Metal Patio Furniture Sets

metal patio furniture sets

Selecting metal patio furniture sets can add an air of sophistication to any outdoor living space, yet selecting the material wisely is key in order to prevent corrosion. Some materials are more susceptible than others.

Design and construction quality assurance must be balanced against cost vs maintenance-free aspects when selecting metal furniture, and this article will present some of the more popular choices available.

Wrought Iron

Metal patio furniture sets offer a durable and long-term seating solution for outdoor spaces. Depending on their material composition, metal sets can withstand climate conditions that affect traditional wooden furniture such as mildew and mold growth; metals like aluminum and wrought iron have inherent resistance against common outdoor damage like rusting.

Wrought iron furniture has long been used in garden and patio settings due to its timeless charm, lending historic appeal to any outdoor living space. Unfortunately, though, its delicate material can become vulnerable to corrosion if left without proper care – to avoid this happening, regular cleaning with fine wax treatments is required to prevent oxidization and preserve its beauty.

Stainless steel furniture can make an excellent addition to modern backyards when treated with corrosion-resistant finishes and a protective wax coating, adding both strength and elegance. Although heavy, this metal also looks sleek and sophisticated – an ideal combination for modern backyards.

According to Mayhew, a metals expert with the Outdoor Furniture Industry Association, consumers should select materials that complement both their home and personal aesthetic. If you prefer rustic furnishings such as wrought iron, that might be ideal; while for modern spaces aluminum may provide more flexibility.

Metal outdoor furniture offers an expansive palette of hues for you to customize the overall aesthetic, giving you endless design possibilities. Brighter hues pair well with many color palettes while earthier tones lend themselves well to natural landscape designs. Furthermore, many pieces can be combined with cushions of various designs for even greater design possibilities.

Metal patio furniture sets have become increasingly popular because of their ease of cleaning, lightweight nature and greater durability compared to wooden, wicker or rattan alternatives. Therefore, many buyers turn toward these sets because of their easier upkeep compared to more traditional materials such as rattan and wicker furniture sets – these features make metal chairs the perfect solution for busy homeowners who would rather spend less time worrying about maintaining them and more time relaxing outdoors with family and friends. Furthermore, some metal sets even resemble other styles like rattan or wicker for an overall cohesive look within their yard space.

Stainless Steel

As a durable metal, stainless steel has the versatility to complement the decor of contemporary patios with ease. Its elegant finish adds sophistication to your backyard space. Additionally, stainless steel outdoor furniture sets come in various shapes and sizes to fit into your backyard space seamlessly; bistro tables to lounge sets – they all can serve as focal points in your backyard design or serve as complementary pieces alongside existing furnishings.

stainless steel furniture’s sturdiness makes it an excellent choice for outdoor spaces in windy regions, as its less likely to blown around than some other forms. Furthermore, this material’s resistance to corrosion makes it durable against scratches and dents as well as heat fluctuations better than most metals.

Wrought iron patio furniture offers a rustic charm. As noted by PatioLiving, its sturdy yet elegant appearance adds “an air of historic grandeur and beauty” to any backyard setting. While heavier than aluminum and steel options, however, wrought iron furniture cannot be folded and requires special care in order to prevent rusting and oxidization from taking place.

Metal patio furniture comes in various styles that will meet both your needs and budget. For instance, there is a selection of finished steel patio sets featuring protective finishes against rust and oxidation such as powder coating, zinc plating or paint finishes that you may choose from.

Bare metals such as wrought iron and aluminum are susceptible to rusting in environments with moisture and humidity, so to ensure longevity they must be treated or protected with a rust-proofing finish or treated to prevent discoloration and corrosion. Patio Productions offers several metal furniture sets featuring these finishes including steel, aluminum and wrought iron pieces – for more information about what would make the ideal pieces for your outdoor living area please see their comprehensive Metal Patio Furniture Buyers Guide.


Aluminum patio furniture sets make an excellent addition to any outdoor living area, thanks to their wide array of styles that easily match any backyard’s color scheme. Plus, aluminum is dust and rust proof, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use!

Our collection offers an assortment of aluminum patio furniture sets, such as metal dining tables and chairs, sofas and sectionals, coffee tables and stackable pieces designed for easy transport or storage – ideal features for homeowners living in apartments. Cushions add additional comfort while stackable pieces make transportation simpler – these features can especially come in handy for homeowners living without much storage space or living in apartments.

Powder coated metal patio furniture provides protection from rusting and other environmental elements, and makes cleaning easier than ever in damp climates. Rusting-free surfaces are especially advantageous in areas with frequent rain or humidity as these conditions can easily damage iron and steel furniture.

Cast or extruded aluminum are two of the most widely used types of aluminum used in patio furniture production. Cast aluminum furniture features ornate designs and decorative flourishes not possible with other metals; our cast aluminum options have an antique appearance while some even emulate the beauty of traditional wrought iron furniture designs.

Powder coating provides the beauty and longevity of cast aluminum furniture, adding beauty and longevity. This type of finish requires little upkeep or tinting or sandblasting for custom looks; tinting can even be added or sandblasted for unique custom looks. While some customers opt to refinish their cast aluminum furniture themselves, it is important to understand what to expect during this process before beginning it yourself.

Aluminum patio furniture sets from our collection are built to withstand harsh outdoor environments and come in an array of color choices. In addition, they’re lightweight enough for one person to move and rearrange easily – an excellent solution for homes with limited outdoor space.

Retro Metal

Retro metal patio furniture sets add an air of style to outdoor dining and relaxing spaces. Select sets that seem tailor-made for each other, like Crosley Furniture Gracie 5pc Dining Set; or mix retro tables with more contemporary chairs like Francois Carre’s Ladderback Collection from Francois Carre; retro metal is sure to last in patios, balconies and other outdoor settings!

Finished steel patio furniture sets offer another feasible choice, and some vintage metal patio sets incorporate it as well. This material has been treated to increase its water resistance through zinc coating and powder-coating; less likely to rust than untreated aluminum, these types of steel require periodic maintenance to stay looking their best.

Iron is another attractive metal option for outdoor patio furniture, though more susceptible to rust than others. Yet this material still creates sturdy and visually appealing pieces suited for use outdoors – some even antique or vintage in nature, adding an original charm that makes every space unique.