobility.

If you prefer minimalist aesthetic, consider opting for a mesh patio chaise lounge featuring a sturdy frame and soft, weatherproof fabric. Our outdoor lounges come in multiple colors so that you can find one that complements the theme of your backyard garden – bright lounges offer playful character while neutral pool chaises offer clean contemporary lines.

For an unifying aesthetic, invest in a lounge set which includes multiple chaises and an accompanying side table. These sets represent great value and come in an array of colors such as earthy browns, blacks, soft beach whites and blues – some collections even offer matching pillows! You could add shade with an umbrella. When it’s time for relaxation just bring out your patio lounge and kick up your feet!


Material selection for chaise lounge chairs is integral to their comfort and longevity. Chaise lounges come in many varieties such as aluminum, teak, wrought iron, wicker, resin wood or recycled plastic; each material offers distinct advantages – some provide durability while others may be lightweight, affordable and eco-friendly.

As an example, chaise lounge chairs constructed from wicker are lightweight and ideal for use outdoors when space is at a premium; however, their less durable nature makes them less suitable in areas with strong winds. By contrast, metal-framed lounge chairs may offer greater stability and durability – perfect for pools and other windy environments.

Considerations when purchasing a chaise lounge include its reclining position. Most lounge chairs provide multiple reclining angles ranging from an upright sitting position all the way down to sunbathing positions of almost 160 degrees – perfect for relaxing, reading and napping! A slight recline will also ease back strain and strain reduction.

When selecting a chaise lounge, look for one with a cushioned headrest. This cushion adds extra support when lounging in any backyard setting. Furthermore, select one featuring a footrest as this will keep you from having to move about while enjoying your view and beverage of choice.

Design-wise, chaise lounges are easily complemented with other patio furniture pieces. Add side tables and umbrellas for additional functionality and an appealing appearance, or set it with tables and chairs for more of a social feel. To protect yourself and your guests from harsh sun rays, add an umbrella cantilever base or stand to your lounge chair patio lounge chair.

Another feature to look for when selecting a chaise lounge is its ability to be stored away easily when not in use, saving both time and energy that would have otherwise been spent moving the lounge chair from inclement weather into storage sheds or garages. Most chaise lounges can be folded neatly away for easy storage space saving when not being used.


An outdoor lounge chair provides full-body support, making it the perfect chair for lounging around a pool, garden or beach. With its adjustable backrest and recline feature, you can find your ideal position for relaxation, reading or sunbathing – or recline all the way back for a peaceful outdoor nap! Some models even include hidden utility tables for beverages, snacks or books; plus storage pouches to carry sunglasses, sunscreen and other necessities.

Your outdoor relaxation area requires the best material for optimal comfort and durability – choose from weather-resistant aluminum, teak or resin wicker chaise lounge materials like aluminum, teak or resin wicker that can withstand both rain and harsh sunlight without warping or fading over time. Consider purchasing one with removable washable cushions resistant to staining, mold or mildew build up as well. Additionally, a mesh canopy lounger may help keep it cooler.

Color plays an essential part in creating your backyard oasis aesthetic. Consider muted tones like grey, black or white for chaise lounges to complement pool, deck or patio decor; lighter hues reflect sunlight to make space appear larger while darker ones offer cozy intimacy. Chaise lounges come in all sorts of patterns from floral designs to geometric prints for that added resort-like aesthetic; pair your lounge chairs with matching side tables and an outdoor umbrella to complete the look.


Outdoor chaise lounge chairs are essential pieces of patio furniture that elevate backyard and poolside relaxation. Sunbathers often choose sun loungers for sunbathing; others use them to read, nap, socialize or socialize with family and friends. There are various designs to choose from that range from traditional to contemporary; look for durable weatherproof materials with features like adjustable backrests for ultimate convenience and functionality. Add matching side tables for even greater ease and functionality!

Chaise lounges come in an assortment of colors and materials designed to complement your outdoor aesthetic, such as aluminum and teak – lightweight yet durable materials, respectively – while teak offers classic aesthetic appeal that enhances patio furniture sets. Resin wicker and recycled plastic are also affordable yet long-term durable choices; offering natural looks while providing additional safety against children or dogs who might scratch furniture surfaces.

Frame of outdoor chaise lounge furniture is another key factor when buying furniture for outdoor spaces. Many homeowners want a sturdy and reliable base, and there are various frames from which they can select their chairs: aluminum offers affordable durability while steel, wrought iron and wooden options can add flair. Wood may be heavier but requires less upkeep compared with the others.

When purchasing a chaise lounge chair, look for one with an adjustable backrest. This feature allows you to recline it six ways depending on your individual needs and preferences, enabling you to read comfortably while taking in a sunset with your drink in hand. With its stylish yet ergonomically designed patio furniture lounge chair you will soon have found your new relaxing spot!