Mid Century Modern Patio Furniture

mid century patio furniture

No matter if it’s vintage lounge chairs for your patio or mid-century dining tables and stools to complete a set, this collection will help your outdoor spaces blend in seamlessly with the rest of your interior design scheme.

Follow along to understand the hallmarks of modern design and shop for pieces that complement it perfectly!

Lounge Chairs

Be it to give your living room, bedroom or home office some mid-century modern flair or to add sleek aesthetics to patio furniture, lounge chairs are an ideal way to achieve either. They combine comfort with style in various sizes and styles that can suit any space perfectly, being strong yet well designed pieces – they can make for the ideal addition in any setting – making lounge chairs a valuable asset to your house or business.

Lounge chairs can serve many functions, from reading to relaxing in the sun. Not only are they stylish, but many come equipped with adjustable backrests to fit your individual needs and come in various colors to match the aesthetic of any given space.

Decorating a lounge chair effectively means pairing it with accent pieces such as occasional tables, rugs and vases or bowls for a cohesive look that is sure to please guests.

There are various lounge chair options to suit every lifestyle and decor imaginable, ranging from the timeless Adirondack chairs with their neutral-tone finishes to colorful recycled plastic varieties that offer colorful options. Group these versatile pieces together for casual conversation pits by the poolside, or set them out by yourself on lazy summer afternoons to create the ideal summer oasis!

Charles and Ray Eames created the iconic wireframe chair in the 1940s and ’50s, featuring ergonomic shapes with rigid metal wires welded into an open mesh pattern for optimal ergonomic support. These chairs can be found in any color, making them visually pleasing when mixed with bolder furniture pieces or more traditional materials like wood or leather. Depending on your desired atmosphere on your patio, there is also an assortment of fabric lounge chairs you can select; chaise lounges with built-in footrests offer luxurious seating while relaxing under the sun; or there are formal high back wingback chairs available with high backs and sides for formal events.

Dining Sets

Dining outdoors means taking advantage of its flexibility and functionality with a quality table and chair set. At our shop, we have dining tables and chairs in many shapes and sizes to meet different purposes and aesthetic preferences; options such as wood finishes, natural materials and classic colors that work with most color schemes are all available here.

Consider several important criteria when selecting an outdoor dining set and chairs for your home, such as size, style and seating configuration. How many guests will typically sit down for meals and parties? For larger gatherings or gatherings involving many guests a full dining set like our Yacht Club 9-Piece Farmhouse Trestle Side Chair Dining Set can provide enough seating whereas smaller sets such as our three-piece bistro set are great choices for smaller apartments or intimate kitchen settings.

Once you have decided upon the number of seats required, it’s time to choose the style that will best fit your needs. For a contemporary aesthetic, try opting for a modern dining set featuring minimalist silhouettes and contrasting finishes; or for something with more timeless charm consider mid century patio furniture featuring tapered legs and curvier lines such as tapered legs from mid century patio furniture styles like Willy Guhl Loop Chair – suitable for inner city courtyard gardens as well as luxury resort hotel hospitality projects.

If you prefer an informal aesthetic, rustic dining sets featuring natural textures and weathered finishes may be just the ticket. The Riley 7-Piece Dining Set boasts timeless style that fits perfectly into farmhouse, French classic and vintage charm aesthetics, while its acacia tabletop is ideal for contemporary and transitional spaces.

Lastly, if you have room for a bar-style dining set, stools can make an excellent addition that makes entertaining easier. There’s still plenty of seating at your table; adding stools creates an informal gathering place where guests can gather for drinks and appetizers.

No matter your dining and entertainment needs, Slumberland has beautiful table and chair sets that will turn your home into the talk of the neighborhood. Visit one of our stores or search online today to find exactly what’s right for your dining area; be sure to return often so as to see what new styles we have added!


Mid century modern patio furniture provides a chic place to sit, marrying iconic design principles with modern materials and functionality. Curran offers pieces from leading contemporary designers who bring this trend forward into today’s lifestyles.

A great stool can transform an uninspiring outdoor space into an inviting entertainment zone. A vintage lounge chair provides the ideal spot for relaxing under the sun, while an attractive wooden side table makes dining al fresco possible. When combined with retro bar stools, this creates the ideal spot for hosting friends for an enjoyable social evening.

Bar stools provide an easy way to add seating in areas where they’re frequently used, like home bars or kitchen islands. With so many styles to choose from, bar stools make a welcome addition that fits right in with any decor scheme – be it modern, retro or vintage!

Urban Americana’s vintage patio furniture collection will help transform your space into a mid century modern paradise. We carry an assortment of colors, styles and sizes that will meet any space and budget; perfect for entertaining guests or just lazing on the beach this summer. Visit our warehouse and find unique pieces you need to turn any area into a stylish retreat – we look forward to welcoming you soon!


Planters aren’t just great for showing off your favorite plants – they also add an elegant touch to any patio space. There are countless shapes and sizes to choose from so it’s easy to find one that fits with the style of your decor, with some specifically made to accommodate different species of trees! A modern design planter will make any space feel luxurious!

Wooden planters are increasingly sought-after due to their distinct aesthetic. You can stain them any color you desire, making it easy to match them to patio furniture or house colors. Their durable construction from cedar provides weather resistance while being an eco-friendly material which won’t degrade quickly over time compared with other options, making cedar an excellent choice for outdoor use.

Glass planters have become a top choice among contemporary homeowners and designers. Fiberglass is an affordable, resilient material ideal for use indoors or out; it can be easily formed into any desired shape while being resistant to wear, tear, heat damage and water penetration.

Dependent upon the type of planter you purchase, it’s essential to understand its maintenance needs. For instance, fiberglass planters with natural finishes require periodic sanding and cleaning in order to preserve their beauty; as a result, it is advisable to keep a garden hose nearby in case any dirt accumulates on it.

Resin planters are another popular choice for outdoor spaces as they’re resistant to graffiti and staining, long lasting, and easily cleaned with store-bought cleaner. What’s more, resin is recyclable which helps protect the environment.

Contemporary planters may give the appearance of being small containers suitable only for spring flowers like daffodils, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. With such an astounding range of sizes to choose from, including plenty spacious enough to hold trees or espaliered fruit trees, contemporary planters offer something suitable for nearly every type of planting task and space constraint.