Outdoor Patio Furniture Repair Near Me

outdoor patio furniture repair near me

If your outdoor patio furniture has lost its luster, now may be the time to visit a furniture repair store. Their experts can restore it so it looks brand new at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Under constant exposure to rain and sunlight, metal deck and patio furniture takes an immense beating. Paint starts flaking off of frames; rust begins accumulating on surfaces; vinyl straps discolor or loosen; fasteners become loose – these conditions quickly lead to its downfall and replacement costs increase exponentially.

Look for a Furniture Repair Store

Metal deck furniture left outdoors takes an immense beating when left exposed to sun and rain, including frames becoming covered in unsightly nicks and scratches; metal begins to rust or even corrode; fabric slings fade or tear easily and fasteners can come loose, just to name some of its damages. And this is only just the start!

For an easier solution than buying new furniture, seek out a furniture repair store that specializes in refinishing outdoor patio furniture. A manufacturer-authorized refinisher can restore old pieces back to new at one-third or half the cost of replacement. Steven Gentino of Chair Care Co. in Connecticut uses an innovative process: Sandblasting painted frames of metal chairs before repainting with powder-coated paint and welding any damaged components or replacing missing fasteners; cost: about $120 per chair but the result looks brand new!

Houston Powder Coaters specialize in refinishing and restoring all kinds of residential and commercial outdoor furniture, such as Brown Jordan, Winston Woodard Hanover Mallin Lexington Tommy Bahama Tropitone furniture. Over time they have completed thousands of pieces for clients as a preferred vendor of several major furniture manufacturers for warranty work in Texas area.

Find the Right Cushions

Outdoor furniture repair requires selecting cushions carefully; choosing the ideal cushions can have a big effect on seating comfort and longevity of the cushions. Low-grade cotton canvas fabrics may be inexpensive and dyeable to match any decor in your home, yet are susceptible to moisture damage that leads to mold and mildew growth. High-grade Sunbrella fabrics offer fade resistance, 100% waterproof protection from chlorine exposure, fade resistance, fade-resistance and are 100% fadeproof compared with their cheaper counterparts.

Finding the appropriate fill material for furniture cushions is equally essential. Polyester fills may be economical and soft, but over time they often flatten out. Clustered polyfill provides firmer support without flattening out over time; Dacron offers resilient comfort that can withstand the elements.

Another aspect of patio furniture maintenance that’s often forgotten is cleaning. By applying proper solutions and exerting some elbow grease, you can restore its original appearance while prolonging its lifespan. Also washing chairs and benches regularly will prevent unsightly discolorations from developing on them.

Not only should your furniture be cleaned regularly, but you should also store it correctly. For example, if you live in an area with frequent snowfall it would be wise to bring it indoors or store it in a shed for winter storage to protect it from being covered in dust and debris and avoid costly repairs caused by being left out in harsh climate conditions.

If your wicker or wood furniture has started looking outdated and worn down, a fresh coat of paint may revive it. Pick a color that complements your surroundings decor for best results; adding custom logos or monograms adds an individual touch!

Look for an Extended Warranty

Unattended metal patio furniture takes an incredible beating when exposed to sun and rain, becoming discolored, scratched, dented, loosening straps discolor and fasteners popping out over time. While it might be tempting to give up and buy new, professional outdoor patio furniture repair shops can save hundreds of dollars by restoring old chairs back into original condition – saving time, effort and money while saving the planet at the same time!

When searching for a trustworthy furniture repair store nearby, be sure to ask about their extended warranty options. This gives you peace of mind should unforeseen maintenance problems arise during the lifecycle of your furniture – well worth any additional cost for peace of mind.

Houston Powder Coaters is proud to be trusted with performing warranty work for leading outdoor furniture manufacturers in Texas, such as Brown Jordan, Winston Woodard Mallin Hanover Allen & Roth. No matter which brand of furniture it may be – be it Brown Jordan Winston Woodard Mallin Hanover Allen & Roth or any other – our team can return it to showroom condition at a fraction of replacement costs. Reach out now for your free price quote! We provide custom designed fabric slings, refinishing/re-powder coating services as well as table repairs/repairs plus many other services! Call now!

Take Care of Your Furniture

Patio furniture is an essential element of any outdoor space. Not only can it add the finishing touches to any backyard oasis, but taking proper care with its maintenance can ensure it lasts even longer and looks its best for years to come.

As part of your routine for furniture care, cleaning it regularly should be the starting point. At least twice each year – once when bringing it out for use and again in fall when storing away for winter – cleaning will remove dirt and grime that can build up over time, helping prevent potential damage over time. It is also a good idea to protect it with protective coating to shield it against weather elements like UV light.

Wood furniture requires regular care to prevent moisture damage and sun deterioration. You can do this using either soap and water or specially made cleaning solutions designed for wood furniture; before applying a cleaner or treatment to all the pieces in your furniture set it is wise to test any cleaner on an inconspicuous area first.

Your furniture should be stored carefully when not in use, such as by placing it in a shed or garage and using plastic storage bags that provide ventilation to avoid mold and mildew growth during off-season months. A blanket or similar soft material should also be placed over it so as to not scratch or damage its finish.

Tropitone provides premium furniture that’s built to stand the test of time, yet still becomes damaged from weather and other sources over time. If this happens to your expensive pieces, instead of throwing it out altogether consider having it repaired instead – doing this is more sustainable and may save money in the long run.