Patio Bed Furniture – A Luxurious Step Up From Chaise Lounges

patio bed furniture

Patio beds add an exclusive element to any outdoor space. From relaxing gardens and public parks to hotels, bars and other commercial settings. Residential lounge beds create a relaxing ambience; commercial outdoor lounge beds make an impactful statement about luxury and hospitality.

Patio furniture comes in an array of materials, each offering their own advantages and styles. When selecting the ideal daybed for your home, keep these factors in mind:


As with any piece of patio furniture, the outdoor daybed should be constructed of materials that are both long-term and comfortable – wood, metal, plastic and wicker are among your many choices for daybed material options. When selecting one that complements the current aesthetic of your deck or garden design, be sure that both frame and outer materials complement it well.

Wood outdoor furniture is an iconic choice, yet can become damp over time, leading to cracking or splitting over time. For optimal performance, use protective sealants on wood outdoor pieces regularly or bring them indoors when possible to extend its lifespan.

Aluminum is a popular metal choice for patio beds due to its light weight, resistance to rusting, and wide variety of finishes available. Some of the more impressive aluminum pieces feature intricate detailing. While aluminum may not be as strong as wood in terms of strength or resilience against harsh weather conditions like rain and snowfall, it still stands up well under pressure from unpredictable climate conditions.

Plastics and resins are another popular material choice for outdoor daybeds. Polyethylene makes an ideal material as it resists water and other elements. While natural fibers might offer superior mold and mildew protection, polyethylene requires less maintenance to maintain. It’s great for low maintenance furniture needs.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker is an iconic choice for any deck, created from strips of fabric tightly woven together in rows. Although manufactured using various materials, synthetic wicker may offer greater durability and low maintenance requirements. If choosing an outdoor daybed made from wicker be sure it contains high-density polyethylene HDPE as lesser quality synthetics may unravel quickly and become fragile over time.


Patio beds offer a luxurious alternative to chaise lounges, adding an air of glamour and sophistication to outdoor spaces. Perfect for sunny afternoon naps in the sunshine or cozy night cuddling under the stars with a good book in hand, patio beds make ideal furniture pieces to elevate outdoor living spaces.

There is a range of styles when shopping for outdoor lounging furniture. Popular models include cabana daybeds and canopy daybeds; both options feature canopies to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays without needing an umbrella separately.

Others patio beds feature more traditional designs that resemble a cross between a lounge chair and sofa, seating one to two people comfortably with storage underneath for pillows and blankets. Some models even come equipped with built-in headrests for additional comfort.

If you want to make your outdoor space feel more welcoming, consider purchasing a patio bed upholstered in vibrant hues such as sunny yellows and azure blues that pop against bright sunlight and can create a warm welcome in your backyard oasis.

A daybed is an excellent way to unwind outdoors and take full advantage of South Florida weather. Perfect for napping, sunbathing or socializing with family and friends. Available in various styles and colors there’s sure to be one perfect for you!

Seating Capacity

Patio beds differ from traditional outdoor furniture in that they can accommodate multiple people at once. You can divide them up to create various seating areas or push them together into an outdoor daybed for extra relaxation under the sun near a pool or garden. They provide versatile yet comfortable pieces perfect for enjoying sunbathing activities in comfort and style.

Nothing beats taking a cozy afternoon nap in your backyard with fresh air, birds singing their songs, and the gentle breeze sweeping across you – almost like being transported into paradise itself! And with the right outdoor daybed you can turn your home into an idyllic retreat and fully experience outdoor living.

If you are searching for something different than standard patio furniture, SoBe Furniture’s hand selected selection of patio beds could be just what you’re after. Not only are they durable and stylish pieces; they are also an effective way to bring modern & contemporary interior design elements outside onto the patio and yard.


Prices of patio bed furniture depend on its materials and style selection. Assembly fees for certain daybeds could increase their total cost; thus it is wise to shop around and compare prices before making a decision to buy patio bed furniture.

An elegant and versatile outdoor daybed makes an excellent addition to any backyard space. Crafted from natural teak wood with brown PE wicker encasing, its frame provides durability while its rustic aesthetic stands out. Perfect as both lounge or reading nook, its four oyster accent pillows add even more style!

This outdoor sofa daybed is easy to assemble and constructed of high-grade materials that are weather and water-resistant, perfect for smaller outdoor spaces. This daybed can serve as both seating area or cozy reading nook, providing convenient outdoor relaxation in comfort.