Outdoor Patio Furniture Stores Near Me Can Help You Transform Your Backyard Into an Inviting Space

outdoor patio furniture stores near me

People often wish to create an inviting pool patio space by purchasing new outdoor furniture and accessories.

Avoid large box stores where all the tables and chairs look the same; opt for a family owned showroom where finding exactly what you need is more important than making a sale.


Sling patio furniture has quickly become one of the hottest and trendiest styles of outdoor furniture today, featuring lightweight construction yet sturdy materials such as body-conforming fabric stretched tightly over an aluminum frame to give a clean modern aesthetic with stylish appeal. Sling chairs, lounges and tables pair seamlessly into virtually every backyard design from poolsides to balconies or sunrooms while they can even be used commercially and hospitality applications.

Sling material is tightly woven around aluminium frames of outdoor sling furniture to produce a stylish yet long-term durable appearance. Its ultra-comfort makes this outdoor sling furniture suitable for years of enjoyment; and you can purchase different colors to complement your backyard decor or to match sling chair cushions. Plus, aluminum-framed sling furniture makes rearrangement simple!

This patio furniture store carries many different styles of sling dining and reclining chairs, chaises, and sofas from manufacturers like Patio Renaissance, Castelle, Lloyd Loom and Homecrest. At The Great Backyard Place we pride ourselves on providing top quality furniture brands at highly competitive prices – the result being your premier outdoor patio furniture shopping destination.

Patio Renaissance offers several wicker deep seating and dining collections manufactured in America, available with hand applied finishes to fit into any color scheme or environment. Lloyd/Flanders makes luxurious outdoor wicker deep seating and dining furniture, also made in America; their 20 different wicker finishes provide endless customization possibilities. Homecrest’s Padded Sling collection provides an affordable way to add stylish elegance to your poolside patio area; tightly woven nylon strapping material tightly encases aluminium frames of this outdoor furniture while designed to withstand human contact as well as elemental exposure.

Teak wood is naturally weather resistant. The natural oils present in its timber protect it from water damage, staining, and insects. Although this patio furniture may be more costly than its alternatives, its durability makes it perfect for commercial patios alike.


Teak wood is one of the most resilient choices available for outdoor patio furniture in Jacksonville, being both weather-proof and year-round use, making it an excellent option. Teak is also dense, meaning it will withstand years of exposure without warping, warping or becoming damaged; plus its natural oils help resist moisture or fungi invasion that causes rot or mildew growth in other forms of wood.

Once you know you have purchased high-quality teak furniture, its construction should reveal itself easily. Quality manufacturers use mortise and tenon joinery to ensure all pieces fit snugly together, and avoid using metal hardware which could potentially rust over time, damaging its teak finish over time. If any metal hardware appears on your patio furniture it could be an indicator that it wasn’t made from quality teak wood.

Another way to determine whether you have purchased quality teak furniture is by looking at its finish. A light or dark stain should protect it from UV rays of the sun and moisture infiltration, and should have an even surface with no grainy surfaces or blemishes. If your furniture appears dull or faded this is an indicator that it needs sealing again – most home improvement stores sell sealers designed specifically for teak which will seal in its natural oils and keep moisture at bay.

Eucalyptus and teak woods are among the most frequently used to craft outdoor patio furniture, both offering pleasing visuals. Teak has some distinct advantages over its counterpart eucalyptus; for instance, its moisture resistance and resistance to fungal growth make it last up to 50 years longer!

Restoring faded or weathered teak furniture to its former glory can often be accomplished using special teak sealers applied directly onto the wood and gently sanded using power sanders. There are both tinted and clear sealers available so you can choose the shade best matching your furniture’s design.


Are you searching for modern style in your backyard? Consider investing in polywood patio furniture – an eco-friendly alternative that is durable, attractive and available in vibrant colors. Crafted from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), an environmental material used for milk jugs and plastic water bottles, polywood outdoor furniture offers eco-friendliness while still looking and feeling like real wood!

Cast aluminum patio furniture offers another alternative for your backyard decor, making it easy to move and rearrange when the time comes for refresher decor changes. Plus, its corrosion-proof surface withstands chemical cleaners, salt water chlorination and sunlight conditions – giving your space the ultimate outdoor entertainment space!

Wrought iron patio furniture offers timeless and elegant appeal for your backyard environment. At Knoxville’s Great Backyard Place, they carry traditional and transitional styles of wrought iron patio furniture perfect for any outdoor setting. Manufactured from heating metal into a malleable state before shaping it with hammers into its desired shapes, wrought iron can withstand strong gusts of wind without warping or fading in its form over time.

Berlin Gardens’ selection of premium poly outdoor patio furniture may be exactly what you are searching for. Berlin Gardens utilizes Marine Grade Polymer (MGP), which offers long-term color stability as well as extreme weather protection. MGP differs from HDPE by coming in large sheets that enable manufacturers to bend arms, bend legs and add contoured motion pieces that would be impossible with HDPE. MGP not only boasts exceptional durability but is also non-porous and resistant to salt water, making it the ideal material for coastal homes. Plus, MGP furniture features less brittleness than other outdoor poly furniture types – which makes it suitable for chairs and tables with moving parts such as arm rests and backs.

Pool Furniture & Accessories

Swimming pool furniture and accessories come in all forms; choosing chairs, chaise lounges and tables that suit your pool space can transform it from functional space into an inviting spot for relaxing and hosting parties. There are also items such as hammocks, pool floats and sun lounges which help keep the area clean and safe for users.

The ideal pool patio furniture should be constructed of materials that can withstand constant exposure to salt water and sunlight without becoming damaged over time, while remaining comfortable, stylish, durable enough for years of use, affordable enough not to strain your budget, and made to withstand years of use without becoming worn down over time. Therefore, it is vital that you shop with an established outdoor patio furniture store which provides high-quality pieces at prices you can afford.

Though big box stores might offer cheap outdoor patio furniture, the experience and hassle may not be worth your while. Most pieces produced here are mass produced and usually overpriced relative to quality; additionally, most employees in these stores typically possess limited knowledge regarding outdoor furniture – meaning you may struggle to find exactly what meets your specific needs.

At a specialty patio furniture store, experienced staff and an extensive selection of products will meet a range of customer needs. Here you can find everything from sling patio dining chairs and teak outdoor sofas to pool lounge chairs and sturdy wicker side tables – not forgetting decorative accessories like colorful throw pillows and wicker storage chests which add the final touches to your set of patio furniture!

Lowery’s is one of the premier patio furniture stores in Northern New England. At our shop you will find an extensive selection of quality wicker patio furniture, wrought iron patio furniture and quality aluminum from manufacturers such as Tropitone, Hanamint, Lloyd Flanders and Polywood as well as various pool furniture accessories and accents from national brands – you’re sure to find what you need at Lowery’s! Come experience for yourself how a family owned outdoor patio furniture store can enhance your outdoor living space.