Non Wicker Patio Furniture is Durable and Easy to Maintain

non wicker patio furniture

No matter what kind of outdoor space you have – sunroom or back porch – resin wicker patio furniture offers durability and easy upkeep.

Resistant to moisture, it prevents mildew and mold growth while being easy to clean with a garden hose.

Easy to clean

Summer days call for comfy seats that are easy to maintain; when that furniture includes easy maintenance it makes relaxation all the sweeter! Dirt, moss, mildew and stains are unsightly as well as uncomfortable to sit upon; that is why having a regular cleaning plan for patio furniture should not only be simple but necessary as well. Wet and Forget may help remove stubborn stains but there are other products on the market designed specifically to care for outdoor furniture as well.

Resin wicker furniture is an attractive yet modern material that stands up well to weather elements, sun damage, small children and pets (although these latter two may still chew or claw at it to destroy it), while being more affordable than natural rattan to maintain. Resin wicker can create beautiful outdoor living spaces without taking up much space or cost compared to maintaining its maintenance. It makes an ideal option for anyone who wishes to add beautiful outdoor living spaces but lacks either time or funds necessary for its upkeep.

Resin wicker furniture should be regularly sprayed down with a garden hose to remove dirt and grime from its surface, or mixed together with detergent or dish soap and sponged on to ensure optimal condition. However, using a power washer on this furniture could damage its weave or cause any scarring on the wood surface underneath.

Wicker furniture’s versatility is another benefit – not only can it fit with almost any design style, it can even complement more sophisticated decor styles like industrial chic. Don’t think wicker has to look like your grandmother’s worn-out country chic set; pair it with rustic metal tables or sleek black glass coffee tables for an entirely modern aesthetic! And if your decor changes in the future, lightweight wicker is easily moveable furniture.


Homeowners increasingly turn to eco-friendly furniture when outfitting their outdoor spaces. This trend is especially prevalent on patios where people spend most of their time. Unfortunately, many of these pieces are made with cheap materials that cannot easily be recycled or reused; rather than succumbing to fast fashion’s fast fashion mentality and buying disposable outdoor pieces with short lifespans or minimal eco benefits that cannot be recycled later on, homeowners should seek timeless sustainable outdoor pieces which not only protect the environment and future generations but will last for longer as well.

Natural wicker furniture can make an impressive statement in any outdoor living space, but its maintenance can be both expensive and time-consuming. Sunlight can cause discoloration to fade the weave over time while rain and snow may damage its condition further. To enjoy outdoor living without breaking the bank, synthetic fiber-woven furniture could be more durable.

Wicker furniture is known for being lightweight. A typical chair or table might only weigh a couple of pounds compared to furniture made of other materials, enabling you to move it effortlessly across your patio and even move it somewhere else if necessary. This allows for convenient transporting should it become necessary.

Synthetic wicker furniture is easy to keep clean. Since the color is mixed into the resin when manufactured, it will not fade or peel over time. Furthermore, this material resists mildew and mold growth – essential if you live in humid areas! However, prolonged exposure to salt water could result in rapid drying out that leads to eventual cracking and eventual brittleness of wicker pieces.

If you want to make your outdoor living space more eco-friendly, recycled plastics and repurposed wood furniture are a great way to do just that. Produced using renewable energy sources, these materials have minimal environmental impacts when produced; plus they’re easy to recycle when no longer necessary!


The ideal patio furniture can adapt to any outdoor setting. By selecting pieces with different functions and uses, patio furniture allows you to host parties, unwind with a glass of wine, or catch up on reading – or even turn an ordinary porch into an inviting retreat!

Find styles ranging from breezy tropical vibes to classic elegance and modern chic. Look for durable materials like aluminum, teak and wicker that withstand rain, sun and wind for years without needing maintenance – meaning more time spent enjoying your patio rather than maintaining it!

Consider rattan furniture, which blends natural elements with modern shapes and textures. With its unique woven design, rattan is an ideal material for outdoor patio furniture – its light finish blending in well with landscapes while darker hues complement other outdoor pieces beautifully. Furthermore, eco-conscious homeowners may even appreciate that some recycled plastics go into crafting the piece!

Your patio offers an assortment of coordinating outdoor furniture options, from chairs, sofas and tables to pillows and cushions that add style and comfort. Some rattan furniture is even available with sectional configuration options that let you design an engaging patio layout.

Before shopping for patio furniture sets, it’s essential to plan a budget. Some upscale sets may come at a high price tag while others are more reasonably priced. Furthermore, consider your climate when making this decision – for instance if your patio gets lots of direct sunlight you might benefit from investing in an umbrella to block direct rays.

Additionally, having extra storage for your patio furniture is also beneficial if space is at a premium. Some pieces can double up as accent tables while others provide hidden storage spaces for cushions or toys. In order to maintain cleanliness on your furniture regularly and prevent dirt build-up, mildew growth or stains forming; wood or metal patio pieces require protective sealants or anti-rust treatments annually to stay protected against dirt build-up, mildew growth or staining.


Comfort should always come first when selecting outdoor furniture. Not only will comfortable seating help you unwind and enjoy your time outside, it can also reduce back pain caused by sitting too long. Ergonomic patio furniture provides support to various parts of the body including head, neck and upper/lower back – while encouraging proper posture to achieve the most relaxed position possible for sitting.

Filing cushions appropriately when purchasing ergonomic outdoor furniture is another crucial aspect to consider. There is an assortment of filling materials available, including foam, shredded memory foam and feathers and foam combinations – choosing something which provides both support and softness may be ideal; but remember some materials may degrade or become moldy over time.

Key consideration is also whether or not your furniture can withstand the weather in which you reside. High heat can cause wooden furniture to crack while rain and humidity can accelerate fabric degradation and rot. Furthermore, moisture provides an environment conducive for fungal and bacteria growth which could pose health issues for yourself and guests.

When purchasing wicker furniture, look for pieces with high-grade aluminum frames and rustproof legs, in addition to being well-crafted without irregular weaves or threads. A high quality piece should have even sizes with sleek finishes as well as a slatted seat cushion and sturdy backrest for additional comfort.

Wicker sofas can be quickly assembled and disassembled to match your personal aesthetic, and “white glove” delivery for an additional charge can include setup and haul-away services. Most Outer’s wicker products arrive in convenient boxes that require light assembly; thick memory foam cushions come included with protective machine-washable covers – you even have the choice between various colors such as Palisades Cream! Luckily, these furnishings are built to withstand years of enjoyment!