Outdoor Patio Lounge Furniture

outdoor patio lounge furniture

Pottery Barn offers outdoor patio lounge chairs to meet any decor need for small backyard spaces or larger pool lounge areas, from classic Adirondack chairs made of wood to contemporary wicker options that are both sturdy and fashion forward.

Add side tables or ottomans for additional storage and comfort, and finish your outdoor seating arrangement off with a patio umbrella to shield you and your guests from harsh sun rays.


Outdoor lounge chairs provide an inviting way to unwind in your backyard. Choose from various styles and sizes to find one that best matches your lifestyle; materials range from wood to wicker and beyond so you can select a chair that complements the decor of your outdoor living area.

Most lounge chairs are cozy enough for an entire day’s relaxation in the sun. Many are designed with recliners that allow you to lie back and soak up those glorious rays without straining neck or back. Others even come equipped with foot rests so you can put up your feet and kick back. Plus, outdoor patio lounge furniture often comes equipped with built-in umbrellas or canopys that offer additional shade when necessary.

As you relax on an outdoor lounge chair, keeping hydrated by sipping on cold beverages or snacking from an outside table or grill can be the key to enjoying it fully. Some chairs feature built-in drink holders for easy hydration; others feature cupholders attached directly to their arms; yet still others fold easily away when not needed. You may even be lucky enough to find foldable lounge chairs which make storage simpler when not required!

If you want to lounge under shaded conditions, find a chair that features either an umbrella or canopy built-in or one that can easily be opened when necessary. Some chairs even include side tables for placing drinks and snacks; or get yourself a chaise lounge with built-in footrest – perfect for poolside lounging!

Consider durability and style when selecting an outdoor lounge chair. Look for one made from weather-resistant materials like wicker or rattan that can withstand the elements; some chairs feature classic, elegant designs while others can have modern looks; you may also find an array of colors to select from to complement the exterior of your home.


Outdoor lounge furniture can help make the most of any space. Look for versatile styles like lounge chairs or sofas, ottomans that serve as foot rests or additional seating, and pieces designed specifically to add relaxation to any outdoor area. It’s great for families as well as adding a relaxing vibe!

Outdoor patio lounge furniture comes in an assortment of colors and materials that will complement any decor, such as aluminum, rattan, teak and recycled plastic. Popular choices for these materials are lightweight aluminum while durable materials like rattan and wicker provide both durability and style – both essential features when it comes to outdoor use. Weather resistant materials also ensure optimal outdoor use conditions.

Before purchasing outdoor furniture, think carefully about what style you wish to create with it. For instance, casual looks could include wood Adirondack chairs that work with any color scheme; more traditional feels could include teak lounge chairs or rockers; while those looking for contemporary options have various metal and resin wicker choices available to them.

Another aspect to keep in mind when creating your space is seating capacity. If you plan on hosting guests, look for patio lounge furniture that can seat multiple individuals without taking up too much floor space – for example, Roda’s ARENA chair serves both chaise and sofa functions comfortably, accommodating two guests at once.

There are also a range of versatile patio dining tables that work with various lounge chair styles. The Agadir table and chairs, for instance, can seat six at its long narrow patio table – ideal for sharing drinks and snacks among family and friends while hosting BBQs or hosting casual outdoor gatherings.

Easy to care for

Your outdoor patio lounge furniture is the focal point of your outdoor living space, so its care should not be neglected. But this doesn’t need to be time-consuming or cumbersome: simply giving it a quick hose down with water and wiping with cloth will do. Extra steps include taking steps such as removing the foot caps when they’re not needed so excess moisture drains off, thus protecting against mold, mildew or rust damage; additionally sunscreen residue may discolor some plastics so be sure to give each piece of furniture a quick wipe down with cloth and gentle soap solution after each use – something even casual gardeners won’t have time or patience with.

Wood materials like teak are often preferred when selecting outdoor furniture materials due to their long lifespan and naturally produced oil, which helps it withstand moisture, staining, and mildew. Teak patio furniture requires periodic treatments and sealing processes in order to remain safe against the elements.

Metal outdoor furniture is another durable and low maintenance choice, standing up well against weather elements while most types can be powder coated to add extra color options. Unfortunately, its sole drawback lies in that direct sunlight may make it hot, making cushions or covers necessary to provide comfort.

Synthetic resin and recycled plastic furniture is highly durable, often imitating the look of wicker rattan or wood graining. When purchasing synthetic resin and recycled plastic furniture for this use, make sure it comes from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), as low-grade PVC synthetic wicker will eventually deteriorate and become brittle over time. Furthermore, synthetic resin and recycled plastic pieces are lightweight making them easy to move or stack for storage purposes.

Vinyl can be an economical material choice that won’t break the bank. It resists mildew, dirt, and stains easily with just water, making cleaning simple with cloth and mild soap. Plus, there are numerous colors and patterns to find something suitable for your patio space!


Outdoor patio lounge furniture comes in various price points. If you’re searching for an affordable set, or looking to score the best possible deal, take the time to shop around online using coupons and sales to save more money in-store or check clearance items locally to further cut costs.

When selecting patio lounge furniture, take time to consider your needs and style preferences when making a decision. Do you plan to host parties that require extra seating, or are you simply seeking somewhere quiet for relaxation? Once your purpose for using this area has been identified, seek chairs and ottomans which complement both decor and provide maximum comfort.

Wood outdoor lounge sets add classic appeal and can add timeless charm to your backyard design, but may require additional maintenance such as oiling or refinishing the pieces annually. A better choice would be purchasing lightweight and low maintenance wicker outdoor lounge chair set instead.

Plastic patio lounge furniture offers budget-conscious buyers an economical solution, available in an assortment of stylish colors and designs to match your decor. Easy cleanup requires simply wiping down with damp cloth; however, high winds may pose risks as this furniture could easily blow away.

Other durable outdoor lounge chairs are composed of multiple materials, such as aluminum and resin-wicker. While these lightweight chairs are durable and strong, they shouldn’t be exposed to high winds as the aluminum may become easily dislodged by strong gusts of airflow. It would therefore be wise to invest in a cover for your furniture to protect it.

Pottery Barn offers an impressive selection of outdoor lounge chairs and other patio furnishings to fit your space, with casual coastal and rustic styles available alongside modern pieces with clean lines and neutral tones. In addition, there’s an expansive collection of outdoor dining sets for creating the ideal backyard entertaining area.