Metal Frame Patio Furniture

Finding a balance between function and aesthetics when designing an outdoor space is essential. Metal frame patio furniture provides timeless styling with lasting durability that’s simple to keep up.

But which metal will best meet your needs? Stainless steel and aluminum are popular choices that can serve a range of applications.


Metal patio furniture provides both aesthetics and durability that appeal to many buyers, yet may be susceptible to corrosion when exposed to moisture and salt air. Corrosion speeds wear-and-tear wear on tables, chairs, benches as well as discolors their surface; selecting corrosion-resistant metal will extend its longevity.

Stainless steel furniture is an excellent option, as it resists rusting and corrosion when powder-coated, while developing an eye-catching patina over time to add depth to its visual appeal. Aluminum is also durable yet lightweight while being dent resistant; easily painted to complement outdoor spaces’ decor, aluminum is a cost-effective solution that won’t deteriorate with age.

Copper and brass metals provide their own distinct set of properties as well. Both materials tend to absorb heat, which can make furniture uncomfortable if temperatures fluctuate too widely or too rapidly. Furthermore, both are fragile materials which become rusty if left out in the rain for too long.

Wrought iron patio furniture can be heavy and sturdy, yet still susceptible to corrosion in certain environments. Some models are coated or finished to help limit this rusting; touch up paints are typically available. Aluminum and steel tend to be more corrosion-resistant alternatives; yet can still experience corrosion over time in certain circumstances.

Choosing a type of metal for outdoor furniture depends on several factors, including budget and upkeep requirements. While most metal furniture is durable enough to last years with proper care, periodic upkeep costs must be carefully considered against maintenance-free options as the wrong decision could end up costing more in the long run. Doing your research before purchasing metal furniture will help ensure you purchase quality pieces at an acceptable price point.


Metal frame patio furniture stands up well to the elements and fits seamlessly with various design aesthetics. It looks especially timeless when combined with lush outdoor rugs and indoor-outdoor living decor such as lanterns or string lights, while its graceful lines look particularly exquisite when coupled with thick cushions with clean-piping that compliment their graceful lines. Shoppers can select either a traditional silhouette with slim legs, or opt for more modern versions featuring rounder or squared proportions.

Powder-coated colors can add an elegant look to metal frame patio furniture, providing extra protection from corrosion while being easy to wipe clean for signs of wear and scuff marks. Powder coating comes in traditional black-and-white options or more colorful ones like blue or green hues for any backyard setting.

Metal furniture offers several other benefits that may help shoppers determine whether it is suitable for their backyard. Wrought iron may not fare as well in coastal environments due to its tendency to rust upon contact with moisture or salt air; additionally, its heavier construction makes it harder to relocate in case of high winds.

Aluminum furniture is an attractive option for outdoor seating due to its lightweight yet strong composition, as it withstands weather without needing painting or sealing services. Refinishing may prove costly in the future. Furthermore, cast aluminum offers greater strength for heavier patio sets.

Wrought iron patio furniture offers a classic style, making it the ideal addition to many backyards. However, its durability may require more care in humid environments as rust can easily form on it and its less flexible nature means that over time it may become brittle. As an alternative, stainless steel provides more of a modern aesthetic as it can be formed into different forms or even textured to add visual texture that stands out.


Uncarefully cared-for patio furniture can quickly turn into an eyesore if left unused and neglected. Fabric and wood pieces may be easily maintained, while metal frame pieces require special care in order to avoid rusting and staining; left alone, however, such damaged pieces could make your entire outdoor space appear dull and dirty.

Steel furniture sets are often made of steel due to its strength and lightweight properties; therefore making it a good option in windy areas. Furthermore, different steel styles come with various finishes or can even be powder-coated for protection from rust.

Aluminum is an extremely flexible material, and that versatility has led to it being used in creating various metal patio furniture styles. Unfortunately, however, its malleability also leaves it vulnerable to denting when transporting furniture between places – any large dent could weaken its structure and cause it to collapse over time.

If you own aluminum patio furniture, be sure to regularly clean its surfaces and frames to remove dirt and grime before it builds up and hardens. Store the set in a 50% shaded area during bad weather for best results, and regularly cleaning will help prevent water spots forming on its surfaces.

Scrub brushes equipped with soft yet firm bristles can be an invaluable aid for cleaning metal patio furniture of scuff marks and stubborn stains, while applying furniture polish will preserve its luster while helping prevent corrosion.

If your metal furniture has any scratches or chips, touch-up paint may help restore its original finish. When applying touch-up paint to dry and dust-free surfaces, be sure to apply an additional thin coat of wax after painting to keep it from peeling away prematurely. Also test out small areas to ensure it matches up as intended before committing fully.


While metal patio furniture may be more expensive than other options, it is essential to remember that investing in quality set will likely pay dividends over time and reduce maintenance costs. High-end sets may outlive their inexpensive counterparts by years whereas an inexpensive one might need replacing soon after use.

At discounted prices, low-quality metal furniture sets are offered for sale in big box home improvement stores, membership clubs and discount retailers. Unfortunately, these sets often aren’t constructed to withstand heavy use or harsh weather conditions and could easily become damaged with prolonged usage or extreme temperatures. Furthermore, some are even manufactured using inferior materials like cheap imported non-Sunbrella aluminum rather than stronger and more resilient wrought iron which has greater durability.

Metal frame furniture such as cast and wrought iron is typically sold at mid to high-end price ranges. Some pieces, like dining chairs with arm rests and table bases, may be hand-made while others are mass produced at factories; the amount of materials and labor involved can have an influence over its cost.

Wrought iron furniture has an elegant classic appearance, but can become susceptible to rusting and corrosion when in contact with moisture. Re-painting it regularly is required in order to preserve its integrity; by comparison, aluminum and steel furniture tends to require much less costly upkeep with regards to maintenance needs and regular repainting is rarely necessary.

Metal patio furniture frames can even be designed to resemble the look of wicker and rattan frames for more design options. Unfortunately, however, these types of frames tend to be heavier than metal and more difficult to move around the yard accordingly to suit outdoor activities or changing weather conditions.

Consider whether the frame is made from painted or powder coated aluminum. Paint can chip and scratch easily, while powder coating offers durable colors but is often more costly.