Outdoor Patio Furniture Replacement Cushions

Maintain a comfortable and attractive outdoor seating experience with replacement cushions made of fade-, stain- and mildew-resistant fabrics that will stay looking new with time.

These collections often offer customizable finishes and customization features, enabling you to tailor the furniture you buy exactly to your design aesthetic. In addition, these materials are built to withstand weather conditions like rusting and UV rays for durability.

Covers and Cushions

Make your outdoor furniture comfortable, beautiful and practical with the appropriate covers and cushions from Sam’s Club. These pieces are designed to protect furniture from the elements while giving spaces a new, refreshed appearance. Plus, cleaning and maintenance becomes much simpler. With an assortment of styles and fabrics to choose from you are sure to find just the perfect pieces!

Cover options exist for chairs, chaises and sectionals of all kinds – chaise lounges, sectionals, etc. Their primary function is to protect cushions from sunlight, rain and other outdoor debris that could damage them over time. Fabric that resists mildew mold fading offers long-term use while some covers feature zip closures or tie straps for an easy on/off experience.

Select cushions to complement the dimensions of your patio sets to ensure they fit securely, as well as being durable enough to withstand all sorts of weather and repeated use. From vinyl options to polyester blends, Sam’s Club makes finding just the right cushion size easy.

Customize your seat and back cushions beyond size and color choices by adding features that enhance their aesthetics. Tufting or buttons may add visual interest; the former pinches together front and back cushions using sewn circles to create an eye-catching appearance, while buttons provide more subdued style.

Both options provide comfort when sitting and reclining in your chairs, with various thicknesses available for both seat and back cushions. For added softness and wear-resistance, opt for foam with Dacron wrapping.

When purchasing replacement cushions, it’s essential that precise measurements of your furniture frames are taken so that custom-made cushions fit seamlessly. Some online retailers and crafters that specialize in creating customized cushions can assist with taking these measurements.

Cushions for Specific Furniture Sets

As it’s easy to focus on frame materials and the size when purchasing outdoor patio furniture sets, cushions play a critical role in determining their comfort level and style. Therefore, selecting cushions that complement both your furniture’s design as well as outdoor decor and color schemes are crucial when shopping for a new collection. Outdoor cushions offer an easy solution to adding color or giving any seating arrangement a soft, cozy feeling without making huge investments in new pieces of furniture.

Century Outdoor Furniture offers a selection of cushion options for their seating sets. Additionally, their fabric selections resist fading, mildew and moisture exposure for outdoor use; additionally these fabrics dry quickly and clean easily for ease of care and extended longevity.

Many wicker furniture sets include cushions designed to suit both the shape of each piece and how it sits, such as chair cushions with piped edges for increased durability and ties for secure fastening to both seat and back. Furthermore, wicker chair cushions come in various colors, styles, fabrics options allowing you to select one that best meets your tastes and preferences.

If your patio set features swivel chairs, special cushions are available that fit snugly between their arms. There is also an assortment of sizes to suit various furniture styles from standard patio chairs to chaise lounges.

NorthCape outdoor furniture is another acclaimed brand offering an array of cushion and fabric choices to create the ideal backyard oasis. Their designs incorporate both classic and contemporary styles so there is bound to be something perfect to fit your preferences.

Your choice of cushion for your wicker furniture can impact its comfort and appearance significantly. Polyester is an economical and long-term durable material suitable for many wicker chair and loveseat cushions, offering plenty of colors and styles, remaining fluffy for years and being easy to care for compared with synthetic blends. Cotton or spun polyester can add luxuriousness while still remaining easy care.

Universal Replacement Cushions

Outdoor patio furniture cushions transform ordinary chairs and sofas into cozy seating, providing comfort for long periods. Cushions also help relieve pressure points to help create the ultimate lounging experience – providing relaxation. Replacing your cushions is a cost-effective solution for upgrading the style or providing additional comfort in your backyard decor.

Outdoor furniture comes in many different forms, each one requiring specific cushion styles that complement them. Wrought iron sofas feature unique frame styles that often call for special cushions designed specifically to complement them; similar requirements exist for dining chairs, lounges and chaises made of steel and iron as well. Luckily, there are replacement cushion solutions that fit most furniture styles – you are bound to find exactly the ones to match both your furniture and taste!

Outdoor furniture replacement cushions should feature quality fabrics that withstand the elements while remaining fade-resistant, such as polyester fabric which offers UV protection and comes in various patterns and colors. Solution-dyed acrylic offers more fade resistance.

To keep outdoor cushions looking new and maintain their shape, regular cleaning with mild detergent and water is key to maintaining their appearance and maintaining shape. Rinsing them thoroughly after each washing session with fresh water also helps remove any extra moisture build up that accumulates over time. If any areas appear damp, placing them with their zipper or seam side down helps drain excess liquid quickly while speeding drying time.

Replacement cushions can transform your backyard into an inviting haven where you and your family or friends can spend quality time relaxing and socializing. When selecting replacement cushions for your existing furniture and decor, select style and color carefully to complement existing styles while protecting from rain and sunlight with high-quality patio furniture covers – you might even add matching table umbrellas for even greater relaxation and entertainment!


When shopping for replacement cushions for outdoor chairs, it is essential to carefully consider which fabric you would like them made out of. Selecting an ideal fabric can transform the appearance and comfort level of any chair or sofa set to meet both your decor needs and lifestyle requirements.

Most cushions today are covered with all-weather fabrics that can be used both indoors and outdoors, usually cotton or polyester-based fabric that features hundreds or even thousands of different patterns printed onto it. While not as soft, many people find all-weather fabric suitable for patio furniture cushions and pillows.

Acrylic and olefin fabrics are two other popular choices of durable outdoor fabric, both offering long-term use in direct sunlight without fading, as well as resisting mold and mildew growth. Acrylic is particularly well suited for cushion fabrics due to its ability to withstand up to 2,000 hours without fading; plus it resists mold and mildew growth as well. Flexible yet easy to maintain, acrylic also boasts easy cleanability; however, due to being synthetic it may feel slightly uncomfortable against skin; plus it’s highly flammable – best kept away from fire pits or any open flames!

Olefin cushion fabrics are a top choice for outdoor cushion fabrics due to their long lifespan and ability to withstand mold, mildew and fading. Easy to maintain, it dries quickly making it an excellent option in rainy areas. Crafted from recycled plastic fibers it offers more environmental friendliness than acrylic cushion fabrics but may feel rough against the touch and be less flexible overall.

Bolster pillows add extra support for those experiencing back or neck problems, providing additional color pop. Toss pillows also make great accent pieces when added to any sofa or chair for an additional dose of color!

If you’re considering DIY reupholstering of patio furniture, there are numerous online resources that can assist in this endeavor. When selecting fabric for cushion covers, be sure it was designed specifically for outdoor use; anything less could lead to frayed, faded results that won’t stand up against weather elements.