Modern Wicker Patio Furniture

At the crossroads of heritage and innovation lies our curated selection of modern wicker patio furniture. Here, the age-old art of wicker weaving merges with today’s evolving tastes of upper middle class consumers as well as professional interior designers and landscape architects’ high standards of excellence.

Skilled artisans weave synthetic vinyl-resin wicker over sturdy aluminum frames to craft outdoor wicker furniture designed to stand the test of time. When combined with cushioned lounge chairs and an elegant poolside side table, this can create an exquisite oasis.


Under proper maintenance, quality wicker furniture can last decades with proper care. Exact longevity depends on the type of rattan used to construct it and how well-kept it is. A tightly woven rattan piece with a strong, solid frame may last 30+ years while thinner willow pieces may degrade more rapidly when exposed to moisture and direct sunlight.

Cheap wicker furniture usually unravels within two to three seasons due to poor construction of its frames, thin strands or poor attachment of them, which places too much strain on its structure and results in premature breakdown – this can be extremely frustrating for homeowners who would like their chairs or sofas for years and years.

When shopping for a modern wicker patio set, opt for items constructed of high-quality materials like aluminum or polyethylene that will withstand frequent use and the elements. A high-quality set will also feature water-resistant upholstery fabric that’s easy to maintain without fading in direct sunlight.

Consider the durability of your wicker cushions when shopping for furniture with them, too. They could become vulnerable to mold and mildew growth that leaves it looking worn and outdated. Look for cushions made of high-quality water-resistant fabrics with warranties backing them.

Luxury wicker furniture from our collection combines the natural charm of woven materials with sophisticated design elements for elegant spaces that are ideal for relaxing or entertaining. Our seating options range from cozy loveseats to spacious wicker sofas that can seat multiple people comfortably; outdoor wicker sets are versatile enough to work in small or large patios and with any design style; select furniture from this collection that matches both your lifestyle and budget when creating the ideal outdoor oasis for relaxation or entertaining! With the appropriate furniture you can turn any backyard into an inviting backyard oasis perfect for relaxation or social gatherings – the key being selecting furniture of equal quality style and quality that matches both.


Modern wicker patio furniture boasts a diverse selection of styles that makes it suitable for any space, from intimate loveseats to expansive sectionals. There’s something here for every lifestyle – some styles offer an eclectic mix of materials while others focus on fitting seamlessly into existing decor – while our selection boasts colors from subtle to vibrant and textures from smooth to woven textures – make wicker an easy, versatile choice.

Comfort should always come first when selecting wicker loveseats or sofas, and these luxury pieces feature plush seats made to withstand the elements while providing ample support when relaxing. Furthermore, many models resist fading, mildew, and mold growth for easy care maintenance that enhance their comfort levels further.

Many of the wicker sofas and loveseats in this collection come complete with matching cocktail tables for a cohesive look ideal for outdoor living rooms. Their purpose is to blend seamlessly with existing furniture while creating a relaxing oasis where family and friends can gather, while some pieces even include chaise lounges for poolside tanning or reading under an awning by the water.

Durability and quality construction should also be key considerations in selecting a wicker loveseat, such as these pieces from this collection with aluminum frames expertly handwoven with synthetic vinyl resin wicker – which has excellent UV and moisture resistance, along with lasting strength due to tight weaving – are vital features when selecting patio chairs that can last years of use.

Many of the wicker sofas and loveeats in this collection come fully assembled for easy assembly in your home, while others require minimal assembly and are available with various delivery options such as on-to-property delivery or white glove service. Furthermore, many manufacturers provide warranties to give added peace of mind for each chair in this selection.


Modern wicker furniture sets add tropical flair to any outdoor setting. While its predecessor, natural cane or rattan reeds, were hand woven over cane frames by artisans, contemporary wicker is usually comprised of synthetic vinyl material known as Lloyd Loom that’s handwoven over tubular aluminum frames designed to withstand outdoor elements or weatherproof PE rattan, which looks just like natural rattan but offers weather and fade resistance.

Wicker material is highly durable and requires little care or maintenance beyond occasional cleaning. As it is nonporous, it does not absorb organic substances which cause mold or mildew growth, while resisting moisture as well as warping or cracking – making it the ideal material choice for outdoor wicker sofas, dining chairs and other pieces.

If you need to clean your wicker furniture, the safest approach is using mild detergent mixed with warm water as a cleaner. Most manufacturers advise against bleach or harsh chemicals as these could potentially damage the material and should also be kept out of direct sunlight. Cover any pieces when not in use to avoid damage from sunlight exposure or store in an appropriate dry location away from sunlight.

Your ideal wicker furniture should reflect both your personal tastes and lifestyle. At PatioLiving, there is something suitable for every preference in patio furniture from casual, traditional, contemporary and more – from modern outdoor chairs to wicker patio tables – you are certain to find just the piece for your space!

Our luxury wicker furniture collection ranges from patio chairs that can seat multiple people to cozy loveseats and large sectionals, all made of comfortable durable materials with Comfort Plush cushioning to ensure maximum relaxation and resistance against mold, mildew and rot – making our chairs an excellent choice for any outdoor seating area. Best of all, many pieces from this luxury wicker furniture collection either come fully assembled or require minimal assembly – perfect additions for adding elegance to any garden or balcony space!


If you love modern wicker furniture, it is essential that your pieces are constructed using top-grade materials. This ensures they will withstand years of use while also looking aesthetically pleasing and high-end in appearance. Also ensure the wicker does not become damaged by dirt and other contaminants which could void its warranty.

Modern wicker furniture provides numerous advantages over traditional furniture, such as durability and comfort. Available in an assortment of styles and finishes to match any decor in the home, wicker is lightweight enough for easy rearrangement without taking up much room in the process – making it the ideal solution for refreshing spaces without heavy furniture moving needs.

Modern Wicker offers an exquisite blend of heritage and innovation in its handpicked collection, which seamlessly marries time-honored artistry with modern design cadences, creating pieces that transcend both time and ethos. Their pieces combine natural charm with sophisticated living, providing an experience where life can truly be appreciated under an open sky.

Although wicker furniture may seem expensive initially, its investment will pay dividends over time. A quality rattan frame will withstand weather elements for many years while cushions can easily be changed out. Plus, wicker is more cost-effective than alternatives like sofas.

Based on its style, age and other attributes, the value of wicker furniture varies considerably depending on its style, age and other attributes. A vintage mid-century modern wicker chair could cost several thousand dollars; however if you can locate an appraiser who knows their way around rehabilitated vintage wicker sofas can often offer much better deals than that alone.

If you are searching for stylish yet sturdy wicker furniture, the Lloyd Flanders Mackinac outdoor patio modern wicker dining side chair may be exactly what you need. This piece boasts a putty vinyl resin finish embedded into its overall structure so that its colors won’t flake or peel over time; its seat and back cushions can even be customized to your desired fabric so as to not promote mildew or mold growth.