Mamagreen Patio Furniture

mamagreen patio furniture

Mamagreen’s modern collections are created using sustainable materials. Designed by Belgian designer Vincent Cantaert and Indonesian designer Barbara Widiningtias, these collections aim for clean lines, correct proportions and harmonious combinations of materials.

The frames of these tables are constructed from recycled teak from old buildings, bridges and disused boats and ships, while HPL tabletops and quick-dry foam core upholstery lines help prevent mildew buildup.


Mamagreen outdoor furniture exemplifies luxurious casual lifestyles with ease, where mind and body can rest easy. The company designs and produces collections that continually evolve; each piece being rigorously tested to ensure comfort and performance – this commitment to design excellence has won them several exhibit and design awards.

This company is known for putting great emphasis on both aesthetic and functional outdoor furniture designs, employing highly-skilled designers that understand each project is important to individual customers and strive to meet its specific demands – weighted furniture for rooftops, the ability to bolt to floors without taking up valuable floor space, changes in height and more customisation options were among previous requests for customization projects.

Mamagreen offers outdoor furniture in various frame finishes, tabletops and upholstery fabrics, so customers can create sets to meet their personal preferences and lifestyle. Customers can customize each set according to personal taste or lifestyle; thus making this flexible furniture suitable for creating any variety of styles ranging from minimalist contemporary and rustic. These pieces include lounge chairs, sofa seats and dining tables made from timbers such as reclaimed teak as well as aluminium and powder coated stainless steel products in this selection.

Mamagreen, though relatively new to the commercial outdoor furniture industry, has quickly established itself as an innovative design business with an extensive catalog of stylish yet durable products. Their collections boast premium materials such as reclaimed teak and marine grade stainless steel; sustainable woven fibres; aluminium frames; and some are even designed to resist water, dirt and pollen stains – some pieces even come equipped with protective covers that keep them free of debris for years.

Mamagreen’s commitment to sustainability has enabled them to quickly establish themselves as market leaders. Their contemporary outdoor furniture has made its way around the globe from Zurich to Sydney as well as cruise ships and yachts, where it creates relaxing spaces. If you would like a taste of Mamagreen here in Australia you can visit their first Australian showroom located at Lilyfield which stocks all their latest collections.


Mamagreen furniture offers an extensive range of durable selections, making it the ideal choice for commercial outdoor projects. Their furniture line consists of dining tables and chairs built to withstand time, casual lounge chairs, sofas and sectionals; as well as bar tables, stools and daybeds that invite relaxation and comfort. Their upholstered lines include state-of-the-art core designs with materials resistant to mold and mildew such as QuickDryFoam from Urecel or Air Dry Foam from Inoac; in many collections this allows multiple choices when it comes to frame finishes or table tops!

Mamagreen furniture brings contemporary style and eco-design to outdoor spaces through eco-design. Their collection embodies their enduring design philosophy of luxury, quality and lasting durability; which can be seen throughout every stage of production and beyond. Their esteemed team of designers led by two principal designers works hard to craft beautiful yet functional pieces for customers that meet all requirements and exceed all expectations.

The brand utilizes an assortment of luxury materials, including reclaimed teak harvested from abandoned buildings or recycled raw materials; over 90% is obtained this way while the rest comes from sustainable wood plantations operations. They also utilise fade-resistant Sunbrella fabrics designed for upholstery – these high performance fabric weaves ensure long-term beauty even in harsh outdoor conditions.

Mamagreen provides fast shipping solutions and customized options for residential and commercial clients worldwide, from Zurich to Houston to Sydney. Their team works closely with customers to make sure they find exactly the piece needed for their project.

The new website proved a resounding success. Monthly users and page views per session increased, while bounce rates decreased significantly. Our project team was extremely thorough in communicating via email, Basecamp or phone call with each other and with our clients directly. Their new user-friendly site better represents their brand than before while their experience was smooth and effortless.


Mamagreen furniture is designed to be both durable and comfortable, while at the same time striving to reduce their environmental footprint from design through production. Their team uses recycled teak from abandoned buildings as well as newly harvested material from plantation farms that adhere to stringent sustainability criteria in their production, thus fulfilling environmental standards while also maintaining each piece’s individual color, knots, and cracks; 97% of waste generated is recycled; they even have their own design lab where designers work in close cooperation to guarantee top build-quality, which has led to them receiving numerous exhibit/design awards.

Mamagreen collections, created by Belgium’s most innovative designers, are not only beautiful but functional as well. Boasting clean lines tempered by earthy timbers and accents for softening purposes, mamagreen pieces have quickly become household names since 2007 winning design awards with their modern aesthetic.

The brand’s collections are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high traffic areas, with seating, dining, and lounge options that can enhance any environment and climate. Their metal frames come powder-coated in neutral tones or chic colors while their teak furniture has been treated with Golden Care “Teak Shield”, protecting it against future blemishes.

Mamagreen provides elegant modern outdoor furniture, but they also offer accessories to further enliven any space. Their selection includes protective covers for chaise lounges and sofa seats as well as outdoor pillows and carpeting; these products help keep the furniture free from dirt and debris and are simple to keep clean; plus touch-up pens allow quick repairs of scratches or scuff marks!

The brand’s designers have labored tirelessly to craft eco-friendly and functional furniture designs, which will surely please every taste. Their work has been featured in Australia’s premier design publications like Belle, House & Garden and Melbourne Living; in addition to creating their own collection they have also designed furniture for several major hotels and resorts throughout North America, Japan and Europe.


Mamagreen ™ Baia Collection includes dining chairs and an extension table featuring recycled teak wood table top. Aluminum frames have been powder coated white for an elegant finish; seats feature long-wearing Batyline ™ mesh fabric that resists mold and mildew growth; while table slats have been hand stained and hand oiled to achieve an exquisite appearance. Table extends from 91″ when closed up to 142′ when fully extended – its teak wood comes from old buildings, warehouses and sheds found around Java giving each piece its own special charm!

Mamagreen designers work in their own design lab, giving them plenty of space to pay careful attention to detail and ensure top-quality build quality – as evidenced by their array of exhibit and design awards. Mamagreen also strives to reduce its ecological impact; all new teak comes from plantations adhering to strict sustainability criteria while reclaimed timbers retain their natural hue, knots and cracks that add character. 99% of teak used in its products is recycled back into Mamagreen products to help minimize wastefulness within their industry – leading the industry in doing this way!

Mamagreen furniture was designed with modern lifestyle in mind and can withstand different climate conditions, making their collections highly sought-after worldwide from casinos and cruise ships to hotels, restaurants and vineyards.

Designers at Lilyfield Furniture Company are always on the lookout for innovative textiles and warm woods to craft modern outdoor pieces that reflect today’s lifestyles. At their boutique store in Lilyfield as well as their showrooms across Sydney and Miami, their team works hard to design pieces that make you feel at home while reflecting your personal taste.