Palecek Furniture – Classic Coastal Style With Effortlessly Modern Finishes

palecek furniture

Since 1969, Palecek furniture has revolutionized design with their pioneering use of natural materials. Their iconic pieces combine coastal classic with contemporary finishes for both residential and hospitality settings – becoming staples across North America.

Allan Palecek founded his company with the vision of crafting functional works of art from quick-growing natural fibers. To realize his goal, he created a network of master artisans who shared his vision, thus producing products which blended traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

About Palecek

Palecek has delighted design enthusiasts for more than four decades with furniture and home decor created from sustainable natural materials. Since 1974, Allan Palecek founded his company after returning from military service with an appreciation of skilled craftsmanship and natural fibers such as rattan and seagrass woven together through skilled weaving processes. Traveling extensively around the world to seek inspiration from master artisans worldwide while mastering quickly renewable resources as a resource base, Palecek continues to offer beautiful furniture and home decor items crafted by quickly renewable resources.

Palecek’s vision has resulted in an exquisite collection of indoor and outdoor furniture, wall decor, lighting and accessories – created through strong partnerships with vendors worldwide as well as manufacturing/sourcing center in Northern California – with traditional yet modern finishes that reflect his vision of traditional craftsmanship infused with innovation. Palecek is family owned company that takes great pride in being eco-friendly as well as supporting several charities such as American Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse and New York Lower East Side Settlement among many others.

Palecek collections combine innovative natural materials like coconut shell and jute beads for an ocean-inspired aesthetic, guaranteed to make an eye-catching statement in any home or office.

About the Company

Palecek designs furniture, lighting and wall decor using natural materials with an emphasis on tradition yet modern finishes. Based in Richmond, California, the company works with master artisans and vendors from around the globe to bring its collections to market. Palecek also is dedicated to sustainability by using fast-growing hardwoods and seagrass which last generations after being made into pieces for sale.

Palecek is an award-winning manufacturer of outdoor furniture, lighting and wall decor in rattan, wood, woven abaca and resin materials. Their upscale line of indoor furniture can be found nationwide and within the hospitality industry; Palecek provides designs and materials suitable for every home environment.

Palecek is proud to have earned a stellar reputation over almost 50 years for their high quality design and exceptional customer service. Their commitment is built around lasting relationships between customers, employees and vendors as well as protecting the environment for future generations.

Allan Palecek established his company in 1974 when he started importing handcrafted rattan and wicker baskets from Asia. Recognizing a need for distinctive home accents made from fast-growing natural materials that could quickly renew themselves, Allan collaborated with master artisans around the globe to craft an original collection of furniture and home accents made from internationally diverse palettes of natural fibers from quickly renewing resources.

Designs produced by this company have earned numerous awards and honors, such as the ARTS Lifetime Achievement Award. As an innovator of eco-conscious finishes for its furnishings, employing skilled artisanship at its factories in Richmond, CA; its products are then distributed via eight lifestyle showrooms throughout the U.S.

About the Collections

Palecek’s stunning collections combine innovative natural materials and centuries-old handcrafting techniques to craft unforgettable furniture, lighting and accessories. From the futuristic circles of 2023 collection to its distinctive rattan texture and black tapered metal legs in Palecek Coastal Dining Chair – each piece from these collections makes a bold statement and will transform your home.

Innovative raw materials like coconut shell, jute beads and woven rattan create timeless authenticity, enhanced by weather-resistant finishes to withstand the test of time. Working closely with vendors and artisans worldwide and manufacturing in Northern California ensure a signature style that marries tradition with modern finishes; chic rattan chairs to weather-proof outdoor furniture are just some of the options Palecek Furniture provides to meet every residential or hospitality project need – browse their collection today or order sample pieces to help envision how these solutions could transform your space!

About the Brand

Palecek furniture utilizes an international palette of natural fibers and fast-growing hardwoods alongside coastal materials to craft indoor/outdoor furniture, wall decor and accessories with timeless style. Through strong partnerships with artisans and vendors worldwide as well as upholstery/finish craftspeople in Richmond, CA; Palecek’s signature style balances tradition and modernity in finishes while being distributed through eight lifestyle showrooms internationally to retailers, design firms, hospitality industries.

Palecek founder Allan Palecek traveled to Asia in search of inspiration from master artisans and to learn the skill of weaving natural materials like rattan and seagrass into functional home accents and furnishings using traditional weaving techniques. Recognizing its potential, Allan decided to apply these fast-renewable resources in his home furnishings business utilizing these quickly renewable resources as rapidly renewable resources.

At present, this family-run and operated company continues to make waves in design with its innovative combinations of raw materials. They have made an impressionful name for themselves thanks to creating contemporary coastal styles with hand-woven rattan, nautical rope and jute beads as well as shell, coconut wood and reclaimed teak wood used throughout. Their pieces bring lasting authenticity into every design space they enter.