Nice Patio Furniture Makes Your Yard a Relaxing and Inviting Place For Family and Friends

As soon as warm weather rolls in, patio furniture makes your yard an inviting space for family and friends to spend quality time. Sears offers an impressive range of outdoor furnishings to help transform any yard into an inviting outdoor sanctuary. From chairs to sofas and tables – Sears has what you need!

When purchasing outdoor furniture, be sure to read labels. Avoid plastic resin and PVC wicker that unravels and looks fake; opt for High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Seating Sets

Create an inviting patio retreat and connect with family and friends with comfortable seating sets designed to suit any space – lounge chairs to modular sectionals are available, giving you plenty of seating choices tailored to meet the unique requirements of your space. As you select seating sets that meet these criteria, consider guest capacity, layout flexibility, style as well as cost.

Patio seating sets make an inviting setting to unwind with a book, catch up with friends over coffee, or host movie night with the kids. Some lounge sets come equipped with side tables or ottomans that double as footrests and extra seats; others feature coffee tables that create an outdoor living room feel.

Comfort and beauty combine in our selection of chair sets for any patio, providing the ideal setting to unwind in the sunshine. Shop from classic brown to contemporary gray lounge chairs – they all make for comfortable relaxation on sunny patios! Choose between durable designs made with materials such as woven resin and aluminum to high-quality cast iron and natural wood; additionally we have weather-resistant finishes so your furniture can withstand all kinds of elements, plus easily wipe clean any spills or stains that occur!

Our conversation sets offer something for every space and occasion – from compact 3-piece arrangements to larger 6-piece arrangements. Choose between our Colby collection for modern patio chairs with sleek silhouettes and minimalistic details, or Mavericks which pays homage to Craftsman-era architecture. Furthermore, all our outdoor conversation sets are made from weather-resistant materials which withstand UV rays, salty air, rain and snow without the need for maintenance.

Outdoor sectional sofas are an ideal solution for large families or those who enjoy lounging for extended periods. Our modular designs can be configured to fit the dimensions of your patio, with sections easily being added or removed as necessary. Plus, choose from an array of outdoor fabric colors and patterns to personalize your set further – you could even add accent pillows for an added splash of color!

For sophisticated entertaining, consider an elegant outdoor kitchen which provides storage and counter space, plus customizable features like built-in sink, grill, refrigerator or more. Patio furniture sets featuring this option can easily be tailored with added features like sink, grill or refrigerator attachments to meet any specific need. Choose rust-resistant aluminum composite or natural teak wood materials which offer durability against time and the elements for a look that stands the test of time and weather conditions.

Bistro Sets

Bistro sets provide the ideal solution for smaller patio spaces, turning a backyard or balcony into an intimate dining spot. Comprised of typically one small table and two chairs, this intimate seating arrangement brings all of the sophistication of larger outdoor furniture pieces without overwhelming your patio design. Select from sleek metal bistro tables or ornate wooden bistro tables; residential quality tables seat between two to eight people per table while commercial quality versions seat more. Table shapes come in round, square or rectangular forms made from aluminum cast aluminum wrought iron steel teak wood recycled plastic; chair options include sling cushion strap and swivel designs.

Bistro furniture (often referred to as cafe or pub furniture) makes an excellent addition to both commercial and residential patios, especially dining areas. While most commonly associated with dining, this piece can also serve as cocktail staging stations or hors d’oeuvre stands when entertaining. Some models are foldable or stackable for easy storage when not being used.

While not strictly functional, these sets can also be very aesthetically pleasing. Crafted from classic materials like wrought iron or modern ones like resin or wicker, bistro sets bring an attractive element to your landscape that adds character and unique features such as carved details or geometric silhouettes. When choosing this kind of patio furniture, be mindful of its size and materials that best match with your backyard or terrace environment.

Benches provide another form of seating that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal: these pieces make an excellent addition to a backyard patio as they can serve multiple functions: relaxing sitting area for adults or just somewhere for children or pets to sit outdoors. When purchasing one for yourself or for someone else’s space, take care to consider its height and width to ensure it will fit comfortably within its designated space. Considering one with a lid is especially handy as you’ll have easy storage for items which might get misplaced or stolen during playtime.


Are You Thinking about Patio Furniture Sets? Feature tables and chairs as the focal point. Add them to a dining porch for comfortable dinner gatherings with family or friends; place a bistro set on a small patio for intimate summer evenings spent sipping wine or having engaging conversation; round tables can make an attractive statement in tighter spaces since they take up less room while creating a cozier atmosphere than square or rectangular options.

When selecting a table for your patio, make sure it is strong and can withstand all sorts of elements. Wood is timeless but metal and plastic can also make for durable seating solutions. Synthetic wicker seating offers lightweight solutions which are easy to maintain – although PVC wicker may unravel and become brittle over time.

Add an inviting atmosphere to your urban patio by installing a fireplace. A fireplace creates an intimate and comforting setting where guests feel welcome. If you are unsure where best to install it, try building it into the wall as this will save space while adding a unique design feature to the area.

If you plan on hosting large gatherings on your patio, having sufficient seating is key to success. A curved sectional offers the ideal solution; with ample room to seat more people than traditional couches and chairs. When purchasing such furniture make sure its fabric is weather-resistant as well as comfortable for maximum seating comfort.

If you plan on hosting parties on your patio, it is essential that the dining and seating areas be functional. A table with stools makes an excellent multifunctional choice, providing extra seats as well as beverage tables. For something more contemporary, consider selecting a metal-framed table as it provides more modern aesthetic than wooden or rattan options and would fit right in with garden bar ideas!


Decorative accessories add both personality and functionality to your patio furniture. From an eye-catching outdoor rug that pairs well with Adirondack seating to candle-lit lanterns that cast soft illumination over tables, decorative accessories can add charm and functionality. Perhaps adding a birdhouse or planter may attract different wildlife into your yard.

Wood garden accessories can be both attractive and useful, such as cedar birdhouses, trellises, small bridges and wooden garden sheds. Other functional pieces made of durable materials like eucalyptus, mahogany or teak make functional pieces suitable for patio furniture; their natural resistance to rot, insects and weathering makes them great options to consider for use outdoors; over time their exposed nature also adds character.

A wishing well is another wooden accessory that adds a special touch to any backyard retreat. Perfect for relaxing around, especially with children, its beauty serves as a focal point on patios while collecting rainwater for use by plants in your garden.

If your patio furniture set needs some freshening up, consider investing in some accessories to give it that new feel again. Patio covers may prove useful as a practical measure that protects seating and dining tables from sun, wind and rain all year long, helping extend their lifespan and save you money over time.

Bare metals such as steel and iron can rust if exposed to moisture for extended periods, increasing your risk. You can reduce this risk by choosing powder-coated metal treated to resist rusting; alternatively you could choose more resilient materials like wicker or rattan that won’t rust over time.

Refresh the look of your patio furniture by replacing loose screws or patches of faded fabric. These inexpensive yet easy fixes can transform the appearance of your outdoor seating, and may lead to greater enjoyment from its use.