Modern Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker furniture has long been a classic addition to suburban sunrooms or vacation homes. Today’s versions offer much improved options that range from natural cane or rattan reeds to man made vinyl woven over aluminum frames to ensure long term weather resistance.

All wicker requires strong support systems, so when purchasing it’s essential to ask about this before purchasing. Also look out for solution dyed cushions as these resist fading better than standard fabrics.

Contempo Collection

No matter the occasion or your desired design style, modern wicker patio furniture has something to fit every lifestyle and need. Wicker can easily be combined with materials such as rattan, wood or metal decor elements depending on your preferred design style; plus it comes in various color choices to compliment existing pieces such as classic black or contemporary gray pieces in your collection.

Wicker patio furniture stands out from traditional wooden pieces in terms of its durability, with wooden items becoming warped or scratched by harsh weather conditions, while its wicker counterpart can often remain undamaged. Furthermore, cleaning it requires only water from your garden hose! Wicker is also easy to keep looking its best; simply give your new set a quick rinse under running water to refresh itself after dust or pollen begins accumulating on it if dust or pollen starts settling onto its surfaces.

Wicker furniture not only boasts longevity and ease of cleaning, but is also extremely comfortable for long periods. This is due to how its material conforms to your body and doesn’t offer hidden spaces where dust and dirt could hide. Additionally, its lightweight nature makes rearranging pieces very simple!

PatioLiving’s modern wicker collections feature frames constructed with all-aluminum welding technology to provide long-term useability of your furniture. However, PatioLiving strongly suggests investing in durable yet stylish patio covers to protect them against weather elements during use.

Relaxing in your backyard retreat is one of the greatest joys. Whether hosting a community barbecue, or enjoying quiet coffee and breakfast in peace each morning – modern wicker patio furniture makes an ideal addition to any outdoor living space – with PatioLiving’s selection of wicker sets and individual chairs you have no trouble creating your perfect oasis!

Mackinac Collection

Inspired by its namesake island, Mackinac Collection features romantic styling with natural teak table tops, rustic weave fabrics, and luxurious deep seating furniture – everything from bar and dining pieces to sofas and lounge chairs can be found within this woven set for outdoor seating needs with style.

Mackinac Collection features Lloyd Flanders’ Lloyd Loom process of weaving wicker furniture that’s resistant to cracking and peeling, unlike cheaper wicker. Additionally, its frames are constructed from corrosion- and moisture-proof welded aluminum; one of the strongest outdoor furniture materials on the market that won’t warp with time.

This collection offers dining chairs with arms or armless options in a neutral shade known as Putty, making them the perfect backdrop to create any look you desire in your space. Additionally, its cushions include antimicrobial and hypoallergenic fiber cushions, providing maximum comfort while decreasing environmental footprint.

Select from various sets to find the ideal combination for your space, such as options that include a sofa, loveseat, two lounge chairs and coffee table. Add two accent chairs or ottomans for additional seating options; matching wicker fabric ottomans provide additional comfort.

Contempo Side Chair

Modern wicker patio furniture boasts an elegant appearance that complements nearly any outdoor decor style, thanks to its natural aesthetics and casual comfort. Wicker is often preferred over materials like steel and cast iron due to its natural aesthetics and casual comfort; today’s wicker furniture is more durable and designed to outlive its predecessors than ever; thanks to resin treatment it can withstand various weather conditions while maintaining its soft touch – its color options range from neutral hues to deep blues allowing customers to choose.

When purchasing wicker dining furniture, it’s essential to take both local climate and personal design preferences into account when making your selections. For humid or hot regions, lighter colors may help minimize heat absorption while dark chairs make great options in cooler regions with harsh winters. Furthermore, textures and weaving patterns determine how comfortable a piece will feel while sitting during warmer temperatures.

Along with traditional wicker furniture sets, you can also mix-and-match individual pieces of wicker patio furniture to create an eclectic collection. This allows you to experiment with various styles until finding what best fits into your patio layout – plus making seasonal adjustments easy!

Modern wicker side chairs featuring straight silhouettes and upholstered seats pair beautifully with contemporary patio decor styles. When selecting fabric to complement the wicker’s natural texture, choose something subtle – for an appealing effect! Additionally, when styling up an entire modern wicker sofa or loveseat set with simple tables can complete its appearance.

Rattan wicker furniture offers a rustic aesthetic, and can easily fit with many different style preferences. Perfect for creating an inviting cabin-like ambience on your porch or patio and even adding tropical flavor to your backyard, rattan wicker is an excellent addition to any outdoor living space including covered decks, sunrooms and pool areas.

Wicker furniture may have a cozy aesthetic, but you can transform its homey aesthetic into something stylish and fashionable by dressing it up. Add colorful throw pillows or accent pieces for an eye-catching design; or keep things subdued and refined by sticking with neutral seating and accent pieces for an understated approach. There are so many possibilities with wicker furniture; make it part of your backyard transformation plan today!

Mackinac Dining Chair

Inspired by its namesake island, Mackinac collection transports you back in time with romantic styling featuring natural teak table tops, bold woven framework, luxurious seating options such as bar tables and stools as well as dining sets that bring tranquil simplicity into any outdoor seating environment. This collection boasts romantic styling accompanied by romantic seating arrangements such as natural teak table tops with romantic Romance styling; romantic styling further enhanced with romantic Romantic Romance by natural teak table tops; romantic styling featuring natural teak table tops with romantic styling featuring natural teak table tops; bold woven framework and luxuriously comfortable seating options that makes outdoor seating luxuriously comfortable while remaining classy yet comfortable! This collection fulfills all your outdoor seating needs with unparalleled class and comfort!

The Mackinac outdoor wicker dining chair comes standard in putty custom vinyl and offers you the ability to choose any cushion fabric of your choosing for added customization. Made with weather-resistant woven resin and high performance cushions, the Mackinac chair delivers lasting beauty and comfort in any environment.

Resin wicker patio furniture has become an increasingly popular choice for decorating four-season rooms, family spaces and eat-in kitchens. Not only is it stylish and cost-effective compared to its wood or rattan counterparts; its lightweight construction also makes moving it around your home for entertaining or family gatherings easier.

Wicker furniture makes an impressive statement when added as an accent piece in any room, as its modern, sleek appearance complements both contemporary and transitional decor styles alike. Plus, its color and texture complement a variety of other pieces perfectly!

The Mackinac Collection is handcrafted by experienced artisan weavers using only high quality materials for exceptional patio furniture pieces. The welded all-aluminum frames used are corrosion resistant and will remain attractive over time, while being wrapped with hand-woven resin wicker to produce Lloyd Flanders style furniture pieces.