Outer Patio Furniture is Made to Survive

When most of us imagine outdoor furniture, our imagination often drifts to cheap wicker with faded cushions. Outer is changing that with their durable wicker couches and chairs designed to stand up against whatever nature throws their way.

Aluminum and wicker sofa sets from this brand come packaged in lightweight boxes that require minimal assembly, plus come equipped with OuterShell covers that protect cushions from rainwater and bird droppings.

Modular Sofas

Modular sofas offer an aesthetically pleasing seating solution that adapts to any space, providing maximum versatility for entertaining guests or simply updating a space in an easy and cost-effective way. Rearranging them to meet different floor plans and adding extra pieces can add extra seating options into any home if additional seating needs arise. Modular sofas make an excellent addition for anyone who frequently hosts guests or considers moving into new apartments; their adaptable nature makes them the ideal option.

Modern modular sofas in our collection are created with unique combinations in mind to give you maximum seating flexibility in your living room or home office. For instance, our Article Solae sofa comes equipped with 9 units that can stand alone or be combined into various configurations to meet your seating needs – ottoman, armless chair and corner seat modules are just some examples that can be positioned however desired in any configuration. In addition, rubber bands allow for quick assembly between units.

Burrow by Allform is another acclaimed modular sofa, boasting polyester-based performance fabric that’s both durable and easy to keep clean. Comfortable seating ensures optimal use in small spaces; low profile makes this piece ideal for compact living areas. While more expensive, Burrow will likely outlive many uses and moves.

No matter what style or size sectional sofa fits into your lifestyle best, our selection has a model that’s ideal. Choose from our array of colors and fabrics to find what best complements your space.

Allform offers a modular sectional sofa made in the US with a lifetime warranty, featuring contemporary styling with natural hues and dense foam core for support and comfort. Customize it online using different fabrics and dimensions – Allform will deliver it within 1-3 weeks!

Comfortable Seating

If you love patio furniture, chances are Outer has made an appearance on social media or in targeted ads. Their modern outdoor sofas and chairs boast superior comfort while being created sustainably.

Outer’s founders Jiake Liu and Terry Lin have developed a modular couch system which enables customers to add or subtract seats based on their needs, as well as outdoor cushions which are both waterproof and weatherproof.

The cushion fabric is composed of eco-friendly and recyclable solution-dyed olefin, boasting UV protection as well as resisting stains, mold mildew, and water damage. Plus, every cushion comes equipped with its own OuterShell cover – providing daily dirt/debris protection plus morning dew/rain protection; these covers come equipped with Velcro closures and carry handles making them simple to use and transport.

Outer furniture can easily be cleaned using water and dish soap, while for stubborn stains you may require washing machine detergent and cushion protectors attached with Velcro (this will prevent pilling during washing).

Outer takes an approach that goes beyond eco-friendly materials and circular design; their business takes a human rights-focused approach in their supply chain that includes providing workers with living wages, healthcare benefits and safe working conditions. Outer is carbon neutral as part of 1% for the Planet; an organization of companies which donate 1% of profits towards environmental organizations.

Outer is currently in its funding round and looking to raise an additional $16 million in venture capital. At a live Shark Tank taping, all four sharks were impressed with this groundbreaking outdoor furniture company and agreed to invest – we can only see where this goes next!

Durable Materials

Material selection plays an integral part in how well outdoor furniture will withstand the elements. Woods like cypress and eastern red cedar hold up well against damp environments, while metals such as aluminum are resilient against harsh climates. Resin and plastic materials also tend to resist water damage well – making them great options for rainy climates.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for weight-bearing pieces like tables and sofa frames, as it resists corrosion. Powder coating makes stainless steel even more corrosion-resistant; therefore it makes an ideal choice if you live near saltwater environments where other forms of metal might quickly rust away.

Plastic has emerged as a key player in modern patio furniture design, offering more durability than wicker or iron furniture. Polyethylene and polypropylene plastics have the added bonus of being lightweight – making rearrangement easier when your needs shift or storage needs change. Molded high-density polyethylene offers additional color choices and unique sculptural charm for outdoor furniture designs.

Durable woods such as cypress and teak are increasingly becoming a trend in outdoor living spaces. Not only are these stunning pieces durable but they’re eco-friendly too – withstanding sun exposure and humidity without incurring damages or wearing out quickly.

Concrete and wrought iron are other excellent durable materials for outdoor furniture. Concrete benches and chairs can add sleek aesthetics, while wrought iron makes an excellent choice for patios with heavy use by many people at one time. It also resists corrosion well enough that regular outdoor use as well as stormy conditions should not damage it over time.

Blu Dot of Minneapolis provides outdoor furniture that fits a modern, contemporary aesthetic perfectly, including their Hot Mesh chair and Manna dining table which both seat eight. You may find some items on sale around Memorial Day which makes purchasing contemporary patio furniture affordable and trendy at once!


When we think of outdoor patio furniture, our minds may wander to images of cheap wicker or sun-bleached pillows; but today’s high-quality options can withstand even direct sunlight without being shaded by an overhead structure. Look for durable materials such as aluminum, teak wood and tightly woven wicker which may make you forget that you’re outside at all.

Create an inviting deck or backyard retreat on any budget with affordable outdoor sofas, chairs and dining tables. Complete the seating set with decorative pieces like side tables and coffee tables as well as ottomans and fire pits that add both practicality and decorative style. Finish it all off by selecting outdoor rug options in colors that complement the rest of your patio furniture for the final touch!

For an outdoor space with chic modern vibe, affordable outdoor furniture from companies specializing in contemporary designs may be just what is needed. Minneapolis-based Blu Dot provides colorful Hot Mesh patio chairs that balance comfort with polished modern aesthetics; or consider Birch Lane’s Acacia rocking chair which provides similar outdoor appeal with natural wooden construction and mid-century modern lines.

Many outdoor furniture brands provide industry-leading warranties on their products to demonstrate their confidence. Burrow offers one-year and Frontgate and Castlery 10-year warranties respectively on its outdoor sofas; other brands may even provide extended warranty plans that help recoup part of the cost over time.

Attract more savings for outdoor patio furniture by shopping sale and clearance items. Search out discounted table and chair sets constructed of weather-resistant materials such as resin wicker and teak; additionally you might be able to find affordable seating like Adirondack chairs that exude rustic farmhouse style.

When looking for an affordable outdoor patio furniture set, modular sofas may be your answer. Modular designs allow you to switch out or add sections as your needs evolve, enabling you to tailor seating configurations according to lifestyle changes over time. Furthermore, armless seats give a more fluid seating configuration which makes re-arranging easier.