Modern Outdoor Patio Furniture

modern outdoor patio furniture

Modern outdoor patio furniture is designed to withstand high temperatures and weather conditions, featuring fade- and weather-proof fabrics that are easy to maintain and clean.

No matter if it’s just you or a gathering, a modern three-piece seating set provides the ideal place to unwind and unwind from an eventful or tranquil day. Top off your social or personal oasis with an aluminum patio table to complete it all.

Sofa & Coffee Table

Modern outdoor sofas provide the ideal spot for relaxing and unwinding, when combined with matching modern coffee tables for maximum style and functionality. Coffee tables serve multiple functions; such as holding books or decorative items while serving drinks – and they come in an array of designs and materials so there is sure to be one suitable for your space.

Before selecting a coffee table for your outdoor living area, take into account its dimensions in relation to your sofa and any additional seating arrangements in the area. An ideal length for an outdoor coffee table would be two-thirds of its length so as to not block walking space or interfere with seating arrangements.

If you need help choosing a sofa or coffee table that meets all of your preferences and meets functional needs, visit a Bassett showroom and speak with a design consultant. They will be able to guide your search until finding something that embodies both form and function for your outdoor living area.

Modern patio furniture sets boast innovative features that make them long-term investments and easy to care for, such as powdered finishes on metal pieces to withstand harsh weather and prevent them from rusting in rainy environments, while modern wicker patio sets now come crafted from synthetic material that resists cracking and breaking.

Modern outdoor furniture is an excellent way to entertain with friends and family. A coffee table provides a space to display food, beverages and appetizers while an outdoor dining table can host dinner parties under the stars. For added comfort during their visit, lounge chairs or accent chairs may come in handy – adding modern outdoor lounge furniture can really complete the picture!

Rustic Outdoor Sofa

Outdoor lounge furniture is essential to enjoying the sun in comfort. Select from an array of modern patio furniture such as sectional sofas, chaise lounges and ottomans designed specifically to your space and preferences – some designs feature minimalist features while others may incorporate decorative accents that elevate aesthetic.

Metal patio furniture is durable and weather-resistant, offering versatility in terms of finish options to complement any decor style. Powder-coated cast iron and wrought iron offer long-term strength while aluminum is lightweight yet rustproof. Metal outdoor furniture works well with various upholstery fabrics including fade-resistant Sunbrella fabrics for optimal use.

Resin wicker furniture is constructed of UV-resistant synthetic fibers designed to look and feel like natural rattan, making it a timeless yet practical choice. Teak wood patio furniture also makes an elegant addition, naturally resistant to warping, water damage and rot with rich brown tones adding visual interest and visual interest for any patio decor.

Use coastal patio furniture to bring a relaxed, casual atmosphere into your backyard. This design style blends coastal decor elements with nautical influences; typically featuring white, blue or pastel color palettes with resin wicker structures and rope details that reflect this nautical aesthetic.

Retro outdoor furniture can add an attractive, throwback design that’s both trendy and timeless to your backyard. Inspired by styles from the 1950s to 1980s, retro outdoor furniture features both vintage and modern elements to keep your backyard stylishly appealing. Choose a full retro patio furniture set or simply incorporate decorative accents like throw pillows into your patio furniture arrangement easily to keep things fresh in your outdoor living area.

Lighting is an integral element of patio decor that sets the ambiance for an enjoyable backyard retreat. Lighting options available outdoors can include string lights, tiki torches and lanterns – more complex solutions include professional-installed wall sconces or chandeliers if desired. Lighting can transform the look and feel of outdoor furniture to produce an ideal backyard experience.

Planter Side Table

Modern side tables are multi-use furniture pieces designed to double as decor and planters. Made from sturdy materials that will withstand outdoor conditions, their sleek finishes and strong angles create a statement against other types of furniture while their minimal design allows it to move more freely between settings than traditional patio sets.

Modern outdoor side tables offer many advantages over their predecessors; one such benefit is their range of shapes, sizes, and colors which makes finding one that matches or complements existing patio furniture easier than ever – perfect if you want to update your patio without investing in an entire set.

Modern outdoor side tables are constructed using cutting-edge technologies that help them withstand the elements. Many are treated with water proof finishes to prevent rotting or rain damage – perfect if you plan on leaving it outdoors for extended periods. This helps your patio furniture stay looking brand new for years.

Knoll offers the Platner Planter as an eye-catching and functional side table, complete with hundreds of curved steel rods welded into an iconic circular frame adorned with polished crystal glass or marble top and finished off with nickel plating for extra protection and a protective lacquer coating.

Fatboy’s Bakkes Planter is an impressive combination of table and planter. This eye-catching accent table comes complete with its own planter for your green friends as well as a circular opening perfect for coffee or end table mugs. Available in various neutral finishes with the Fatboy logo embossed near its rim for additional branding, its tripod design provides stable support to rest your beverages securely on.

Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse tables are built for durability and functionality, featuring spacious tabletop surfaces and sturdy bases that comfortably seat multiple guests. Furthermore, there are various leg styles and designs available that cater to different decor preferences.

Most farmhouse dining tables are constructed of hardwood, which stands up better against wear and tear than softwood options. You can select your natural oil solution of choice to protect its surface while highlighting its beauty; all finishes used have been certified GREENGUARD certified as low chemical emissions while lumber comes from responsibly managed forests supporting reforestation efforts.

Size will ultimately dictate your farmhouse dining table selection. Large farmhouse tables tend to work better in more casual environments while smaller tables make excellent statement pieces in more formal dining rooms. Some farmhouse tables can even serve as accent pieces in living rooms and offices. If you want a clean look in a modern farmhouse living room, pair your table with an elegant fabric sofa and rustic coffee table for the best look possible.

Your farmhouse table’s color can be customized according to your preferred style by using either light or dark stain options. While light stains accentuate the natural features of wood grain, dark ones add drama and warmth. Mix and match colors for an eye-catching display or complement existing farmhouse chairs by matching table colors with them.

Reclaimed wood farmhouse tables add natural character and vintage appeal to any dining area or kitchen, whether modern, transitional, or country chic furniture is being featured in your room. Reclaimed materials and distressed edges give these pieces vintage appeal that goes perfectly with contemporary, transitional or country chic pieces alike; making this option the ideal way to achieve rustic charm without making an expensive antique purchase.

For a classic dining room look, choose either a trestle table or one with turned legs. Trestle tables are perfect for formal settings while turned legs add elegance to casual or farmhouse spaces. Our Romi Trestle Table seats 12-14 guests comfortably and features two end extension leaves for flexibility; its X-shaped base and acacia wood frame fit right in with both modern farmhouse interiors as well as traditional ones!